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We Found Great Outdoor Adventures On The Sunshine Coast In BC

On our fall visit to British Columbia (BC), we stayed in Sechelt twice and enjoyed the outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast. Great water views surrounded us. And we found hiking spots and beautiful waterfall views.

Our First Stay In Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast

When we first day tripped to the Sunshine Coast, we discovered the outdoor beauty everywhere. On this trip we planned to stay for a much longer visit.

After our stay in Whistler, we headed back south to Horseshoe Bay. Even though the Sunshine Coast was part of the British Columbia (BC) mainland, there were no roads that went there.

We used our Experience Card and saved a little on the BC Ferries trip from Horseshoe Bay. The boat went across to Gibsons Landing on the Sunshine Coast. From Gibsons it was a short 30 minute drive north to our Airbnb stay in Sechelt.

BC Ferries Horseshoe Bay.jpg

This first Airbnb was located outside of Sechelt on the hills above the Sechelt Inlet. From the backyard, we had great views down to the water and over to the mountains.

Sechelt Inlet View.jpg

A Second Stay In Sechelt

After our first stay in Sechelt, we headed north and took two ferries to Comox on Vancouver Island. The first ferry crossed from Earl’s Cove to Saltery Bay. After a short drive, we hit Powell River and took a second ferry to Comox.

After two weeks on Vancouver Island, we headed back to Sechelt for a second stay. We re-traced our initial ferry trip from Comox.

Very early on the first BC Ferries trip of the day, we took the ferry back from Comox. We crossed the Strait of Georgia to Powell River on the mainland. Then drove south for the second, quicker small ferry trip from Saltery Bay to Earl’s Cove on the Sunshine Coast. From there, we drove the twisty south road back to Sechelt for our second Airbnb.

BC Ferries Comox Salish Orca.jpg
BC Ferries Earls Cove.jpg

Our Airbnb was right on the water and had an awesome view across the Strait of Georgia. When the storms rolled down the coast, we got a very different view. But the sunsets from the patio could not be beat!

Town Sign.jpg
Airbnb on Strait of Georgia.jpg
Airbnb on Strait of Georgia.jpg
Sunset Airbnb on Strait of Georgia.jpg

Two stays in Schelt on our visit to BC gave us lots of time to enjoy the outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast. And to spend some family time. We even took time and looked at real estate possibilities.

Water Views Everywhere

When we headed along the coast, we found beach access at many points. The dock by Davis Bay had a long walking path along the water. We found fun and colourful murals on our many walks along this path.

Davis Bay Pier.jpg
Davis Bay Pier Parkway Murals.jpg
Davis Bay Pier Parkway Murals.jpg
Davis Bay Pier Parkway Murals.jpg

One day we drove north and enjoyed our visit to the dock at Halfmoon Bay. This was one of the spots we remembered from our very first day trip to the Sunshine Coast. The views along the shore looked like idyllic spots to live!

Halfmoon Bay Pier.jpg
Halfmoon Bay Pier.jpg

On our drive along the south shore of the Sechelt Inlet, we found several parks to visit. We strolled along the water at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. And followed the creek in search of salmon. The one or two we saw skittered past and did not stick around.

Porpoise Bay Provincial Park.jpg
Porpoise Bay Provincial Park Salmon River.jpg
Porpoise Bay Provincial Park Salmon River.jpg

Water views were everywhere around Sechelt. Just one of the outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast we enjoyed every day.

Roberts Creek For Outdoor Adventures On The Sunshine Coast

As we drove around, we often took the small roads that ran right beside the water. We found small parks and picnic spots. And often there were steep access points that led right down to the rocky beaches. Another great spot for a sunset!

Roberts Creek Beach Access.jpg
Roberts Creek Beach Access.jpg
Roberts Creek Beach Access.jpg
Sunset Roberts Creek Beach Access.jpg
Sunset Roberts Creek Beach Access.jpg
Sunset Roberts Creek Beach Access.jpg

Along the shore in Roberts Creek we found an access point that took us down to the beach at low tide. We walked along the rocky shore to the creek and the Roberts Creek spit.

Roberts Creek Beach Access Low Tide.jpg
Roberts Creek Beach Access Low Tide.jpg

The Roberts Creek spit was a great spot for views up and down the coast. We looked at the great houses that had this magnificent view every day. On this visit to the west coast, we checked out real estate for a future potential move. But sadly the houses we admired were out of our range!

Roberts Creek Spit.jpg
Roberts Creek Spit.jpg

For outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast, we were glad we spent time at Robert’s Creek.

Visit The Skookumchuck Rapids For An Exciting Day

On our first day trip to the Sunshine Coast, we discovered the path that led to the Skookumchuck Rapids. But we did not have time to do the hike in. So on this return visit, the Skookumchuck Rapids were an outdoor adventure on the Sunshine Coast we did not miss.

The Skookumchuck Rapids was the perfect spot to see the high tides and whirlpools. Kayakers and surfers rode the waves. When the sunny day coincided with the highest tide range, we headed north to Egmont.

The first part of the walk was along the dirt road before it went into the forest. On the first easier part of the hike, we stopped at the tranquil Brown Lake. We trudged on and the hiking path became more of a challenge.

Skookumchuck Rapids.jpg
Browns Lake Skookumchuck Rapids.jpg

The path finally came out at a rock outcropping and we saw the high waves at the tide point. We knew it was a great spot when we saw first a surfer and then several kayakers ride the wave at the Skookumchuck Rapids.

Skookumchuck Narrows Rapids.jpg
Skookumchuck Narrows Rapids.jpg
Skookumchuck Narrows Rapids.jpg

Before we headed back on the path, we sat and enjoyed the views of the Skookumchuck Rapids.  We were so glad we did the hike to the Skookumchuck Rapids. It was definitely one of the fun outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

The Secret Waterfall on Robert’s Creek

We found so many great waterfalls on our visit to Revelstoke and then when we went hiking in Whistler. We found even more waterfalls when we explored the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. So when we reached the Sunshine Coast, we wanted to check out the parks and waterfalls near Sechelt.

The waterfall on Roberts Creek required some advance research to find the path to follow. We made several turns before we hit the narrow path on the hillside that took us closer to the water.

Roberts Creek Waterfall Hike.jpg

We were rewarded with great views of the rapids and smaller waterfalls. When we continued to walk close to the creek we finally came to the large waterfall we wanted to see.

Roberts Creek Waterfall Hike.jpg
Roberts Creek Waterfall Hike.jpg

Climbing back up the hill side, we got back on the main path. On the hike back, we saw that high up on the trees there were signs that pointed to the waterfalls. Much easier than counting hiking paths for direction!

Searching for outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast, we were glad we found the waterfalls at Robert’s Creek.

Hiking Cliff Gilker Park For More Waterfalls

We headed next to the better marked paths at Cliff Gilker Park for more waterfall views on Robert’s Creek. We parked in the lot and checked out the trail map. There were several different paths in Cliff Gilker Park that cut back and forth across the water.

We moved along the creek and alternated using the paths on either side of the water. Often we caught sight of the creek with moss covered trees that created a trellis across the raging water flows. We saw four bridges as we moved downstream. And benches were positioned with great views of the water.

Cliff Gilker Park Waterfall Hike.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park Waterfall Hike.jpg

In several places we got great views of waterfalls along the creek. We moved from side to side for the best views.

Cliff Gilker Park Waterfall Hike.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park Waterfall Hike.jpg

When we had our fill of rushing waters, we headed back up the road to the parking lot. We were so glad we got this second view of Robert’s Creek from Cliff Gilker Park on our day of outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

A Hike In To Burnett Falls

There was one more waterfall near Sechelt we wanted to visit. We headed up the south side of the Sechelt Inlet and turned on Burnett Road. There was a sign to Burnett Falls tacked high on the hydro pole and the path was clearly marked.

The path went high above the river and we saw the gorge far below as we walked. More benches were placed along the path.

Burnett Falls Hike.jpg

We climbed the steep path and soon heard the rush of water. And then we got our first glimpse of the Burnett Falls as it fell from a 30m (~100 feet) point. Another bench was placed for perfect views.

Burnett Falls Hike.jpg

Compared to our other hikes, this was a shorter path for waterfall views near Sechelt. But another fun outing for outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

Hiking At Hidden Grove

One day we went out for a family hike with our son Nick and the great Gypsy dog. They wanted to share a new hiking spot at Hidden Grove with us.

The trail map showed a large number of trails at Hidden Grove overlaid on a topographic map. We soon learned that some of the paths at Hidden Grove were quite hilly. Nick took us along his favourite route.

Hidden Grove Hike.jpg

We enjoyed the park scenery as we walked along. Interesting trees like the nurse log had signs to draw our attention. We were often drawn in my interesting mushrooms.

Hidden Grove Hike.jpg
Hidden Grove Hike.jpg

It was a great day for a hike at Hidden Grove. And another fun outing for outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

Family Time And Outdoor Adventures On The Sunshine Coast

This was our return visit to the Sunshine Coast. We were back to explore the area. And we enjoyed some time with our son Nick as he settled into his new place and in Sechelt.

Totem Poles.jpg
Bird Mural.jpg

Nick took us to some of his favourite spots and we walked along the coast at every chance we could. We never got tired of the water views. And while we got some mixed weather over the two stays in Sechelt, on most days we got some sun on the Sunshine Coast.

Harbour View.jpg
Harbour View.jpg

When we visited Nick before his move from Port Moody, he cooked us a many course meal and showed us what great beef tasted like. On this visit to the Sunshine Coast, he showed off the seafood treats he found all along the coast.

Seafood Clams.jpg
Seafood Mussels.jpg

We even got up early one morning and Nick took us to his favourite clam digging spot. But even at low tide, the high water levels kept the clams buried deep and we only got a few clams. It was still a lot of fun.

Clam Digging.jpg
Clam Digging.jpg

When we wanted something different, we checked out the restaurants in the area. We were warned early on that in off-season, most spots were not open every night. And that made the restaurants busy when they were open. But we found some good options to eat out.

Luckys BBQ Ribs.jpg
Luckys BBQ Salad.jpg

We enjoyed the chance to visit with Nick on our two stays in Sechelt as we chased outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

Great Stays For Outdoor Adventures On The Sunshine Coast

We enjoyed our time in Sechelt and had many outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast. Great hikes with cascading waterfalls kept us enthralled as we enjoyed the natural beauty of this area. Hiking to the Skookumchuck Rapids provided an exciting escape one day.

We had two great AirBnb stays on these visits to Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. It was wonderful to have the space to enjoy family time. And to settle in like locals. A great way to enjoy time on our travel to Western Canada in the fall.

We headed to road trip around Vancouver Island from the Sunshine Coast and found outdoor adventures around the Comox Valley.

Have you enjoyed outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast? Do you have some favourite spots to add to our list for a return visit?

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  1. What a gorgeous tour of the area, it looks amazing to be outdoors on the water, in the forest areas and those views are pretty spectacular. The cool kayaking scenes, look exciting, is that something you would try?

    • We had so many fun water adventures on the Sunshine Coast. I am not sure I would try kayaking on the Skookumchuck Rapids. But kayaking in most spots is a perfect way to see a place from the water.

  2. It looks like the Sunshine Coast offers so many things, not just beautiful beaches. Your B&B looks pretty amazing right on the beach. I can imagine waking up there every morning was like living the dream. I like that there are so many hikes around, especially Skookumchuck Rapids and the beautiful hidden waterfall at Robert’s Creek.

  3. I am happy any time I can stay by the ocean, and your visit to Sechelt truly showcased how beautiful this coastal area is. Your accommodations right on the beach look like a perfect home base for exploring nature and catching the sunset. And how cool to find the hidden waterfall! I must get myself to Canada’s western coast.

    • I hope you do get to visit the west coast in Canada. There are so many great outdoor adventures. And a visit to the Sunshine Coast and Sechelt is well worth the time.

  4. What a beautiful looking area. Amazing scenery. A good hike and a fabulous meal sounds perfect to me. Added to my ever increasing Canada bucket list.

  5. We lived in Seattle and spent a lot of time in Vancouver but never did hiking there. There’s nothing like the PNW. Definitely bookmarking this!

  6. Wow, I love the diversity of scenery here! One minute, you’re on the coast, and the next, you’re in the forest. It looks so lovely here. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Exciting post on your outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast. The mesmerizing water views from your Airbnb in Sechelt is tempting me to visit the BC area and the beach view and the scenic forest trails of Robert’s creek and Porpoise Bay is amazing too.It was nice to see you had some family time with your son and enjoyed home cooked meals and yummy seafood too. Also great to see you enjoying surfing and kayaking in the whirlpools of Skookumchuk rapids, an essential part of outdoor adventure.

    • We sure did enjoy so many great outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast. When the sun was out, the views over the water were stunning. And a lot visit with family made the visit so much better for us.

  8. You weren’t kidding when you said ‘”water views are everywhere”! I love how relaxing the West Coast is and Sechelt definitely is a picture postcard of that! That’s a great tip you shared about using the Experience Card to save a wee bit on the BC Ferries trip. A lot of people are surprised at how expensive the trip can be, especially when you are bringing a car. Glad to hear your time there allowed you to see your son and get in lots of trail and beach walks especially from your Airbnb.

  9. We love Vancouver and have ferried on to Victoria. Sechelt and Riberts Creek look more of untouched nature. Sunshine Coast BC looks so inviting with water everywhere and great seafood!!!

  10. This Sunshine Coast definitely deserve its name – even if the sun isn’t out 😉 The waters look so serene and the trails inviting. Are you practicing nordic walking or are these walking sticks? I think I should get those, too. The light blue house with the many towers is so beautiful – like a doll’s house. I’d love to move in right away. Very nice post on a truly alluring place!

  11. First, I have to say that all of that food looks delicious and you caught some pretty incredible sunsets! This area looks beautiful, and I’d especially love to try those waterfall hikes and spend some time on the water. Looks like such a blast! Thanks for sharing. Xx Sara

  12. BC’s Sunshine Coast is so beautiful with lots of outdoor adventures I would love! Especially the water views and the hiking trails!

  13. So many cool outdoor activities to do on the Sunshine Coast. But what I really want to do is digging for clams like the locals. It is something new and looks fun. I found it interesting, too, searching for salmon along the creek at Porpoise Bay Provincial Park. Especially because I have never seen salmon in their natural habitat.

  14. I love hiking on trails near the water and this area seems to have that in abundance. I’d love to see the surfers on the Skookumchuck Rapids.

  15. What a wonderful hiking destination. I am specially attracted to the Barnett waterfalls and those mussels look so delicious. The Airbnb with water views seem like very nice location to stay.

  16. The Sunshine Coast looks like a great place to be out in nature and it doesn’t look like one will go hungry either, ha ha. That seafood looks divine!

  17. Sechelt looks so amazing! Can´t get enough of your pictures! I´d love to test all of the trails at Cliff Gilker Park – what a nature!

  18. These are beautiful photos. Loved how you captured the sunset at the beach. You surely was able to maximize your outdoor adventure. We’d love to visit soon. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.

    Got hungry seeing your photos. Now, I am crazing for baked clams. LOL

  19. The Sunshine Coast sounds like an amazing area to spend some time exploring. It looks incredibly beautiful too! I have always wanted to go digging for clams, that is so neat!

  20. Sechelt looks like such a beautiful, peaceful getaway! I’d love to do all of those waterfall hikes – and I love how so many of them are hidden gems. And how lovely that you got to enjoy it with your family!

  21. Sechelt looks incredible! I love that it’s not too far away from Vancouver, and the views of the Strait of Georgia are amazing. I can see why this area is called the Sunshine Coast – all the blues and greens in the natural landscape really seem to pop when the summer sun is out! I will have to make it up here the next time I’m in Vancouver.

  22. I actually think I said wow and holy smokes and dang about 4 times reading about your outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast of British Colombia, Canada.
    To be honest I have never heard of Sechelt or really anything much outside of Victoria and Vancouver. But as an avid outdoorsman Sechelt looks like heaven!
    Your views of all the water from your Airbnb to just walking around town are amazing, especially at sunset. This alone would be worth taking Darcee up there. But then when I saw the waterfalls you found in Robert’s Creek Park along with the Sunset adventures there as well….it sounds all just perfect!
    I guess the only problem for this little Cuban Boy from New Orleans is that the water looks so inviting but I bet it is all FREEZING!

    • You would definitely find the water cold. My son and his dog seem to have no qualms. But this wimpy Canadian find it a bit chilly. But there is so much to do around the water. And in the hot summers, the water is a big draw.

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