Chasing Waterfalls Around Owen Sound

Visit Jones Falls, Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail and Inglis Falls

Inglis Falls Around Owen Sound In Ontario

We Enjoyed Chasing Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario

On our return visit to Lake Huron, we were happy we chased waterfalls around Owen Sound in Ontario. 

We got our first waterfall treat when we did a day trip to Sauble Falls from Port Elgin.  After our stay in Port Elgin, we planned a few stops in Owens Sound on our trip home. 

On our first visit to Owen Sound, we wandered along the waterfront.  But did enjoy the great parks in the area.  When we read about all the waterfalls in the area, we wanted to catch a few on this travel day. It was great to check out Jones Falls, Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail and Inglis Falls on this trip.

Sauble Falls On A Day Trip

On our stay in Port Elgin, we planned a day trip to Sauble Beach.  But when we did the planning, we realized that there was a waterfall site at Sauble Falls we needed to visit.  We headed there first and found a pay parking lot right at the falls.  But were quite underwhelmed at the view from the top.

Sauble Falls.jpg

We walked down along Sauble Falls and scrambled out on the rocks.  And were rewarded with much better waterfalls views.  We imagined that the flows would be quite amazing at Spring thaw.

Sauble Falls.jpg

When we walked to the other side, we got a different perspective on Sauble Falls.  The wooden walkway was a much easier spot to see the falls than we found on the other side.

Sauble Falls.jpg
Sauble Falls.jpg

Our first view of waterfalls at Sauble Falls whetted our appetite for more on our visit to Port Elgin.  So when we planned our trip home, we did some research and found some more great waterfalls around Owen Sound.

A Short Stop At Jones Falls

Our first planned stop was just before we arrived in Owen Sound at Jones Falls.  The pictures we saw showed Jones Falls cascading over the escarpment to the Pottawatomi River.  From researching in advance, we knew there was a 4km loop hike in the park to Jones Fall.  But there was also a parking stop on the side of the road with a shorter path to the falls.  On this visit, we opted for the shorter route.

Jones Falls.jpg
Jones Falls Path.jpg

We followed the narrow path and the Bruce Trail markings on the trees.  Over a small bridge, the ground was rock and root covered.  We stumbled along on this side for awhile but could not get a view of Jones Falls.  

Jones Falls Path - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg
Jones Falls Path - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg

After we back-tracked to the other side, we found an easier path.  From that side we got a view of the trickle of water over the Jones Falls.  Certainly not the wide cascade we hoped for.  We saw people at the bottom of the falls but could not find an easy path down.  

Jones Falls Path - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg
Jones Falls Path - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg

We just returned from chasing waterfalls in the Finger Lakes region.  So we knew the water levels were quite low this year.  But we hoped the other waterfalls around Owen Sound were a bit more exciting.

Following Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail To The Waterfalls

The second waterfall stop we planned was in Owen Sound at Harrison Park.  We were very surprised when we arrived at the park and found so many different things to do.  

Harrison Park.jpg

On this visit, there was one thing we wanted to see in the park.  We followed the sign that led to the Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail and parked the car.

We found the boardwalk to the Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail just to the side of the big outdoor pool.  From the boardwalk we saw a slow moving creek with small sections where the water tumbled over the rocks or logs.  

Weaver Creek.jpg
Weaver Creek - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg
Weaver Creek - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg

As we kept walking we heard loud water noises.  And when we turned the last bend we saw a much bigger waterfall.  The path was blocked off on private property, so we enjoyed the great view from a distance.  David even tried his balance beam act for a better view of the falls.

Weaver Creek.jpg
Weaver Creek.jpg
Weaver Creek - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg

We were excited when we finally found the waterfall on Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail.  It made us excited for our final stop for waterfalls around Owens Sound.

A Final Waterfall Stop At Inglis Falls On The Sydenham River

Close to Harrison Park on the Sydenham River was Inglis Falls.  A long hiking path through the Harrison Park grounds ultimately arrived at Inglis Falls.  But we did not have time for the hike on this visit.  

We drove to the Inglis Falls Conservation Area and paid the $10 fee for parking.  Inside the park, we walked over the bridge and learned a little about the Grist Mill that once stood at this point.  We got a view downstream over the falls.  But the waterfall was not really visible from this point.

Inglis Falls - Grist Mill - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg
Inglis Falls - Grist Mill.jpg

As we went towards the stairs, we got a first glimpse of the waterfall through the greenery. When we continued to the bottom of the viewpoint platform, we got our first full view of Inglis Falls.  

Inglis Falls First View.jpg
Inglis Falls First View - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg

We continued down the stairs and got another angle on the falls.  From there we walked over uneven ground and out to several viewpoints.  But we were warned when we started that we could not get to the bottom of the falls.  The rough ground made us wish we had changed out of our sandals!

Inglis Falls Path Down - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg
Inglis Falls Lower Views.jpg
Inglis Falls Path Down.jpg
Inglis Falls Path Down.jpg
Inglis Falls Lower Views - Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario.jpg

We were so happy we stopped at Inglis Falls.  We got the view of cascading water we hoped for.  A great way to finish our day trip for waterfalls around Owens Sound

Great Sights Chasing Waterfalls Around Owen Sound In Ontario

On our visit to Port Elgin on Lake Huron, we were glad we chased the waterfalls around Owens Sound.  The low water levels disappointed us at the start.  But each waterfall stop got better and better.

We were sorry we missed a few of the other waterfalls in the area.  On a return visit we will plan stops at Eugenia Falls in Wiarton.  When the water levels are higher it would be worth a stop at Indian Falls.  And when we felt like a good hike, a stop at Walters Falls will be on the plan.  All great reasons to head back to the Owens Sound area for waterfalls.

Have you chased waterfalls around Owen Sound in Ontario?  Did you have a favourite one that we missed?

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  1. Hi!
    We have not been to Owen Sound but I sure did enjoy reading your account of the waterfall paths and your beautiful pictures!
    I have to say I felt for you in those sandals on some of the trails!
    Thanks for taking me there!

  2. What a fun day trip and a great way to spend the day. I’ve never been waterfall chasing anywhere but Owen Sound looks like a good place to try it out! I’m glad you were rewarded by the views at Inglis Falls in the end, it’s a very impressive waterfall! Good tip about the shoes too, I would think your sandals were right for the trip.

  3. Oh my gosh I had no idea Ontario had so many waterfalls! I live in Detroit just on the other side of the bridge, so it’s really easy for me to get there. Now I know what i’m doing this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  4. All of these trails and waterfalls look stunning, even the one that was only a trickle! I can’t believe there is so many in the one area. Inglis Falls is my favourite but they are all beautiful!!

  5. This looks so beautiful. Not only do I love the waterfalls – and especially the way you photograph them so they look like veils. I also like those huge rocks a lot. In the first picture with those greenish rock, I actually thought they were giant turtles 😀 The Owen Sound Area looks like a very serene place to unwind and just enjoy nature.

  6. I grew up in Michigan and am surprised I’ve never heard of these waterfalls! Love all the photos in this post too! I guess I have a new place on my list to check out when I’m back in that area

  7. I love waterfalls! It seems you have got a great time visiting them at Owen Sound. I especially like your pictures of Inglis Falls. It seemed that walking was not always easy but views were a great reward. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love areas where there are heaps of waterfalls. Many of the ones in Owen Sound look similar to those I found in the Catlins of New Zealand.

  9. We love chasing waterfalls as well. They look stunning. The wooden pathways inside the woods are the best. If I am ever travel to Ontario, I will definitely go here.

  10. So many gorgeous waterfalls! IMO Inglis Falls was especially beautiful. I love chasing waterfalls. It is a special challenge since I live in a desert. I hope to visit Owen Sound one day!

    • We were definitely glad we stopped at Inglis Falls and had the time to wander around and see the waterfall from so many spots. Definitely a great place if you live in a desert.

  11. Wasterfalls are so uplifting aren’t they? Love the idea of a trip spent chasing them! The tip about finding the best view for Sauble Falls is helpful, and a good reminder about wearing the right shoes when visiting!

  12. Chasing waterfalls around Owen Sound looks wonderful and a great way to explore nature. And chasing so many waterfalls during a single trip is definitely a refreshing and a treat for the eyes. Walking down these trails and getting different perspectives of the waterfalls and following the trickling sounds to finally get the magnifying views of the waterfalls is an experience to be cherished. I loved how your husband performed the balancing act to take a picture of the waterfalls falls.

      • Those are some lovely captures from your waterfall chasing adventures. I in particular loved the finale – Inglis falls. Just the sight of those seem so refreshing. Weavers creek nature trail itself sounds so invigorating… Those wet greens and the sound of water are definitely therapeutic. I totally enjoyed the read and am now craving for some of these myself

  13. You can definitely tell that the water level was quite low on many of the waterfalls you have visited that day, especially on the Jones Falls. I imagine that when it rains the water level is higher and the flow much faster. From all these waterfalls, I think I would best like to visit Inglis Falls, because of the pretty hike to it and that beautiful natural stone ladder it flows over.

  14. I do love waterfall chasing – and read with much interest of your experience in Ontario. Inglis Falls looks very charming – and it really is dependent on how much water is gushing down from the source. I feel you with sandals on uneven terrain. All those pictures are worth it though.

  15. I absolutely love all of your waterfalls chasing posts. I miss waterfalls so much; there are hardly 3-4 the country I live in, now. As always, the further you walk, you more stunning, those waterfalls are. The waterfalls at Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail is quite stunning. A part of the waterfalls is one private lands? That’s unusual. Or is it not unusual in Canada?

    • In this part of Ontario, there are very big properties and not unusual to find great trails and waterfalls on private grounds. But it was great to see what we could on our waterfall wanders around Owen Sound.

  16. It is such an amazing experience to see different waterfalls! Sauble Falls appears to be spectacular. Additionally, exploring Harrison Park seems exciting. Inglis Falls’ water gushing down is also incredibly delightful to see. In the near future, I’m excited to see these stunning waterfalls.

  17. We love chasing waterfalls! California has so many that it feels like we are never done, but we also look for them on our trips elsewhere. Looks like Ontario is a good place for that as well. I especially like the Inglis Falls. It looks beautiful! The best part about the waterfalls is that you also get a trip to the nature.

    • Canada is a bit like that with waterfalls plentiful on most road trips. We were glad we searched out a few good ones when we visited the Owen Sound area.

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