Enjoy Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours

Enjoy Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours Outside Victoria BC Canada.jpg

We Enjoyed Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours

As we explored around the Malahat on the Saanich Inlet on our stay on Vancouver Island, we were so glad we planned to visit Butchart Gardens in fall colours. We knew the gardens were beautiful in spring and summer with such a wide variety of flowers in full bloom. But we were delighted when we found an extraordinary display of the changing colours of fall.

A Country Drive To Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens are a great tourist attraction for visitors to Victoria on Vancouver Island. The former limestone quarry evolved over the years as the Butchart family added more and more gardens to this former quarry site. It is one of the 970 National Historic Sites of Canada.

We waited out the morning clouds and headed out in the early afternoon when the skies started to clear. From our stay outside of Victoria at Westin Bear Mountain Resort , we had several route options to Butchart Gardens. The travel time appeared to be about the same for all routes.

We chose to avoid the highway on our way there and went along the country roads. Unfortunately we used the highway for part of our drive back and got caught in rush hour traffic.

The fall colours were well advanced and it was a beautiful drive. Roads were twisty and wound up and down the hills. The drive was a fun part of our visit to see Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

Entrance Sign.jpg

Planning Our Visit Around The Gardens

When we visited, advance reservations were not required although there were capacity limits in place. We were directed to a parking spot in a partially filled lot. After we got our tickets, we studied the site map and planned our route around the gardens.

Site Map.jpg
Butchart Gardens Official Map

Our visit started in the Waterwheel Square. We stopped and saw the waterwheel and the main square. The trees with the dropping yellow flowers drew us along. And we stopped at the fall harvest display.

Entrance Water Wheel - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Water Wheel Square - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Water Wheel Square.jpg
Water Wheel Square Harvest.jpg

On this first stop, it was clear it would be a colourful visit with Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

Exploring The Sunken Garden

The next stop on our visit to Butchart Gardens was the Sunken Garden. We took the path that led to the stairs down but there was also an accessible path available.

Sunken Garden.jpg

From the top we got our first view of the colourful Sunken Garden. The full range of fall colours were on display from fiery reds to pumpkin oranges and bright yellows. We were sure that in the spring and summer there would be a much different colour palette on display. But we were delighted with the view we got.

Sunken Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Sunken Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

We descended the stairs and walked along the paths and by the Sunken Garden Lake. We even found some flowers still in bloom.

Sunken Garden Paths.jpg
Sunken Garden Lake - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Sunken Garden Lake - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Sunken Garden Fuscia Flowers.jpg

At the end of the Sunken Garden we stopped and watched the Ross Fountain put on a show as the water danced. This fountain was added to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of Butchart Gardens.

Sunken Garden Rose Fountain - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

We continued our walk around the Sunken Garden and took in the views from a different perspective. The Garden Nymph statue peeked out from the colourful leaves. We found the stairs up to the viewpoint mound in the middle. But this spot was chained off.

Sunken Garden Paths - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Sunken Garden Paths - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Sunken Garden Nymph Statue - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Sunken Garden Mound Viewpoint.jpg

A walk around the Sunken Garden was a visual treat and made us glad we visited Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

A Stop At The Rose Carousel

We walked up the outside path past the Sunken Gardens and found the Rose Carousel. We looked for a colourful outdoor attraction and finally realized the carousel was inside a building. The carousel showcased of 30 hand-carved wooden animals and chariots. There was a small additional fee to ride the carousel.

Rose Carousel - Annabelle - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Rose Carousel.jpg

Outside the Rose Carousel we found another colourful fall display. And down the hill a fountain sprayed up from a small lake. There were several benches at this viewpoints to relax for a few minutes. A section of this area was designated as a children’s play area.

Harvest Display.jpg
Pond With Fountain.jpg

Two totem poles stood in this area as a tribute to the rich cultural heritage of this area. The totem poles were carved in classic Coast Salish style by Charles Elliot of the Tsartlip Nation and Doug La Fortune of Tsawout Band. They were added to Butchart Gardens in 2004 to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

Totem Poles.jpg

We were interested in the variety of things we found around the Rose Carousel. This would certainly be a spot for families to enjoy.

Flowers Still In Bloom In Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours

The Butchart Gardens are known for the variety of the flowers that bloomed in season. There were about 900 bedding plant varieties tended by 50 full time gardeners. But this late in the season, we found most of the flower beds trimmed back. The Rose Garden was always a great attraction with so many varieties of roses. But we found it well pruned and ready for a new growing season.

Rose Garden.jpg

But we were drawn to a long walkway bright with flowers still in bloom. Flowers in all colours called for a closer inspection.

Flower Beds - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Flower Beds - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Flower Beds - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

When we wandered along the inner paths we found first the Dragon Fountain and then the Sturgeon Fountain. These were fun stops as we wandered along.

Dragon Fountain - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Three Sturgeon Statue - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

We were glad we found many flowers still in bloom when we explored Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

Down To The Japanese Garden

We entered the Japanese Garden through the bright orange Torii gate. This gate was a beautiful reminder of similar structures we saw on our visit to Japan.

Japanese Garden.jpg

We headed down the path to the wharf at Butchart Cove on Brentwood Bay. This was the official entrance for boaters to the Gardens. But we found the gate closed and only got a glimpse of the water through the trees.

Japanese Garden Wharf View.jpg

We found tranquil paths with small ponds through the Japanese Gardens. The fall colours were bright and beautiful when reflected on the water. Everywhere we walked we were surrounded in colour.

Japanese Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Japanese Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Japanese Garden.jpg
Japanese Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

For a minute we paused beside a small flowing stream and just took in the views all around us.

Japanese Garden.jpg
Japanese Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

We were sure that the Japanese Garden would be a magical spot in the spring when the cherry blossoms were in bloom. We chased the cherry blossoms on Washington DC one year. And when we stayed at home in Toronto, we found the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in High Park. But we were not at all disappointed when we visited for Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

A Stroll Through The Italian Garden

We climbed back out of the Japanese Garden and stopped to admire the Star Pond. This was initially installed for the Butchart’s ducks.

Star Pond - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

Moving through the arched door in the high hedge, we came out into the Italian Garden. This area was once the Butchart family’s tennis court. Flowers were planted in beds around the fountain. And statues drew us in for a closer look.

Italian Garden - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Italian Garden Brass Statue - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Italian Garden Mercury Statue.jpg

Benches were set around the fountain and people stopped for a final view of Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

A Peek In The Show Greenhouse

We had one more surprise left. The Butchart Gardens had 26 different greenhouses but they were not open to the public. But the Show Greenhouse was the last stop before we left the property.

Beautiful flowers were arranged around the inside greenhouse. We were drawn to the orchids right at the front. We opened a window and got a clear view of the flowers and small waterfall in the greenhouse.

Show Greenhouse.jpg
Show Greenhouse - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg
Show Greenhouse - Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours.jpg

From the greenhouse we wandered past the Butchart Boar Tacca. This is a casting of the marble statue displayed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Butchart Boar Tacca.jpg

We passed by the gift shop and went back to the parking lot. The weather remained great for our visit to Butchart Gardens in fall colours.

Don’t Miss Butchart Gardens In Fall Colours On Vancouver Island

Every season the flowers changed in the Butchart Garden. So every visit was a different experience. We were so glad we planned our visit and saw Butchart Gardens in fall colours. We saw a good selection of flowers in bloom. And found colourful harvest displays throughout the site. But the stunning show was put on by Mother Nature as the trees provided a full range of fall colours.

The Mediterranean Garden was closed for the season so we missed it on this visit. It showcased more exotic plants that were grown in the temperate climate in southern Vancouver Island.

We also considered Afternoon Tea on our visit to Butchart Gardens. We sure loved our Afternoon Tea treats when we travelled. And on our last visit to Victoria we splurged on Afternoon Tea at the iconic Fairmont Empress in Victoria. But our timing did not work for a tea stop.

On our visit to Vancouver Island, we were so glad we experienced Butchart Gardens in fall colours. It was truly a magical time to visit and a great stop on our travel to Western Canada in the fall.

Did you visit Butchart Gardens in fall colours or for another season? Do you plan to do a return visit?

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  1. Wow! The Butchart Gardens is very beautiful! I thought The Sunken Garden will be my favorite. But as I went through the article, I found every garden here has their own special beauty. I think all of them are my favorites now. Very, very beautiful!

  2. Wow! Butchart Gardens looks just stunning! I wouldn’t know where to start. I love that the gardens change with every season so you can have a totally different experience. Fall sure does look like one of the best times to visit, those colors are amazing! I love the sculptures scattered throughout the gardens and my daughter wouldn’t let us get away with not riding the carousel.

  3. Butchart Gardens looks extremely pretty during fall. I absolutely love the fall colours and visiting the gardens is always fun during the fall season. There are a few close to Sydney that I usually visit during autumn and the garden is amazing to capture pictures. I have never been to Vancouver during the fall season but would love to go there some day.

  4. That garden is such a riot of colours! What a marvelllous memory you have shared through this post. And so rejuvenating as well to get out of concrete structures and human movements. Loved the pictures.

  5. What a lovely autumn visit to Butchart gardens. I love the Japanese Garden. Usually I spent several weeks in Japan in autumn – but I have not been for the last two years. I miss the colorful Japanese gardens. Thanks for the pictures.

    • Our visit to Japan was in the fall too and we were surprised at how colourful it was. And seeing the Japanese Garden on our visit to Butchart Gardens brought some of that delight back.

  6. Woow I loved the vivid colourful vibes of the Butchart Garden. So many colours, so many flowers and activities to enjoy there I am sure it would be fun to catch all of these together. I loved Japan garden and show greenhouse as they looked so pretty and enjoyable.

    • It was wild to move from spot to spot through the Butchart Gardens for fall colours. We were so surprised with both the fall colours and how many flowers we saw. A great reason to plan a visit for different seasons.

  7. I love the photos, but I especially like how you included a map. I find I don’t waste time searching for things in a park when I already have an idea of the layout in my head.

    • We were glad we planned our route before we got to the Butchart Gardens. Let us see the things we wanted in the order we wanted. And everything lived up to expectations.

  8. I have visited Butchart Gardens in the summer and it is gorgeous. I hadn’t considered visiting in the fall, I really like the fall displays and the Japanese garden really pops with changing leaves

  9. What a beautiful garden this is. The variety of the colors of the leaves is just amazing. Actually, the colors of nature make you wonder why people use all those horrible filters that make every scenery look like a radioactive accident. I also love the pumpkin arrangement – so cozy and fall-ish.

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  11. Wow! This is really beautiful. By merely looking at the photo, I have no doubt why it’s considered a great tourist attraction. The sunken garden is so beautiful. It looks like straight from a postcard. Thank you for sharing these. Would love to make one of photos as my computer wallpaper.

  12. Butchart Gardens looks like an amazing place for a fall walk! I love all of the beautiful fall colors, as well as the pumpkins and other fall decor. So pretty!

  13. Wow, how beautiful! I’d never heard of Butchart Gardens, but you’ve made me want to visit! Living down here in Houston, we rarely get much color change during the fall, so I’m always searching for beautiful places to go this time of year. Thanks for sharing this spot with us! Xx Sara

    • I will have to say that we were amazed with Butchart Gardens in fall colours. Our timing was perfect and we got the full range of colours. Would surely make me go back if we are there another fall.

  14. That Sunken Garden is incredibly beautiful! I love visiting gardens and seeing not just the plants, but architecture and design that talented people achieve!

  15. Absolutely beautiful. So many of your pictures look like they should be postcards for the Butchart Gardens. I love the variety of colors but I’m particularly love all of the plants that turn red during autumn.

  16. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. Perfect for outdoor and hiking, great for admiring the colors of leaves on the trees. It’s the most photogenic time for sure. Butchart Gardens in Fall colors seems to be the perfect place for a trip as well. They are pretty impressive! And I also love their composition and the sculptures and fountains. I add this place to my list when visiting Vancouver Island again.

    • I do hope you get to visit Butchart Gardens when yo are next on Vancouver Island. We were delighted with how colourful it was in the fall. But we know every season has its own charms.

    • It is too bad you missed Butchart Gardens on your cruise into Victoria. It is enough of a drive out of the city that a cruise day may not always work. But hopefully you loved Victoria enough to re-visit and you can see The Butchart Gardens then.

  17. OMG!!!!! The colors in these gardens are extraordinary! I love the sunken garden, the tightly manicured and colorful Japanese Garden and the beautiful Italian Garden. So gorgeous. I will definitely visit this garden when I make my way up to BC.

    • I am so happy to share the beauty of The Butchart Gardens in the fall. We were not sure it would be good and were stunned by the colour on our visit. Hope you get to see this in any season when you are next in BC.

  18. Oh my gosh this looks like a dream!! I love all of the colors the garden has to offer. I love planting flowers outside of my house with my family so this would be a real treat to get the opportunity to visit!

  19. What a beautiful, mesmerizing post! I visited Butchart Gardens many years ago and frankly don’t remember much about it. This post definitely makes me want to make a return visit.

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  28. There is an amazing sunken garden here in Australia. The garden was created in what had been limestone cave until the roof of the cave fell in. Is it something similar for the sunken garden at the Butchart Gardens?

    I absolutely love your photos. The colours of the gardens is amazing.

  29. The fall colours are awesome. I have been to Vancouver a couple of times but never made it to Vancouver island. If I am there in autumn, this is a must do.

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  33. Omg…the Gardens are much better in Fall! We visited in summer and didn’t get yo see all those Japanese maple trees in color! The color splashes are grander because they were also in trees!!!

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