Enjoy A Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan

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A Two Day Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan

After a short stop in Winnipeg, we headed for our next road trip break in Regina Saskatchewan as we travelled west from Toronto to Vancouver.

There were no real tourist sights planned for our stop in Regina. So we booked a luxury stop at the Hotel Saskatchewan. But when the sun came out, we put on our walking shoes and explored a few of the things to see in Regina.

Driving Through The Heart Of The Prairies

As expected, the scenery as we drove from Manitoba into Saskatchewan was flat. The railway ran right beside the highway and we often saw freight trains that went on forever. The sign when we entered Saskatchewan welcomed us to the “Land of the Living Skies”.

Saskatchewan Prairies View.jpg
Saskatchewan Prairies View Whitewood.jpg
Saskatchewan Prairies View.jpg

We had no stops planned on our route from Winnipeg to Regina. But we pulled in when we saw the sign for a rodeo. When we wandered around we saw it was a rodeo for children and we did not hang around to watch the show.

Saskatchewan Prairies View Rodeo.jpg
Saskatchewan Prairies View Rodeo.jpg

There were no large towns on the route so we struggled to find a spot for lunch. When we saw the small town of Whitewood we figured this might be our only option. We drove around the town and all the restaurants on our map seemed gone. We wondered if these were victims of the pandemic or whether our map was just that out of date. But a few cute churches and colourful murals drew our attention.

Saskatchewan Prairies Whitewood Church.jpg
Saskatchewan Prairies Whitewood Mural.jpg
Saskatchewan Prairies Whitewood Mural.jpg

We finally found Archibald’s Diner on the edge of town. And were pleasantly surprised when the homestyle food was very tasty. A good lunch stop in Saskatchewan.

The Charming Hotel Saskatchewan

On our road trip to Western Canada, we continued to build our hotel points with Marriott Bonvoy on our cross country stops. When we looked at options in Regina, we were surprised when we found both a downtown Marriott hotel and the smaller Hotel Saskatchewan. The Hotel Saskatchewan was part of the boutique Autograph Collection group of Marriott hotels.

In the past we had great stays at trendy Autograph Collection Hotels on our road trip around California in San Francisco and Palm Desert. So for this road trip break in Saskatchewan we chose the Hotel Saskatchewan.

As soon as we walked in we knew we made the right selection. Unlike other more modern Autograph Collection Hotels we visited, this hotel had a charming and old world elegant decor. Our elite status was immediately acknowledged and we were welcomed warmly with a sweet treat. A suite on the top floor with a park view was a wonderful upgrade.

Hotel Saskatchewan - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Hotel Saskatchewan - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Hotel Saskatchewan Amenity Sweets.jpg

Much like our stop in Thunder Bay, our lovely and spacious suite made us sorry we booked such a short stop. We arrived late and checked out early on our next travel day. But we made full use of the space on our stay.

Exploring The Hotel

We loved staying at hotels with beautiful interior spaces and tried to explore when we could. On our long weekend stay in Chicago at the Intercontinental Medinah Chicago, we got an amazing guided tour of that historic property that included a view of the hot air balloon landing dock on the roof!

At the Hotel Saskatchewan, the lobby and lounge areas on the main floor were lovely to explore. And we snagged a seat by the fireplace for our Sunday Brunch.

Hotel Saskatchewan Brunch - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg

We tried to get in to view the amazing Royal Suite at the Hotel Saskatchewan but our timing never worked to find it empty. But Joseph the Operations Manager was very hospitable and gave us a tour around the hotel. We saw some of the beautiful intricate interior design at this hotel.

Hotel Saskatchewan Main Hall - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Hotel Saskatchewan Victoria Tea Room - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Hotel Saskatchewan Dining Room.jpg

A luxury hotel was the perfect spot for a short road trip break in Regina.

We Headed Towards Wascana Lake

We really had no sightseeing spots planned for our road trip break in Regina. But when the afternoon weather turned sunny, we headed out and stretched our legs. There was a small park across the street from our hotel. But we headed the other way towards Wascana Lake.

We found the path that led to and around the lake. The first signs of fall colours had just started to show. As we walked, we were amused when we found large rabbits hopping all through the park lands.

Wascana Lake

We passed the “Honouring Tree” statue which commemorated the settlement of people of African ancestry to Regina. A high fountain sprayed in Wascana Lake. It reminded us of the Jet D’Eau Fountain we saw in the middle of Lake Geneva. We were happy we found so much green space in the heart of the city.

Wascana Lake Honouring Tree Statue - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Wascana Lake Fountain.jpg

The Saskatchewan Legislative Building

Across the Wascana Lake we got our first view of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. It reminded us very much of the Manitoba Legislative Building we saw on our short stop in Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan Legislature - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Saskatchewan Legislature - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada

We followed the path around Wascana Lake for a closer look. In front we found a beautiful garden filled with flowers and two statues. The statue of Walter Scott commemorated the first Premier of Saskatchewan. The mounted rider was Queen Elizabeth II.

Saskatchewan Legislature Queen Elizabeth Garden - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Saskatchewan Legislature Queen Elizabeth Garden Walter Scott Statue - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Saskatchewan Legislature Queen Elizabeth Garden Walter Scott Statue - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Saskatchewan Legislature Queen Elizabeth Garden Queen Elizabeth Statue - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Saskatchewan Legislature Queen Elizabeth Garden Queen Elizabeth Statue - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada

Benches lined the walkways around the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens. It was a lovely spot to take in the view of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building. Definitely one of the sights to take in on a road trip break in Regina.

Wascana Lake On A Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan

We got back on the lake path and kept walking on the Blue Path. This 4km trail went around one side of Wascana Lake. The Red Trail was 6km and covered the other side of the lake.

We saw several different statues and memorials along the path. The “Bitter Memories of Childhood” statue was a memorial to the Holodomar famine genocide in the Ukraine. The blank staring eyes of the lone woman were haunting. The “Called To Serve” monument recognized the contribution of more than 5,000 Catholic sisters in social services in Saskatchewan.

Wascana Lake Bitter Memories of Childhood Memorial - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Wascana Lake Bitter Memories of Childhood Memorial - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Wascana Lake Called to Serve Memorial - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg

We found the Kwakiutl Totem Pole and enjoyed the colourful display in the park.

Wascana Lake Kwakiutl Totem Pole.jpg
Wascana Lake Kwakiutl Totem Pole - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg

Along the lake we found viewpoints that looked out at Spruce and Pine islands in the middle. We finished our walk on the Blue Trail. But we turned back towards the hotel at this point and did not continue on the Red Trail.

Wascana Lake BetterPlace.jpg
Wascana Lake Island Views.jpg

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum

We strolled back to the hotel on a different route. We stopped when we saw the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. This museum was a Canadian natural history museum and was the home of the world’s largest T-Rex skeleton.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg
Royal Saskatchewan Museum - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada.jpg

It was late on a Sunday so we did not try to visit the museum. But we were sure it would be a good stop for a return road trip break in Regina.

As we continued our walk, we were delighted when we found many murals on the walls. And a colourful series of doors covered with art. But we were sorry we missed the mural underpass by the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

Mural Robert Gardikiotis on Copper Kettle building.jpg
Mural Picnic.jpg
Mural Alley Door Art - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Mural Alley Door Art - Road Trip Break In Regina Saskatchewan Canada

A Surprise Road Trip Break in Regina Saskatchewan

We enjoyed a luxury road trip break in Regina. Our hotel was far lovelier than we expected and it was a great spot to take a pause in our road trip from Toronto to Vancouver. When we had great luxury hotels like this it was always hard to leave. But we were glad we headed out in Regina and explored some of the sights.

Have you taken a road trip break in Regina Saskatchewan? What other spots did you explore?

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  1. When I see these blue environs, I get so tempted to plan a long trip to those parts of the world. But I guess, till then I enjoy these posts with the cute church and colourful murals. The Wascana Lake and its vicinity looks like a must-do experience. I can imagine walking around and inhaling the fragrance of greens and clean air.

  2. Seems like Regina made a lovely stop during your road trip from Toronto to Vancouver. The park has a beautiful fall scenery and looks cozy. Your sweet treats looks so delicious, as well as your brunch by the fire.

  3. Nice post about Regina / Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Hotel looks like a great place to stay. I would definitely want to visit the museum with the large T-Rex sceleton! How could you miss this? The murals are amazing too! Interesting read about an area I knew nothing about.

  4. The Wascana lake looks amazing and it has so many things. I would love to see those unique and huge sculptures and art murals. And T-Rex skeleton? oh my god! I will surely not miss that. Also the stop over at Hotel Saskatchewan looks so comfy. I think it was a good and well deserved break at Regina Saskatchewan.

  5. Who knew there were such lovely things to see in the middle of Canada. It looks like there is lots of see in Regina. Plus the long view of the Saskatchewan plains is wonderful. And you found some beautiful murals. You stayed in lovely places too.

    • Our road trip stop in Regina was a great break from driving. And we sure enjoyed the lovely Hotel Saskatchewan. Always good when the weather lets us explore more in a road trip stop.

  6. I haven’t been to Regina at all, unfortunately. My husband and I did make a road trip from Toronto to Quebec and back again — that was an amazing trip. I’m actually a little jealous that you made this leg of the trip without specific plans and could just be spontaneous and do what interested you. I’ve yet to take a trip that hasn’t had nearly every minute of the day planned ahead of time. Your walks around the lake and your explorations sound wonderful!

    • We put some notional stops on our road trip plan but then did play it by ear as we went along. Depending on weather, fatigue and time we added or subtracted stops as we went. A great way to enjoy our trip.

  7. Great to learn about Regina Saskatchewan which I had no idea about. Wouldn’t mind staying in Saskatchewan Hotel which looks like a great place to put up. And the museum would certainly be a must visit for a view of T-Rex skeleton. Loved your refreshing journey.

  8. Just like you, I also appreciate visually appealing interior designs of a hotel that will make one want to stay longer. I agree that you made a decision to explore the sights outside even though you didn’t want to leave the hotel. What an interesting history to the “Honouring Tree” and “Bitter Memories of Childhood” statue.

    • Sometimes we do struggle with staying put in a great hotel and heading out to explore. But in Regina we were glad we got both. And are excited we are stopping there on our return visit to enjoy more of this spot.

  9. We haven’t traveled in Canada much, but Saskatchewan looks incredible. Not what I expected at all! I would love to stay in that hotel and spend some time touring the grounds of the legislation building. Thank you for featuring this city and all it offers in your post!

  10. Your hotel was wonderful and looked so luxurious too! I’ve never heard of Regina but it sounds like a good stop for a short break. The legislative building is very impressive, and the gardens are so manicured!

  11. Regina – a well-deserved name! It actually seems to be a queen of a city with so much beautiful things to see. I’m honestly impressed and will make sure to visit once I make it to Canada. It was so funny: I had to scroll up again to make sure that I was looking at pictures from your hotel and not at a museum 😉 I also like the wild west side the region has to it.

    • The Hotel Saskatchewan did have a historic charm to it. We were so glad we picked it and will be heading back for a second visit. We loved having some nice weather so we could explore a bit of this city.

  12. Regina Saskatchewan seems a perfect place for a trip. I had no idea that it offers so many attractions and that architecture is so impressive. I like the hotel you chose for your stay.

  13. I love this post, and it made me chuckle. “Saskatchewan” for me, is like “Timbuktu” – in my childhood, I remember conversations where either place was used like a place that didn’t exist. In fact, I used to think they were made up names. Wonderful to see a post about the actual place! 🙂

  14. Fabulous! I can’t wait to get back to Canada…I know I keep saying that but I miss it! This is a great spot and I would love the Hotel Saskatchewan. I adore boutique hotels. I also love all the public art and murals. Adding to my very long Canadian bucket list…

  15. Regina looks so pretty! What a beautiful little place! The road trip to get their looks so quaint and I love the stop at the rodeo! I’d love to visit Regina just to stay at that beautiful hotel! What a luxurious stop! Thanks for the great guide!

  16. Those murals are really cool! And with a room like that and beautiful macaroons and strawberries, I’d be sad to leave too!

  17. Love this road trip stop guide to Regina, Saskatchewan. I’ve been there a couple of times on business, but didn’t have an opportunity to explore the area. Your hotel stay looked amazing!

  18. This is why I love road trips; you get to explore so many small towns and unknown places on the way to your destination and some of these towns where you stop for a break turn out to be lovely. Regina seems to be that place for you. The Wascana Lake looks amazing.

  19. This looks like a lovely stop & delivered way more than I was expecting from all the closed restaurants at the start! The hotel looks perfect…especially that delicious looking brunch. 😉

  20. Saskatchewan looks like a lovely place to explore and another one that I don’t know anything about, although I have heard the name. What is one positive about the global pandemic is how travel bloggers are writing in more detail about their own countries, thereby showcasing other areas that people might not know much about. A great post.

  21. You always pick the nicest hotels to stay at on your trips! Regina hadn’t been on my radar very much but it looks like an interesting city to visit as part of a Canadian road trip.

    • It is always great when we get a luxury stop when we are road tripping. The Hotel Saskatchewan was and elegant stay on this trip. Nice to take a down day and really relax.

  22. I have never thought to ask for a tour of a hotel property before but I always wonder what some of their more amazing rooms must look like. Even learning about the history of the hotel and area would be awesome. I am determined to ask next time I stay someplace amazing.

  23. Love reading all about your road trips in Canada. Can’t wait to return to Canada, but could be a while yet. Those murals look amazing. Love street art, hate graffiti.

  24. Who knew there was so much to see in Regina? I love following along with your trip! I want to do a road tip like this myself next year

  25. Saskatchewan is one province I’ve been to yet. I long to see the prairie landscape. The legislation building is quite impressive. I think I would stroll the grounds just as you did.

  26. Thank you for writing such a lovely article of Regina. We have lived in Regina for 28 years. Right across the street from the Royal Sask Museum and the beautiful Wascana park. We enjoy that park all year long. So many people from across Canada and many that live in the outskirts of Regina have no idea how amazing the center of the city really is. It is a hidden gem. Next time you are in Regina, check out the RCMP Heritage center and museum. Also, RCMP training depot. Totally worth it. Enjoy your travels.

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