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There Are Many Ways to Enjoy Whistler In June

Most people hear “Whistler” and think winter Olympics and skiing. If you are seeking a little more adventure to enjoy Whistler in June, we found lots to see and do.  We could zipline, kayak, go horseback riding or cross country biking. Or we could get a new perspective by heading high up into the mountains.  Views, hikes or even to skiing was available in the mountains in the summer!

We headed north from Vancouver for a day trip to Whistler on a sunny warm day in June. It was a busy weekend in the village with a summer fair in progress. We watched the children enjoy the activities set up to draw families into Whistler in the summer.

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Our objective for this visit was to head high into the mountains.  So we saw the lifts and trails of Whistler and Blackcomb.

High Into the Mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb

The first leg of our trip was a cable car ride on the Whistler Village Gondola. The closed cabin provided a comfortable ride and a great view as we climbed higher and higher. While there was no sign of snow in the village and on the lower hills, as we got higher we could see snow first in the valleys and high in the mountains we would be visiting.

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Whistler BC – Down Into The Village

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When you reach the top of this ride you can visit the Whistler Mountain Roundhouse Lodge (Elevation 1850m, 6069ft) or you can walk around and enjoy the views from this first stop.

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From this point if you wanted to hike, you could hike to Harmony Lake, Symphony Lake and up to Flute Summit. If you wanted to go even higher, you could take the Peak Express to get to the Whistler Summit (Elevation 2182m, 7087ft) and hike from there to Little Whistler Peak.

Ride The Peak To Peak Gondola

We opted to take the tourist scenic route and grab the Peak to Peak Gondola. This enclosed cable car will whisk you from the Whistler side over to the mountains on the Blackcomb side. This was a great way to oooh and aaaah at the scenery and to wave at others passing the other way.

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Peak to Peak Gondola

7th Heaven.jpg

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You arrive on the Blackcomb side at the Rendezvous Lodge (Elevation 1860m, 6102ft). From there you can walk around, get a lift back down to the Village or keep going higher. We decided we were not quite high enough yet so we boarded the shuttle bus that would take us to the 7th Heaven Lift.

The 7th Heaven Lift is an open 4-chair lift. We had dressed in long pants and a light coat but we sat huddled together as we rode with the wind whipping in our faces. If you visit in summer, make sure you bring a little protection from the cold!

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Arriving at the top you will find Horstman Hut (Elevation 2284m, 7494 ft). There is a small snack bar so you can get a coffee or hot chocolate if the ride up chilled you a bit. From here you could choose to hike even higher to the Horseman Glacier, up past the Backcomb Glacier and visit the Backcomb Peak (Elevation 2440m, 8000ft). We were not dressed for a hike in the snow so after wandering around a bit and taking pictures, we prepared to head back down.

The Ride Back Down

When we were ready to head back down, we could see the fog moving over the valley and onto the peak. While we tried to hurry to avoid it, we could feel the fog on our face as we went back down on the chair lift.

7th Heaven.jpg

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7th Heaven Ride Down

On the ride down we saw a few committed skiers who were still carving paths through the boulders and trees. I am not sure how long you can ski at Whistler and Blackcomb but certainly in June they were trying!

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7th Heaven Ride Down.jpg

Arriving back at Rendezvous Lodge we were ready to head back off the mountains. We took a series of 4-chair lifts to get us back down into the Village (Solar Coaster Express and then the Wizard Express). As we moved lower and lower in elevation, the snow thinned but the view never disappointed!

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Ride Down To The Village

Ride Down To The Village.jpg

Ride Down To The Village.jpg

Ride Down To The Village.jpg

Whistler In June Was A Great Off Season Treat

Don’t miss heading north from Vancouver when you are visiting! It was a glorious day to enjoy the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb in June. We would certainly be back again in the summer. But maybe I would take in a spa if David wanted to mountain bike the hills!

Have you visited Whistler in June? What did you do on your visit? What would you recommend?

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Whistler In June - Off Season Treat From Vancouver BC.jpg

Whistler In June - Off Season Treat From Vancouver BC.jpg

Whistler In June - Off Season Treat From Vancouver BC.jpg

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  1. I visited Whistler way back in 2015 for my first attempt at skiing after 20 years. It was a very weird time for me personally but I loved the chance to get up into the mountains. Whistler is a beautiful part of the world & this brought back some lovely memories of my time there. It’s interesting to see how different it looks without the snow but I would never have believed people could still attempt to ski there as late as June. I would love to return & hope I get chance one day.

    • Sue, We were glad we visited Whistler in the spring when the crowds were smaller. And saw how much was offered in the off season. But we definitely want to visit in the winter for full ski season. Even if we may not ski, I am sure there is lots of great winter fun. Glad this brought back some lovely memories. Linda

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