Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario

Plan A Day Trip To Sauble Falls And Sauble Beach

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Much To Enjoy On A Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron

We enjoyed a mid-week getaway to Port Elgin on Lake Huron in Ontario.  Along the way to and from Port Elgin, we followed the Lake Huron Lakehouse Trail and found great road trip stops to enjoy.  One day we headed out and enjoyed the beach and waterfalls at Sauble Beach.  A day trip to Tobermory let us explore Flowerpot Island.  And every day ended with a lovely sunset.  

Heading For Ontario’s West Coast

We plotted our road trip to Port Elgin on Lake Huron across the heartland of Ontario.  Our first stop was in the charming town of Stratford.  We visited Stratford before.  So with a dull grey sky, we did not hang around for long.  

Stratford Festival Theatre - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Stratford River.jpg

On our last road trip to Lake Huron, we visited the beach town of Grand Bend.  A quick stop at the beach in Grand Bend was a good reminder of how great the beaches were along the coast.  Even if we knew the water was cold! 

Grand Bend.jpg
Grand Bend - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We planned one stop along the way at the Dark Horse Estate Winery.  After we wandered around outside, we went in and checked out the wines.  Craig informed us that this winery was one of the largest on Ontario’s West Coast.  And he was very helpful with some suggestions for wines to try.  

Ontario West Coast.jpg
Dark Horse Winery - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We settled on two versions of rosé and two red wines for our flight.  Settled in on the patio we tasted our wine choices.  The younger rosé wine proved that my taste buds might like sweeter rosés.  While we expected to like the recommended Baco Noir red wine, we instead found the Marquette red wine more to our taste.  We learned this winter-hardy, pest/disease-resistant varietal did well in this part of Ontario.  But it was our first Marquette tasting.

Dark Horse Winery - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Dark Horse Winery - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Dark Horse Winery.jpg

We left with our 2 wine choices and were back on the road again for Port Elgin on Lake Huron.

Lighthouse Stops Along The Way

Whenever we travelled along a coastal route, we always looked for water and lighthouse views.  Our first discovery on Lake Huron was at Point Clark.  We got a good look along the shore.  And saw the interesting Point Clark Lighthouse.  In other years, this sight acted as a museum and tourism information centre during the summer months.

Point Clark Lighthouse - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

On our drive to Port Elgin, we planned a stop in Kincardine.  We found the Flagpole Garden at the Kincardine Trails and parked.  The boardwalk went down along the beach.  And when we went the other way we saw the historic Kincardine Lighthouse at the mouth of the Penetangore River.  We walked along the harbour and saw several different water tours offered.  But on this visit to Lake Huron, we did not get back to try one of the tours.

Kincardine Flagpole Garden.jpg
Kincardine Flagpole Garden.jpg
Kincardine Lighthouse - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

When we stayed in Port Elgin, we visited the charming town of Southampton a few times.  We drove along the shore and saw the Southampton Range Light at the mouth of the Saugeen River.  Off in the distance we just made out the lighthouse on Chantry Island.  Further up the river we discovered the Heritage Lighthouse up on a hill.  This set of lights helped sailors line up to enter the harbour.

Southampton Range Lighthouse - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Southampton Heritage Lighthouse - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We were not surprised we found so many interesting lighthouses on our road trip to Port Elgin on Lake Huron.

Our Stay In Port Elgin On Lake Huron

We were still chasing the hotel nights needed to renew our Platinum Elite status with IHG Rewards.  So we booked 3 nights at the Holiday Inn Express Port Elgin.  The hotel was located on the north end of town which worked well for our day trip plans.  The hotel included free breakfast.  And we got the best breakfast we ever had at a Holiday Inn Express anywhere in the world! 

Holiday Inn Express.jpg

We shopped at the grocery store and did a picnic each day for one of our meals.  Sometimes we took a packed lunch with us.  And on other long travel days, we happily ate a light dinner in the room.  

Several times we went in search of local fish and chips.  We had no luck finding what we wanted in Port Elgin.  But when we visited the charming small town of Southampton just north of Port Elgin, we found the Duffy’s Fish And Chips.  While their fish selection was limited the day we visited, we were both quite happy with the cod and perch options we picked.

Duffys Fish and Chips.jpg

On our travels on this road trip to Port Elgin, we found many stores and restaurants suffered from staff shortages.  We learned not to expect smaller places to be open early in the week.  And many had restricted hours.  Even in the peak of summer tourist season!

A Day Trip To Sauble Falls

On one day we headed north up along the coast of Lake Huron.  Our first planned waterfall stop was at Sauble Falls.

We found two ways to visit Sauble Falls.  Coming north on the Sauble Falls Parkway, we saw the signs for the Sauble Falls Provincial Park.  To park for the falls in the park required a day permit.  This was a cheap option for us with David’s military discount.  But we were directed to go further up the road.  Over the river we found the parking lot with a ticket machine.  The cost to park was $12.

As we walked from the parking lot to the viewing platform we saw colourful kayaks for rent above Sauble Falls.  We wondered about kayaking so close to the falls.  But soon saw the buoy lines that blocked the falls off. 

Sauble Falls - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We stopped at the top and looked out over the falls.  With low water levels and from the top, they did not really look like waterfalls at all.  But we saw lots of people frolicking in the water.  

Sauble Falls.jpg
Sauble Falls.jpg

We followed the rough path down and several times took the rocky opening towards the falls.  At the bottom we got a full view of the falls.  It was much more impressive from the below.

Sauble Falls.jpg
Sauble Falls - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

After we climbed our way back up, we crossed the bridge to the other side.  We went down the stairs and wandered along the walkway for a different perspective on the Sauble Falls.

Sauble Falls.jpg
Sauble Falls - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We were sure glad we planned a visit to Sauble Falls on our stay in Port Elgin on Lake Huron.  This was the first of many waterfalls we saw on this road trip.

Wandering In Sauble Beach

No visit was complete without a visit to the water at Sauble Beach.  From Sauble Falls, we came down the shore from the north.  We found many lake access points from the road to quieter parts of the beach. Parking was available all along the road.  Most of the parking was paid with a mobile phone.  But there were a few spots that actually took a credit card and issued a parking ticket.

North Beach Sauble Beach - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We got lucky and found one of the few 2-hour free parking spots on the main street in town.  From there we headed to the beach for a walk along the water.  When we kept walking, we found a less crowded spot on the sand and spent some time lounging on the sand.

Sauble Beach - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Sauble Beach.jpg

Before we got burned, we walked back into town in search of lunch.  There were many options along the beach and the main street.  We finally settled into Beach Burger and had a massive two-handed burger!

Burger Sauble Beach.jpg

As we strolled around Sauble Beach, we saw so many different things to keep people entertained.  The Ascent Aerial Park looked fun and was a great spot for a view of Sauble Beach from above.

Ascent Aerial Park Sauble Beach - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We were glad we did not miss Sauble Beach on a day trip from Port Elgin on Lake Huron.

Exploring Flowerpot Island From Tobermory

One day we headed north to Tobermory and visited Flowerpot Island.  We booked our trip to the island with Bruce Anchor Cruises.  The cruise got us a view of the Big Tub Lighthouse and shipwrecks under the water before we headed out to Flowerpot Island.

Tobermory Big Tub Lighthouse - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Tobermory Big Tub Harbour Wreck.jpg

We cruised out through the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Flowerpot Island was one of the few islands you can visit.  We got our first view of the interesting rock structures known as flowerpots as we cruised along.  When we got off the boat, we had about 3 hours to explore Flowerpot Island.  The path along the beach got us out onto the rocky beaches and gave us a wonderful view of the flowerpots from the shore.

Tobermory Flowerpot Island.jpg
Tobermory Flowerpot Island - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We hiked to the Lightstation at the end of the island.  And headed out along the path to the lighthouse.  We got stunning views of the coastline and the crystal clear waters.  At that point we re-traced our path back to the boat dock.

Tobermory Flowerpot Island Lightstation - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Tobermory Flowerpot Island Coast.jpg

We were so happy we planned a day trip to Tobermory and explored Flowerpot Island on this visit to Port Elgin on Lake Huron.

Every Day Ended With A Colourful Sunset

Port Elgin was on the east coast of Lake Huron, so we knew we would get awesome sunsets.  And we were not disappointed.

One night we drove the North Shore Road towards the Port Elgin harbour.  We parked by the waterfront path and wandered along the shore.  As we walked, the sun sunk in the sky.  And provided an amazing sunset show.

North Shore Sunset.jpg
North Shore Sunset - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We had a lovely walk for the sunset.  But were delighted when we found interesting carved wooden art all along the path.  

North Shore Wood Carvings - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
North Shore Wood Carvings.jpg
North Shore Wood Carvings - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

On another night, we drove along the south shore and then came back to the Main Beach and the Port Elgin Breakwater.  We got an equally colourful sendoff for the day.

Main Beach Sunset.jpg
Main Beach Sunset - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg
Main Beach Sunset.jpg

Every day ended with a colourful sunset on our stay in Port Elgin on Lake Huron.

Chasing Waterfalls Around Owen Sound

After our stay in Port Elgin, we headed for a one night stop in Collingwood.  The direct path to Collingwood was 90 minutes.  But we knew it would take us much longer with several waterfall stops around Owen Sound planned along the way.  

Our first planned stop was at Jones Falls.  We took the short path from the side of the road.  And struggled over some rock and root-covered ground for a view of the falls.

Jones Falls.jpg

After we back-tracked to the other side, we found an easier path.  But all we found was a slow trickle of water over the Jones Falls.  This was not the wide cascade we hoped for.  

Jones Falls - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

The second waterfall stop was at Harrison Park.  In the park we followed the sign that led to the Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail.  We found the boardwalk to the Weaver’s Creek Nature Trail.  But from the boardwalk we saw only a slow moving creek with small sections where the water tumbled over the rocks or logs.  

Harrison Park Weaver Creek.jpg

Undeterred, we kept walking when we heard loud water splashing.  And were delighted when we found a much bigger waterfall.  

Harrison Park Weaver Creek Falls - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

Our last stop for waterfalls around Owen Sound was at the Inglis Falls Conservation Area.  From the viewing platform we got our first full view of Inglis Falls.  

Inglis Falls - Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron In Ontario.jpg

We kept scrambling down and got other angles on the falls.  But we never got to the bottom of the falls.

Inglis Falls.jpg

We were  so glad we chased the waterfalls around Owen Sound after our visit to Port Elgin on Lake Huron.  There were many other waterfalls in the area that we missed on this trip.  A great reason to head back one day.

We Enjoyed On A Road Trip To Port Elgin On Lake Huron

We arrived in Collingwood as the pouring rain started.  It kept us in for the evening. We had a very busy agenda on our road trip to Port Elgin on Lake Huron. So when the morning was grey and overcast, we decided to head straight back home to Toronto.  

We made a short coffee stop at Creemore Bakery.  And were delighted to fill a box with fresh fruit and veggies at a market stand on the roadside.

Our road trip to Port Elgin offered such a great range of sights and activities.  We started with lighthouses and wine tasting.  Day trips to Sauble Beach and to Tobermory for Flowerpot Island provided great adventures.  Detours on the road trip home brought interesting waterfall sights around Owen Sound.   And we were delighted when each day ended with a colourful sunset.

Have you done a road trip to Port Elgin on Lake Huron?  Did we miss something on our visit?

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