Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto

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Finding Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto

We were so glad we found cherry blossoms in High Park Toronto while the trees were still full. Most years we were away at this time of year and missed them. It was yet one more way we enjoyed this great park so close to us at home.

We Loved To Catch Cherry Blossom Season

Travelling for cherry blossoms was always on our travel wish list. Experiencing cherry blossom season in Japan was high on that list. But when we visited Japan, we went in the fall and only saw Japan with fall colours.

Cherry blossom season in Washington DC was another high on our wish list. And we timed it right one year for a visit for Easter. We found spring in the city. And cherry blossoms wherever we went.

Washington DC Blossoms.jpg

Smithsonian Washington DC Blossoms.jpg

We have a whole list of places to visit for cherry blossom season. But this list caused us to add other flower events to that list. We definitely wanted to return to Amsterdam when the tulips run riot in the fields. We wanted to visit France for lavender season. But we also discovered there were local Ontario spots for Lavender fields. And what could be more fun than finding fields of sunflowers nodding in the sun?

We were happy to start our Spring with with cherry blossoms in High Park!

High Park In Toronto

High Park is a large park (~400 acres) in the west end of Toronto just north of Lake Ontario. The park is hilly with two deep ravines and Grenadier Pond on the western side. Over the years of living in Toronto, we found lots to do in High Park. Hiking and bike paths run through the park. There are playgrounds, a labrynth and even a zoo for family entertainment.

Park Map.jpg

The High Park Zoo has both domestic and exotic animals including bison, llamas, peacocks, deer, highland cattle and sheep. But even on a walk through the park we had lots of small animal and bird sightings.

Zoo Barbary Sheep.jpg

Zoo Lamas - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

Animals Chipmunk.jpg

Animals Wood Ducks - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

It was an easy bike ride from our condo to High Park. So it was a regular spot for us to visit when we were home in the fall and wanted to enjoy the fall colours.

Fall Bike Ride.jpg

Fall Bike Ride.jpg

We were happy we added cherry blossoms in High Park to the list of reasons to visit again and again.

Accessing Cherry Blossoms In The Park

Ontario in Canada was still in the midst of public heath measures to deal with Covid-19. And even outdoor venues were controlled to ensure social distancing. In 2020, High Park was shut during cherry blossom season and everyone watched the “Bloom Cam” only. In 2021, the park remained open. But the areas around the cherry blossom trees were barricaded and only views from a distance allowed.

The weather was up and down in the spring of 2021. And when a April freak snow storm hit, we were not sure how the cherry blossoms in High Park faired. Just before rain and high winds were forecasted, we checked the High Park status on the web cam and found that there were still cherry blossoms in bloom. And at the end of the peak blooming period, the barricades might be down!

When we got to the park, cars were allowed in and there was lots of open parking. We parked at the south end of the park off of Colborne Lodge Road and wandered from there. We saw signs that said “No Access To Cherry Blossoms”. But we figured we would see what we could from the road.

No Access Covid Sign.jpg

Our First Views From Afar

We kept walking up Colborne Lodge Road. We saw steep stairs that led down to Grenadier Pond. When we looked down, we saw no cherry blossoms. But we thought there might be people on the lower path.

Stairs Down To Grenadier Pond.jpg

When we almost reached the peak of the hills, the sight of pink blossoms caught our eye. But when we got close, we found just a few small magnolia bushes in bloom. A colourful treat. But not what we wanted.

Magnolia Blossoms - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

As we walked, we looked down the hill over the hillside gardens. And at the bottom of the gardens we saw the large flower Maple Leaf that may be the best known landmark in the park. Apparently this was even visible from space! Below the gardens we got our first glimpse of a string of cherry trees.

View from Above - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

View from Above Canada Circle - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

View from Above Canada Circle Statue.jpg

At this point, we started to see gaps in the barricades. And there were definitely people down by the cherry trees. We were excited that we might get close to cherry blossoms in High Park.

Heading Down The Hill

We kept walking along the road at the top until we got to the steep path that went down to Grenadier Pond. The barricades were indeed moved over and we saw how blocked off the paths had been. But we were so glad that a mid-week visit got us open paths and few people.

No Access Covid Sign.jpg

As we walked down the hill, we discovered that great vista of cherry trees all in bloom. People stopped for pictures but we were happy to find they did not climb all over the trees. We moved close to get a detailed look at the blossoms.

Down The Hill To Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

Down The Hill To Grenadier Pond.jpg

Down The Hill To Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

Down The Hill To Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

Down The Hill To Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

We slowly walked down the hill. Every now and then, the smell of the cherry blossoms wafted in the air.

Wandering Along Grenadier Park For Cherry Blossoms In High Park

As we reached the bottom, we got a view of Grenadier Pond. The path turned back along the water.

Walk Along Grenadier Pond.jpg

Walk Along Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

We stopped and looked back up the hillside gardens. From this point, we saw the cherry trees and the grass littered with cherry blossom petals. Even with the grey and cloudy skies, it was a lovely sight.

Hillside Gardens From Grenadier Pond.jpg

Hillside Gardens From Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

But the cherry blossom trees were not the only thing flowering in the park. We smiled when we found several patches of daffodils with their heads raised to the sky. The Canada geese enjoyed their stroll through this Spring scene!

Daffodils At Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

Daffodils At Grenadier Pond.jpg

The path along the water gave us other interesting views. We were intrigued with the view of the cherry blossoms over the bull rushes.

Marsh Bull Rushes At Grenadier Pond.jpg

The path we walked was down at pond level far below the road and our car.  We wondered if we needed to find the stairs to get back up. But we spotted the steep path back up and headed that way. On the hill, we looked back for our last view of cherry blossoms in High Park.

Path Up From Grenadier Pond.jpg

Path Up From Grenadier Pond - Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto.jpg

A Great Day To See Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto

We were happy we were home and saw cherry blossoms in High Park in Toronto.  It was late in the season but we visited before the rain and wind bared the trees. We got a beautiful display of spring blossoms. It was great to visit mid-week at the end of the cherry blossom season since we got so close to the cherry trees.

If you want a few moments of tranquil cherry blossoms views, CLICK on the photo below for the video. And enjoy!

Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto Ontario Canada.jpg

There were many reasons to visit High Park. But Spring in the park was quite beautiful. Just another of the great things to do in Toronto!

Did you see cherry blossoms in High Park Toronto? Did you get to see them up close?

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Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto Ontario Canada.jpg

Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto Ontario Canada.jpg

Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto Ontario Canada.jpg

Cherry Blossoms In High Park Toronto Ontario Canada.jpg

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  1. This place is unbelievably beautiful with all the blossoms. The music you’ve add to it fits perfectly I don’t know how you did that but it’s so calming.

  2. These cherry blossoms looks wonderful and transfort every place in a fairy land. However, High Park looks very beautiful and like a great place for a relaxed outing even apart from this romantic beauty. I bet it’s a great place to spend a relaxed Sunday.

  3. Oh this is so lovely. We are moving over the NB in a couple of years (covid pushed our plans back) but planning to visit Ontario and do a road trip. Will definitely be checking these out.

  4. I have never seen cherry blossoms in person but they looks so dreamy and beautiful! I think DC would be easiest for me to get to, but maybe I’ll find myself in Toronto during the right time one day. Such beautiful photos!

  5. I’m so pleased you were able to see the cherry blossoms in the end & this park just looks beautiful. Great to have somewhere so close to home & glad it was finally open so you could make the most of the blooms this year.

  6. Wow never knew Canada has so many places with gorgeous Cherry blossom blooms. Such a wonderful theme to have for travel. I have seen them in Germany. Lovely detailed captures of the flowers.

  7. Amazing! It looks equally as nice as Japan in this season. The only thing that is slightly a downer is the huge metal barricades. I guess it’s to deter people from getting close to the trees but honestly, why? However, I will say the animals make up for it! You don’t see those guys in Japan.

    • We were glad we visited once the barricades were moved and we could get closer. Part of the reason for the barricades was for social distancing this year. But part was people who climbed all over the trees. We were happy it was a quiet day when we visited and we had great access to them.

  8. Beautiful pictures! I absolutely love cherry blossom season! We get them all over the city in Vancouver. They are so lovely.

    • I have been watching all my friends and family posting cherry blossoms from Vancouver. So was happy we finally got some spring colour here in Toronto!

  9. Oh my God! High Park looks stunning during cherry blossoms festival. I would love to visit Toronto during this time. I have been to Toronto only once and during the summer season and unfortunately I did not go to the High Park. I also love those animals, especially the lambs, they are so cute.

    • We are lucky to be able to enjoy High Park all year round. But it was a treat this year to see the cherry blossoms for the first time. Hope you get back to visit Toronto.

  10. It’s always a pleasure to see flower- fields full of blooms be it lavender, cherry blossom or tulips. We visited Japan in June-July and just made it to the lavender fields in Hokkaido. We caught up with tulips in Tasmania in October! I would love to see Cherry blossoms in Toronto and in Washington DC someday. 🙂

  11. Ah! Ashamedly, I’ve never traveled anywhere to see cherry blossoms, but these look so lovely in Toronto. I didn’t even realize they had them there. Lol on the Canada Geese – they seem to be everywhere this year! I’m glad you got to see these in full bloom. So gorgeous!

    • We were sure happy to find some spring colour at home this year. And being a bit late, we got to see them without all the barricades up. A real treat.

  12. Seeing the cherry blossoms in Washington DC is high on my list too, I always forget about it until I start seeing the gorgeous photos posted around Instagram. It looks as if High Park is an amazing place to view them too. So lucky to have found an entrance in the gate to taka a walk near them, the photos are great

    • We were indeed happy to find such a great spot for cherry blossoms so close to home. But Washington DC was surely a treat with so many areas to find them.

  13. One of my favourite parks, but will you believe it I’ve never been during spring time to see the cherry blossoms! I’ve always gone in the fall. It’s on my list to go, but the crowds have always deterred me. Looks like now is the perfect time.

    • We were glad to visit after the peak bloom when they took the barriers down and the crowds were gone. But we still got an amazing cherry blossom show. Worth a Spring trip.

  14. Toronto is still on my bucket list. But from now, I know that I want to go there in spring during cherry blossoms. The scenery looks much more photogenic and gives more life to pictures. I add Cherry Blossoms in High Park to my must-see list.

  15. High Park Toronto seems like a cool park to explore for beautiful cherry blossoms and the zoo. Didn’t knew that llamas can be found in North America. I thought they can only be seen in South America.

  16. Wow! The Cherry Blossoms are beautiful. I can just imagine how happy you were enjoying them as I was happy myself reading your post. Thank you for sharing this. It is a blessing in disguise at you are at home at this time of the year.

  17. I can’t believe they put those stupid signs up and denied access. This is the most beautiful time of year and people feel joy and get new energy from nature.

  18. Wow! That’s a beautiful spring sights! Cherry blossoms are everywhere with daffodils and geese on the ground. I hope to experience cherry blossoms like this.

  19. This looks like such a pretty place to hike/bike through–I’ve only seen the cherry blossoms in NY so far but definitely want to explore other cities/countries soon for em’! Love that there’s a zoo here too–the animals are so cute!

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