Wander The Maria Luisa Park In Seville

And Donā€™t Miss TheĀ Plaza de Espana

Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

A Day At The Maria Luisa ParkĀ In Seville

We arrived in Seville well after midnight. So the start to our 4 days in Seville was slow. We planned to wander the Maria Luisa Park in Seville and just take it easy. Little did we know that this large green space held so much to see! We walked for over 10,000 steps on our ā€œeasyā€ day!

Our hotel provided directions for our walk and off we went. The directions included a comment that the walk had lots of shade. We saw the sign that said that the temperature was 36ā„ƒ (97ā„‰). And we understood why finding shelter from the sun was so important as we walked. We moved from shade to shade when we arrived to wander the Maria Luisa Park.

Stopping At The Pabellon Mudejay

We started to wander the Maria Luisa Park at the gate by the Pabellon Mudejay. This was on my list of things to see. The building was built in the early 1900ā€™s in an architectural movement that drew from periods of the past. It was the first but not the last we saw of Mudejar architecture as we toured Seville and Spain. We wandered around this interesting building and caught views from various sides.

Pabellon Mudejay - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Pabellon Mudejay.jpg

Pabellon Mudejay.jpg

We heard the clop clop of horses as we stopped to admire this first stop. Horse and carriage rides were offered through the park. This should have been our first clue as to how big this park really was!

Pabellon Mudejay - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Horse and Carriage - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Fun At the Pigeon Park

When our hotel concierge circled spots on our map, he marked the pigeon park. That was the next place we stopped.

As we approached we heard the squeals. There was a small stand to buy pigeon food. When we sprinkled only a small amount of food we immediately were surrounded by a large flock of pigeons. This was a popular spot for families to stop But we were not sure if everyone really liked the feeling of being surrounded by hungry birds!

Pigeon Plaza de America.jpg

Once the birds had their fill, they picked a spot close by to sun themselves. Their next meal was not long to come.

Pigeon Plaza de America - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Wander The Maria Luisa Park

When we looked at a map of Seville, we found a lot of green space. The Maria Luisa Park was the largest park at about 100 acres. It ran along the Guadalquivir River. Wandering around the Maria Luisa Park we found walkways, gardens, fountains and lush greenery. A wide range of flowers were in bloom. We saw trees filled with ripe oranges.

Green Space and Flowers - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Green Space and Flowers.jpg

Green Space and Flowers.jpg

Green Space and Flowers - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Trellised benches were littered with books. And fountains offered colourful and artistic displays. A pond and gazebo in the park offered a respite from the heat. Ducks and other water fowl waddled the paths and played in the water.

Green Space and Fountains.jpg

Green Space and Fountains.jpg

Green Space and Fountains - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Ponds and Gazebos.jpg

Ponds and Gazebos - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

At one point we walked over to the Guadalquivir River. We saw the tour boats as they went up and down the river.

Guadalquivir River.jpg

Heading back towards the main part of Maria Luisa Park we stopped to look at statues posed in the greenery. Of course, we had a little fun with the statues!

Statues - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg


We Finished Up At The Plaza de Espana

When you wander the Maria Luisa Park, you can exit the greenery at the Plaza de Espana. This building was originally built to showcase Spain’s industry and technology exhibits. Today the building housed government offices.

This building too was built very much in Mudejar architectural style. We saw much more when we visited the Real AlcĆ”zar palace in Seville. Ā The building was a huge semi-circular design with a moat. The South and North Towers stood at each end. The bridges over the moat represented the four ancient kingdoms of Spain.

Main Tower - Plaza de Espana.jpg

Main Tower - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Bridges - Plaza de Espana.jpg

South Tower - Plaza de Espana.jpg

South Tower - Plaza de Espana.jpg

As we walked along the building, we saw many tiled alcoves that represented different areas of Spain.

Regional Tiles Valencia - Plaza de Espana.jpg

Regional Tiles Valladolid - Plaza de Espana.jpg

The Vicente Traver fountain was at the centre. Most people used this as a posing spot. But many people also used this fountain to cool down. Ā Some people removed their shoes and walked through the fountain.

Vicente Traver fountain - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

This large plaza was one of the spots that the horse and carriages stopped for pictures.

Horse and Carriage - Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Don’t Miss the Plaza de Espana AtĀ The Maria Luisa ParkĀ In SevilleĀ 

Our plan to wander the Maria Luisa Park may not have been the relaxing short day we planned for. But it was a great way to start our visit to Seville. The park was massive. But there were lots of spots to sit and enjoy the flowers and greenery. The buildings in the park were works of art. And the Plaza de Espana was the crown jewel!

We were excited as we continued our exploration of Seville. The next day we headed to the Santa Cruz neighbourhood and saw the Seville Cathedral and the Alcazar of Seville.

Have you had a chance to wander the Maria Luisa Park in Seville? Did you enjoy the green space and the amazing architecture?

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Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

Maria Luisa Park In Seville andĀ Plaza de Espana.jpg

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  1. This sounds like something suitable for my mum, warm/hot weather, greenery involving no slopes and flat ground throughout? Thanks for the post.

  2. I have heard about the Maria Luisa Park on my research of Sevilla and it looks beautiful. This is one city which has escaped me on the Spanish mainland. I wouldnt want to be here in the summer months, I have been warned I would fry in the heat. Looking at the plaza and its design is probably one of the things which represents Spain in terms of landmarks etc and right now, I am wonderlusting for a return to this beautiful country….but in the winter šŸ˜‰

  3. Wow, I would love to put down a picnic blanket and lay in the sun at Maria Luisa Park. What a perfect place to spend some outdoors time while also getting in some beautiful views. And exciting for all ages!

  4. It’s so funny how fresh and pleasant Seville looks in your pictures. I’ve visited twice – both times in Summer and I think it has been the hottest place I’ve ever visited. We spent hours at the Corte Ingles just for the air condition. Maybe we should have rather gone to the park and let the fountains refresh us šŸ˜‰

  5. I haven’t been to Spain to begin with, so this is the first time I heard about Maria Luisa Park. I’m impressed with the plaza. It’s huge and beautiful. I wonder if Mudejar architecture style got influence from the Ottoman Empire.

    • Umiko, All of Seville was stunning from an architecture perspective. This was our first taste but much more to come. Much of this part of Spain has Moorish influences in design and traditions. Linda

  6. Lovely post! I had a very short time in Seville, and never managed to visit the park, but how gorgeous and colourful it looks. Would love to go back to Seville anytime and Andalucian region too, to explore a lot more!!

    • Anuradha, We are glad we had a few days in Seville to explore. This was our first stop and we just wanted more. A great part of Spain to explore. Hope you get back. Linda

  7. Yes!! My friend is having a destination wedding in Spain this summer so this post could NOT have come at a better time. I’ve already done the major cities and islands in Spain, I wanted to find a new place to explore, but there are simply too many options to make a decision. Seville was an option, and the photos in this post helped me decide. I love the architecture and nature in this park.

  8. Delhi has a restaurant named Seviila. And after reading this and seeing the pictures, I know exactly where the architecture is coming from. I love parks and I hope I get to experience this someday soon. This is such a perfect outing.

  9. Wow Seville looks very charming, I love Spanish architecture and can’t believe I’ve not been here yet. Definitely on my bucket list now.

  10. I have never been to Spain before but would love to go there one day. I definitely have Seville on my list when I plan Spain. Spending a day at The Maria Luisa Park on a beautiful day sounds so amazing. The pictures are stunning and just spending that time at the pigeon park is something I would love.

  11. I would have definitely given that pigeon park a miss! No my idea of fun at all. However, the park looks wonderful and I love the architecture. I really enjoy walking to explore cities, but I think I might have been tempted to take one of those horse drawn carriages just for the romance of it in such a beautiful setting!

  12. We love Spain because it’s the closest thing we can find in Europe to the Philippines (due to the heavy Spanish influences in the Philippines!). Seville looks every bit of a dream. The horses, the palm trees, and the amazing historical architecture. Maria Luisa Park also looks beautiful, we can imagine walking around here and immersing the vibe. We’re sure we’d love it and are planning to discover more of Spain this summer!

    • Marielle, I hope you do get to visit Spain in the summer and hope that Seville is on your itinerary. The Maria Louisa Park was just the first stop in an amazing city. Linda

  13. The Maria Luisa Park is so beautiful! As are many other sites in Seville. We visited in 2012 and really loved it! Like you, we also stayed for 4 days only, but explored the city slowly as it was in the middle of July, which means scorching hot! Ever since that trip, we’ve told ourselves that we need to go back someday. Hopefully next year!

  14. The place is indeed huge. I did not realize that there is so much to see and do. Such a lovely park and we would love to visit in the future. Looking forward to reading more of your experience in Seville.

  15. Oh what wonderful memories you brought back for me! I studied abroad in Sevilla and spent many days in this glorious park. Really loved your detail shots–the magnificent architecture and manicured grounds deserve that attention!

  16. Beautiful photos. I especially love the painted tiles decorating the outside of the building. They remind me of the Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City in Tampa. It used to be a Cuban cigar factory. I guess the Spanish influence is obvious.

  17. Your post revived my Seville trip and I to had wonderful time in Maria Luisa park. The buggy ride and even we took four wheeler bike which we all 4 tried to drive all around. I love the vibrant vibes of this park with backdrop of famous architecture. Plaza de Espana is really wonderful, especially the unique tiles work. Thanks for reviving good travel times.

  18. Lovely post. My daughter spent three months in Seville as an Erasmus student. It is a beautiful city.

  19. The place looks beautiful and has a medieval feel to it. The statues, buggy ride, fountains all make it a day well spent. I would book mark this article for future reference.

  20. I have never actually been to Seville but it’s certainly on my European bucket list. Maria Luisa Park looks like a great escape to get away for some quiet time and just relax and take in the scenery.

  21. I’ve definitely had that experience of thinking a park will be a quick stop and then spending all afternoon there too! The heat sounds intense but at least there was a lot of shade! Also, the Mudejar architecture is really interesting! I could be wrong but it seems to have a lot of Islamic influence to me.

    • Kevin, The park certainly was an oasis from the heat. But we sure did spend more time that we expected when we found all the architectural treats. Love the architecture in this part of Spain with that Moorish influence. Linda

  22. I love Maria Luisa Park in Seville. It’s one of my favorites spots in the city. I visit it often because my friend lives in Seville.

  23. Plenty here to inspire my trip to Seville. Iā€™ll be avoiding those 36 degree days though. Too hot for the Irish. Beautiful photos throughout Linda and adding the MĆ”ria Luisa Park to my future plans.

    • John, The Maria Louisa Park was definitely a great first stop in Seville. It helped us to cool down but I never would have imagined it would be that hot in May! Hope you get to visit. Linda

  24. Maria Luisa Park is beautiful! I can see myself spending quite some time strolling around there. I love to visit gardens in other places. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  25. What a beautiful park to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon while visiting the beautiful city. I often seek out parks when travelling to do just that. Itā€™s a nice way to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. This one is a great mix of architecture and gardens. Just my kind of place.

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