Have Fun Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell in Arizona

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Finished Page Visit With Fun Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell

We could not pass on a chance for some fun boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell on our visit to Page, Arizona. On our fall trip to Utah and Arizona, we had so many fun adventures. In Moab, we took an off-road jeep ride and climbed rocks with the jeep. A helicopter ride in Sedona gave us the red rock valley from a bird’s eye perspective. So seeing Lake Powell and the Navajo Canyon from the water was a fun adventure we could not miss.

We had a crazy 3 days in Page, Arizona. We were teased with views of Lake Powell on several day trips around Page. But we were disappointed that we did not see everything we wanted to in Page.

So on our drive out of town, we decided to take a detour to Antelope Point Marina. We hoped to get out on the water for a few hours before we left. There were no tours available at this late date. But we were excited when we rented a speed boat to explore Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell at our pace.

Panoramic Views Of Lake Powell From The Wahweap Overlook

This stop in Page, Arizona on our tour of Utah and Arizona was the first place we saw a large body of water. The 186 mile long Lake Powell called to us.

We started with a panoramic view from the Wahweap Overlook. Below us we saw Lake Powell and the Wahweap Marina.

Wahweap Lookout.jpg

Lake Powell Wahweap Lookout.jpg

Lake Powell From The Wahweap Marina

From the overlook, we drove to the Wahweap North Entrance. There were gates to enter this part of the Glen Canyon National Park at both this entrance and the entrance on Lakeshore Drive. Our National Park Pass purchase saved us money yet again.

We drove to the marina to get a view of the Lake Powell from the water.  There were rows and rows of floating houseboats. We would love to return to visit the Page and Lake Powell area one day and rent a houseboat! But how would we know which one was ours?

Lake Powell Wahweap Marina.jpg

Wahweap Marina.jpg

The marina also had speed boats, kayaks and personal water craft (e.g. PWCs or jet-skis) for rent. This was another way to explore the lake above the dam.

Wahweap Marina.jpg

Views Over Lake Powell

When we drove to one end of this park area, we actually crossed back into Utah before we returned to Arizona!

We continued back along Lakeshore Drive and stopped at several spots for views out over Lake Powell. We had a good view of the landscape around the lake. As the sun got lower, the rocks in the distance glowed.

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint.jpg

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint.jpg

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint.jpg

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint.jpg

Off on the horizon, we saw the coal powered Navajo Generating Station and the Glen Canyon Dam. Signs explained why there were two power plants so close together. We explored the Glen Canyon Dam more during our stay in Page.

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint Power Plants.jpg

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint Navajo Power Plant.jpg

Wahweap Lower Viewpoint Glen Canyon Dam.jpg

The Glen Canyon National Park area was massive. We saw only a small part of it as we explored the area around the marina. This drive certainly gave us a great close look at Lake Powell.

Heading To Antelope Point Marina

A panoramic view of Lake Powell left us wanting to get out on the water. In October, many of the water tours were already shut down. But on our way out of town, we decided to stop at Antelope Point Marina. We went out along Hwy 98 towards Antelope Canyon. We were still disappointed we did not get a tour of such an iconic sight on this visit.

Our National Park Pass again got us past the gate to visit Antelope Point. When we drove towards the water, there was a close up view of the waterway that let towards Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Point Sign.jpg

Antelope Point Marina.jpg

Antelope Point Marina.jpg

Antelope Point Marina.jpg

We parked at the top visitor’s centre and they confirmed that there were no tour spots available until later in the day. When we asked about boat rentals, the sent us for the long trek to the rental office. When we saw the long ramp down, we were not surprised to see golf carts that ferried people to the water level.

Antelope Point Marina.jpg

We stopped at the restaurant and then the marina supply shop before we finally found the rental office in a house boat. It was a long route to go to check out if they even had boats left to rent. Luckily for us, we got the last 21’ speedboat available. Unfortunately we were now running late so we only booked for 2 hours.

Antelope Point Marina - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Antelope Point Marina.jpg

Get Close To The Rocks In Navajo Canyon

We got a quick safety briefing and were off. As an ex-Navy diver, David was totally at ease with the boat. The drive out of the no-wake zone took almost 20 minutes. And then we opened the boat up.

Antelope Point Marina.jpg

We initially planned to take the boat to the Antelope Canyon to see it from the water. But after you drove to the opening, it was a no-wake area. We were counselled that we would not have time in 2 hours to see much of Antelope Canyon at that speed. So it was suggested that we head to Navajo Canyon. We could speed along the canyon and stop when we saw something of interest.

Antelope Point Navajo Canyon Sign.jpg

It was great to see the rocks of Navajo Canyon from the water level. Navajo Canyon is a slot canyon like Antelope Canyon. But the water entrance was longer (16 miles) and wider.

Boat Ride - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Sandstone walls towered 600 feet above us. Rocks of all shapes and sizes lined the walls. Some of the rocks were worn and smooth. Others still were sharp and jagged. The different layers in the rocks were clearly visible. Red rock reflected in the water and made the blue water shimmer with a gold hue.

Boat Ride Rock Walls.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Walls - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Walls.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Walls.jpg

In places the waterway was wide. And in others we navigated between sheer cliff walls. We imagined it would be very cool to scuba dive here. Caves, arches and other geologic formations drew our attention to the red and burnt orange rocks.

Boat Ride Rock Walls - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Arches - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Caves.jpg

It was awesome to get a close up view of the rocks boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell.

Looking For Images On The Navajo Canyon Walls

If the rocks along Navajo Canyon were stunning, we were delighted by the “desert varnish”, also known as Navajo Tapestry, that we found on the sandstone walls.

Boat Ride Rock Navajo Tapestry - Desert Varnish - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Navajo Tapestry - Desert Varnish - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Our imaginations were in full swing as we approached the walls that looked like they were covered with painted images. David and I often saw different images. And the images changed as we rode past. What images do you see in the rocks?

Boat Ride Rock Navajo Tapestry - Desert Varnish - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Navajo Tapestry - Desert Varnish - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Navajo Tapestry - Desert Varnish.jpg

The sun was in the perfect spot for us to catch the entrancing images when we went boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell.

Into A Crevice In The Slot Canyon

All along the Navajo Canyon we saw small crevices in the rock that looked like small slot canyons. We did not have enough time to get to the end of the Navajo Canyon waterway to see the Navajo slot canyon. But we explored a large crevice along the way.

We put the boat on a slow speed and slowly poked our nose into the crevice. As we went forward, the rock edges came closer and closer. This was not a slot canyon we could explore by boat. But it was great to see the slot up close.

Boat Ride Rock Slot Canyon - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

Boat Ride Rock Slot Canyon.jpg

We got a great view of a smaller slot canyon boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell.

Heading Back To Antelope Point Marina

Our two hour boat ride quickly came close to the end. We hit the gas and enjoyed a much faster ride back. We dropped our speed as we passed slower houseboats or fishermen that wandered up the canyon. And water skiers on the flat waters in the canyon. We pulled up at a boat in distress and offered them a ride back to the marina to go for help.

Boats - Water Skiers.jpg

We enjoyed the chance to put on a little speed and have some fun on the ride back. It reminded me of the time we rented a boat to explore around the Amalfi Coast.

Boat - David.jpg

Boat - Wake.jpg

But all too soon we saw the marina and slowed down to produce no wake. When we retrieved the GPS path from our watch, we saw the interesting route we took on our day boating Navajo Canyon.

Antelope Point Navejo Canyon boat path - Boating Navajo Canyon On Lake Powell.jpg

A Great Day Boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell

It was so much fun to get out on the water boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell on our visit to Page, Arizona. Our two hour trip only gave us a quick taste test. But we did love the speed of flying over the water.

Next time we will plan to rent a speed boat for a full day or two to explore more of Antelope and Navajo Canyon. We would also love to take a boat to visit the Rainbow Bridge. That site is only accessible from the water. But it would require a boat rental for the day. Or a boat tour.

Have you tried boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell in Arizona? Did you explore the lake or one of the slot canyons? Or did you stay on a house boat?

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  1. At first glimpse, I have to admit the lake looks rather boring in the desert-type landscape but on the close up shots and some of the views from above (I am more of a photographer than a writer by the way..lol), I actually got more of the feeling of ‘hang on, I want to go here and check it out’. Yes I would love to do a boat ride but for me, its the hiking around the lake I want to do more and capture some of the rock formations. I think this is a hidden secret/gem as I never heard of the lake or the canyon before and would love to check it out when I eventually get to AZ for the first time.

    • Danik, We would definitely recommend visiting the Page area. So much stunning natural beauty. And you would find so many great hikes in the canyons too. Hope you get to visit one day. Linda

  2. Wow, what a picturesque place! Your photos are not only spectacular but also brings everything to life through your words and experience. I will have to make a visit out there and have a boating day!

    • Stephanie, I am glad this blog post brought our experience to life. We had so much fun. We would definitely go back for a longer day on a return visit. So many amazing spots to visit in Page. Linda

  3. I went to Lake Powell for the first time this past summer. We took a bunch of local teenage girls for camp and spent a week on a house boat out of Wahweap. My friends always told me how beautiful Lake Powell was, but I didn’t fully understand until I went there. It was so amazing. I wish we could have explored a little more like you did, especially in the canyons!

  4. Now this is a great way to experience the canyon. It must have been amazing. The panoramic view from Wahweap overlook is absolutely stunning. Apart from antelope canyon, Navajo Canyon also looks splendid. Looks like you covered quite a lot in 2 hours. Loved the Navajo tapestry on them.

    • Pooja, We were so glad we decided to go out on the boat even with only a few hours. It gave us a great taste test. And made us realize that we definitely want to go back. Linda

  5. I’ve never heard of Lake Powell in Page, Arizona, but I love doing anything that involves water. I like that there are so many different kinds of boats to rent and options about how long you want to rent for. The contrast between the red rocks and blue sky is amazing! It would be fun to explore the little crevices in the canyon.

    • Elizabeth, we were so happy we took a boat out. We considered a kayak but wanted to cover more ground since we only had a few hours. Will definitely go back to explore more. Linda

  6. Oh goodness. That is exactly what I want to do – to take a boat out on Lake Powell. We also got to the Wahweap overlook for so gorgeous views and were very intrigued by the house boats. The actual views of the Lake Powell with the sandstone rocks are like nothing I have ever seen before. In my opinion no photo could do it justice than seeing it with your own eyes. It is on my to-do list the next time i get out to Arizona again. I just love this region.

    • Adele, We were very happy we managed to get down on the water after seeing it from the viewpoints. A houseboat looks like a great way to explore more of this vast lake. Linda

  7. Oh I know that feeling. I’ve been to some places where its been a whirlwind trip and I never had time to stop by and enjoy a particular location which I never expected to be so awesome! Good to that you managed to go on another trip to the same place!
    I can’t imagine how a helicopter ride prompted you to visit a place! That’s quite amusing!
    The landscape looks just wow! One thing I know I’ll definitely buy when I travel in USA is the National Park pass. This too is included!

    • Bhushavali, Our whole trip in Utah and Arizona was amazing. So many amazing spots. We left with so much un-done. But definitely will plan to return. We were so glad we fit in a boat ride before we left Page. Linda

  8. That’s pretty cool that you were able to see your trip location from air, desert and water. I also love the idea of renting a houseboat and cruising around Lake Powell. Or even one of those jet skis to tear around the island for a while.

  9. OMG, I dont think I’ve ever seen so many houseboats in one place! We have friends in Colorado who have done this on Lake Powell a few times though and everyone always looks like they’re having fun.

    • Sandra, We knew there were houseboats. But were not prepared for the army of them we found. I am sure it would be a lot of fun to rent one to explore Lake Powell. Linda

  10. I went to Lake Powell two years back. It was one of the most amazing experiences i had. Such a picturesque place. Love all your pictures and detailed review. The “desert varnish” on the sandstone walls is truly impressive. And, going on a houseboat is such an incredible experience.

  11. This looks like so much fun. What a cool experience to explore the lake in a boat. I agree, taking a full day with a packed lunch would be a more relaxing way to really explore the area. How cool to see all of the different colours and textures on the canyon walls and rock faces.

  12. I love discovering new places even if through the eyes of someone else. This indeed is a wonderful find, and loved hearing about your adventure. I love that you explored this area by boat, it brings a whole new perspective doesn’t it. It is incredible to see all those houseboats and am a bit envious that beauty happens to be someone’s backyard. I am imagining those sunrises and sunsets now!

    • Renee, We did not know what to expect when we planned this stop. Friends from Salt Lake City were oohing and ahhing about it. When we got there, we knew why. Definitely want to go back on a houseboat one day. Linda

  13. Looks like such a beautiful area to boat around. Definitely not like anything we have here in the Netherlands. Lovely to hear about this adventure of yours and see an area I never knew existed.

  14. I’ve paddled on Lake Powell and Navajo Canyon on two occasions … once as a competitor in a kayak during the Eco Challenge (a Mark Burnett event before he created Survivor) and once in a canoe as a guide. Both times different, both times beautiful.

  15. The colours of the Navajo Canyon are amazing and would be perfect for a photography expedition. I didn’t know there were so many things to do on Lake Powell, thank you for a great post!

  16. We went on a boat ride on Lake Powell and really enjoyed it. The water level was lower though, which made the cliffs in some areas way taller. The lake, and the whole area around there, is a must-see in the US. Quite remote but so scenic, with Antelope Canyon nearby or of course Monument Valley. Loved every second of our trip there. As for diving Lake Powell, like you, I would love to see what underneath! For another time!

    • Patricia, We were amazed at how much we loved the Lake Powell area. We picked it as a mid-point on our way down to Sedona. And so glad we did. As you say, so much for another visit! Linda

  17. Oh I am so glad that you persisted and found a boat rental for 2 hours (better than zero hours!). I have to admit that getting up close and personal to the canyon walls would be my choice too. What stunning scenery and that narrow pass between the canyon walls… you need a good driver!!!

  18. Boating Navajo Canyon on Lake Powell looks like great fun. What an amazing experience. The rock formations and patterns are awesome. I love your photos of the narrow passages and the colours of the canyon walls. The houseboat stay could be a lovely option too.

  19. What amazing views! I never knew you could take a boat trip through the canyons! amazing.I definitely want to do this once lockdown is over! Lake powel looks fantastic

    • Emma, We were so glad we made the time to get out on the water. It is something we will do again when we visit. So many great spots to explore on the water. Linda

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