Drive To Park City Utah For Fall Colours

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So Glad To Catch The Fall Colour In Park City Utah

We caught the first glimpse of fall colours in Utah when we did a drive around the Mt Nebo Scenic Loop. When we did a day trip from Salt Lake City with our local friends, we enjoyed the areas around Park City Utah for fall colours.

Our friends shared some of their favourite spots with us as we drove through the Wasatch Mountains to Park City. We stopped regularly to walk and enjoyed the natural beauty of the area. On the way back we drove the Alpine Look. It really was the perfect time to visit.

A Great Reunion With Friends In Salt Lake City

We met our friends Susan and Steve when we travelled to China with Viking Cruises. We enjoyed so many amazing experiences on that trip. And kept in touch after we both returned home.

When we started to plan our fall trip to Utah and Arizona, we hoped we would find our friends at home near Salt Lake City. They returned from visiting their new grandchild in Seattle in time to spend a full day with us. We were so delighted that they could share their home state with us. And we got a perfect day to drive the mountain roads to Park City Utah for fall colours.

Friends in Salt Lake City.jpg

A Walk Around Silver Lake

We headed through Big Cottonwood Canyon for the Wasatch Mountains. The first stop on our day trip was at Silver Lake. This was a favourite spot for our friends to take their grandchildren. We walked the boardwalk around the lake and stopped regularly. We saw mountains in the distance. And reflections in the lakes.

Silver Lake - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Silver Lake - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

We saw a few fish and ducks in the water. And people enjoyed canoeing on the lake. But we kept watching for moose. We were told that they often just meandered along the paths. But on our visit, we missed the moose sighting.

Silver Lake.jpg

Silver Lake - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Silver Lake.jpg

Our stop at Silver Lake was a relaxing way to spend some time with our friends. A great stop on our drive to Park City Utah for fall colours.

Fall Colours In The Wasatch Mountains

We drove poor Steve crazy as we travelled to Park City up through the Guardsman Pass in the Wasatch Mountains. Three people armed with cell phones and cameras kept their eyes peeled for fall colours. And challenged Steve to pull over when we thought we had the perfect viewpoint.

The aspen trees were recognizable with their bright yellow leaves. Sometimes we got bright fall colours close to our stop. And sometimes we caught the most amazing viewpoints with valleys resplendent in colour.

Guardsman Pass Wasatch Mountain State Park - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Guardsman Pass Wasatch Mountain State Park - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Guardsman Pass Wasatch Mountain State Park - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Guardsman Pass Wasatch Mountain State Park - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

On our return drive down along Alpine Loop to Timpanogos, the mountains were steeper and more rugged. This was an early view to some of the stunning natural beauty we found on our visit to Utah. Steve navigated the twisty mountain roads. While we found spots to pull over to see the fall colours in bloom.

Alpine Loop Wasatch Mountain State Park.jpg

Alpine Loop Wasatch Mountain State Park - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

We found so many amazing viewpoints in the Wasatch Mountains on our drive to Park City Utah for fall colours.

The Sights Around Park City Utah

Our friends had so many great stops planned on our drive to Park City. When we came down from the mountains, we stopped in the town of Midway in the Heber Valley. The view over the pond showed us more fall colours.

Midway Wasatch Mountain State Park.jpg

We saw cows and hay bales all around. So we were not surprised to find the best ice cream at Kohler Creamery. And shelves stocked with local goodies and artisanal cheeses.

Midway Kohler Creamery Heber Valley Artisan Cheese.jpg

As we headed for Park City, we made one stop to see an unusual sight. When we planned our visit to Salt Lake City, we considered staying at the St Regis Deer Valley. We loved pampering resort stays. And with our Marriott Bonvoy status, we always got the most amazing upgrades. But we did not know that this resort had the coolest funicular to get guests to the resort on the hillside. We know we will be back to stay at this resort on our next visit.

St Regis Deer Valley Funicular.jpg

When we finally hit Park City, we were all starving. We parked and made our way to the Wasatch Brewery for lunch. We ordered a healthy and hearty lunch. And we were amused at the interesting names of the local beers. David tried the Polygamy Porter dark beer but only had one.

Wasatch Brew Pub Park City.jpg

Polygamy Porter Beer Wasatch Brew Pub Park City.jpg

When we drove to Park City Utah for fall colours, we found so many other great spots to stop along the way.

A Walk Around The Sundance Resort

Robert Redford built the Sundance Resort on the slopes of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Mountains in 1968. This was much before this part of Utah became famous as a winter wonderland escape. The Sundance Film Festival was established as a way to bring in visitors outside of the peak times.

Today there was so much to see and do in all seasons at the Sundance Resort. When we arrived, the parking lots were all full for events. Steve kept circling for a parking spot while the rest of us went off to explore.

We found lovely mountain vistas. Cable car rides were available to go up the mountains. We saw where the ski runs carved paths through the trees.

Sundance Resort - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Sundance Resort.jpg

People strolled around on their way to the spa, arts classes or to enjoy one of many spots to eat. A stream trickled past. We caught more fall colour views over the trees.

Sundance Resort.jpg

Sundance Resort.jpg

It was getting late so we did not wait for a parking spot. But the short visit to the Sundance Resort put in on our list for a return visit. We often missed the Toronto Film Festival at home in Toronto because we travelled in the fall. But maybe we would make the Sundance Film Festival if we planned a visit to Utah in the winter.

Views Over Salt Lake City

We drove back to Salt Lake City along the Alpine Scenic route (Highway 92). We got more stunning rock views along the way.

Timpanogos Mountains.jpg

Our friends had one spot close to their home to share with us. We parked and walked up on Potato Hill. From there we had a view over Draper. And an amazing panoramic view over the flats of Salt Lake City.

Draper Potato Hill - Park City Utah For Fall Colours.jpg

Draper Potato Hill.jpg

The clouds finally caught up with us. So we knew we would not get the sunset view we wanted. But we were intrigued when we saw some people pull a wagon up the hill. And set up a table with pictures, candles and balloons. It soon became obvious that someone was getting a marriage proposal that night. We sure hoped that she said “Yes”.

Our final panoramic view from Potato Hill was a great way to end the perfect day shared with friends. We saw so many great things on our day trip to Park City Utah for fall colours.

A Fun Drive To Park City Utah For Fall Colours

Our first day trip from Salt Lake City was a drive along the Mt Nebo Scenic Loop. We were teased with an early view of fall colours. But we were so glad we got to do a drive to Park City Utah for fall colours with our local friends. They had so many great spots to share with us. It was the perfect day to catch the trees in all their glory. And to enjoy this with great company.

We certainly loved our view of autumn colours around Park City. And saw so many interesting spots on our visit. But only enough to tease us to want to return. Maybe we may finally even book a winter visit and enjoy some snowy scenes. Or a spring trip to see this region all in bloom.

It was great to enjoy some of the local areas and state parks around Salt Lake City to start our visit to Utah and the big five National Parks.

Have you done a drive to Park City Utah for fall colours? Did you find the perfect viewpoint to see the colourful show?

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  1. Wow, the Park City Utah area is gorgeous, especially in the fall! The dark green of the pines combined with the deciduous tree colors and the mountainous landscape makes it postcard perfect. Looks like you visited at the perfect time. Your Utah posts are putting this state up there on my USA travel wish list! Pinning for later 🙂

    • Cynthia, We were so glad our friends took us to Park City. We stopped so many times to look at the fall colours over the valleys. I do hope you get to visit Utah. From Salt Lake City down to the National Parks, we were amazed. The National Parks posts are coming up soon. Linda

  2. Utah is so scenic it’s almost unfair for all the other states. It looks like you were able to capture the fall leaves turning at the perfect time. You are right there are amazing views of the Wasatch Mountains and the contrast of the blue hills is very beautiful with the fall colors. It’s good to know about the cable cars at Sundance Resort that seems like a fun activity and nice views as well.

    • Summer, There was so much variety in the scenery we found in Utah. The drive through the Wasatch Mountains gave us yet another perspective. Beautiful in the fall. And I am sure great in other times of year too. We will definitely return. Linda

  3. That mountain scenery around the Silver Lake looks fantastic and the birds you have photographed are so cute. I would like to see and hike to this place one day. Thank you for sharing all this information about Utah with us.

  4. With such beautiful landscapes, mountains and lakes this would be one of my dream destinations. Love the colors and visualized myself there. The views down are majestic.

  5. Such beauty in Utah in the fall. Those colours are nothing short of amazing. What a shame that you did not see Moose that day, it certainly would be a highlight for us. The Sundance Resort has always interested me. How long would you plan to visit do you think?

    • Jane, I think you could spend several days at Sundance. It is a large resort with lots to do. May also depend on the season. I am sure it is in full swing in the winter ski season. But we were surprised how busy it was in the fall too. Linda

  6. Oh man, BRILLIANT marketing on behalf of Polygamy Porter! I would order one just for the name! I’d love to visit the Sundance Resort, it seems there is so much to do there! I didn’t know it would be so much fun to visit even without the film festival going on, how cool that art classes are offered in a place that fosters so much artistic creativity. What a unique travel destination, hope I get to visit one day soon!

    • Stephanie, David could not resist the Polygamy Porter either! So many great spots to visit in the Wasatch Mountain areas. I am sure a winter visit would provide another interesting set of things to do. Linda

  7. The landscape and the lovely tones on the trees in Utah look incredible. It’s great to see the wildlife at Silver Lake even though you missed the moose, I’d have had to try out the canoeing there. St Regis Deer Valley hotel looks lovely with the funicular to reach it. Sounds you had a wonderful time with your friends.

  8. It looks that the first glimpse of fall colours in Utah on your drive around the Mt Nebo Scenic Loop must be an awesome sight. Going through Big Cottonwood Canyon for the Wasatch Mountains and the first stop at Silver Lake must be most beautiful stop. The stroll around this lake must be a beautiful stroll. Seeing cows and hay bales all around must be also awesome here.

  9. The autumn colours in Park City look lovely. I think I would take the lift up at Sundance Resort to get a better view although all those activities there sound tempting.

  10. Wow such colorful scenes of Fall! I think Fall colors there is much better than Spring colors! Wasatch Mountains and the contrast of the blue hills is striking! The scenery around the Silver Lake is mesmerizing! Truly a photographer’s delight. I hope to see in real.

    • Indrani, We were truly amazed at the beautiful fall colours in the Wasatch Mountains. We were glad our friend was patient every time we asked him to stop. A great spot to visit in the fall. But I am sure it is beautiful year round! Linda

  11. I have not travelled to this part of the world yet but have i high on my list of places to visit I must admit and what better time than to watch the lovely colours of fall.The Sundance Resort is the best place to spend a few days if possible and great to know it was the brain child of the famous Hollywood star. I would love to just be able to hike those gorgeous mountains and trails and capture the moments. You could not miss the Silver Lake. Thanks for sharing the best of colours and the best fall I think you can experience.

    • Amar, I hope you get to visit this part of Utah. It was a great discovery for us. Beautiful for hiking in the fall. But probably just as great at other times of year. We were so glad our friends showed us around and shared their favourite spots. Linda

  12. The landscapes in Silver Lake and the Wasatch Mountains are really peaceful and stunning. And Fall in Utah looks wonderful. We visited Utah in Spring and it was all green – very nice weather – but in Fall it looks more colorful.

    • Mei and Kerstin, we were so glad we planned our first visit to Utah in the fall. It was indeed so colourful everywhere we visited. But I am sure it is pretty in the spring with the spring bloom. And winter must add another interesting dimension. Certainly we will be back. Linda

  13. The fall colours are amazing! I thought it was only something to see in New England but obviously it’s many different places in the country. The Sundance festival resort looks like a great place to relax for a few days while enjoying the beautiful fall colours. I’ll be out there waiting for the moose to appear!

  14. Those fall colours in Salt Lake City especially in the trees are just so pretty and bright. It is always so much better when you have local friends to show you around and basically give you a different side than you would usually see. My in-laws meet another couple when they were travelling and also kept in touch with them afterwards and have also now visited them in their home time. Utah is definitely on my list.

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