A Fun Off-Road Jeep Adventure In Moab

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We Got More Than We Bargained For On Our Off-Road Jeep Adventure

We did so many great day trips from Moab, Utah. This was our base to explore many of the Utah National Parks. The National Parks provided stunning scenery at every point. But our off-road jeep adventure in Moab satisfied our need for an adrenaline rush.

We thought we booked a simple off-road trip along the sand and river beds. We were so excited when we learned that most of our trip would be rock climbing. It was a good thing we had a great driver for the experience.

We Chose To Go Off-Road With Twisted Jeeps

When we planned our visit to Canyonlands National Park, we really wanted to do the off-road drive along Shafer Trail. But we were smart enough not to want to do it in our rental SUV. So we started a search for jeep rentals in Moab. It soon became evident that we would get much more excitement on an off-road jeep adventure.

We booked our jeep adventure with Twisted Jeeps in advance. As it got closer to the date we booked, we wondered whether our trip would be to Shafer Trail. When we contacted them, they said we could certainly do Shafer Trail. But they had sunset jeep adventures that were much more fun. It took little before we were convinced to go for the more fun option.

When we saw the blue Jeep booked for our adventure, we knew this would be a great off-road vehicle. The high rugged suspension and great knobby tires seemed perfect to handle the ride. Little did we know what this jeep would be put through!

Twisted Jeeps Linda and David.jpg

Twisted Jeeps Vehicle.jpg

We set off on our off-road jeep adventure in the Sand Flats Recreation Area in Moab ready for some excitement.

Many Ways To Go Off-Road In Moab

KL was our Jeep driver for the night. He grew up in this area and knew the off-road areas around Moab well. While he joked about his experience, we knew we were in good hands. When we got in, he said we might have an option to drive. We quickly discovered that we were much happier on this first off-road jeep adventure just as passengers.

We chose to have a jeep “tour” with a driver for our adventure. But there were many other ways available to do the off-road trails. We passed many off-highway vehicles (ohv) as we toured the area. Some vehicles were on their own. And others travelled in a conga line.

Ways To Go Off-Road.jpg

There were two large Hummers out the night we visited. The large Hummers carried 6 or so people. Some were in the open back area. The Hummers did many of the trails we did. But they did not attempt the scary Hell’s Gate canyon climb. The Hummer passengers all sat and watched on the rocks as we did this amazing climb.

Ways To Go Off-Road.jpg

There were also a set of paths in the off-road park for mountain bikes. A couple of times we passed them on the paths. And we often saw them off in another part of the park.

Ways To Go Off-Road.jpg

There were many ways to do an off-road adventure in Moab. We were certainly glad we planned our first exhilarating ride with Twisted Jeeps.

Following The Path Through The Sand Flats Recreation Area

Once we went through the gate and paid the admission fee, it was easy to find the start of the path. We got lulled into a false sense of security when we left the paved road and bounced along on the sand. This was the off-road experience we expected.

Sand Flats Recreation Area.jpg

Sand Flats Recreation Area.jpg

Jeep Path Sand - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

But KL very quickly proved why he drove on our jeep tour. We moved quickly from the sand path to rocks. Directly in front of us we saw a large rock wall. And it was clear that we would go up and over.

Jeep Path Signs.jpg

Jeep Path Up - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

Jeep Path Up.jpg

When we got to the higher points, we saw the path along the rock face. Black tire residue clearly marked the path. And when we looked close, we saw the diamond markings on the track that showed the way to go. KL noted that much work was done to make sure that ohv’s stayed on the path.

Jeep Path To Follow - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

Jeep Path To Follow.jpg

The first hills we climbed showed us how exciting our off-road jeep adventure in Moab was going to be. Not the drive through sand and river beds we imagined.

Hills And Valleys Got Steeper For Off-Road Fun

Once we climbed the hills, we generally then drove along the narrow tops of the rock edges. We were not afraid of heights. But we sure watched to make sure the Jeep wheels were firmly grounded.

Jeep Path On Top Of Rocks - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

If the hill climbs were nerve racking, the drives down the steep rock faces where equally nail biting. KL liked to hang just over the edge before we plunged down. Once he asked if we liked roller coasters before he put the Jeep in neutral and took us hands free straight down the slope.

Jeep Path Down Rocks.jpg

At one point on our drive, we came up to what looked like a large hole. When we saw the telltale black marks deep in the depression, we knew what came next. We went vertical to go in. And when we climbed out, we saw scrapes on the rocks from the undercarriages of vehicles.

Jeep Path In A Hole.jpg

Jeep Path Out Of A Hole - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

Every part of our off-road jeep adventure in Moab was exciting. We were thrilled with the excitement. And remained glad that KL was an excellent driver.

Several Times We Stopped For Panoramic Views

As we drove, we got great views of the rocks in the Sand Flats Recreation Area. It was early on our visit to see the Utah National Parks. And rocks of all shapes and sizes still drew our attention. Several times we stopped on a high point for a panoramic view of the area.

Jeep Path Panoramic Views.jpg

Jeep Path Panoramic Views - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

On one stop at Hell’s Revenge, KL was excited to show us the dinosaur marks in the stone. Most of the marks were 3-toed which showed that these were predators and meat eaters. We saw a few other tracks that suggested that herbivore dinosaurs were also in the area.

Jeep View Hells Revenge Dinosaur.jpg

When we caught up with many of the other off-highway vehicles, we stopped high above the meandering Columbia River.  It was fun as we jumped from rock to rock and caught the views in all directions.

Twisted Jeeps Vehicle On A Hill - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

Jeep View Columbia River.jpg

Jeep View Columbia River.jpg

On our Moab off-road jeep adventure we had many beautiful viewpoints. We had a short break. And then it was off for our biggest challenge.

Climbing Devil’s Gate

The hills we climbed up and down prepared us for our next adventure. When we hit the top of the Hell’s Gate canyon, we dropped over the edge without a thought. But we did not know what the path out looked like.

As we approached the path up, it looked far too steep to climb. People sat far up on the rocks and cheered us on. The jeep began the climb. As we moved up we heard the gears grind as we climbed slowly up. At one point it felt like we were almost vertical.

Jeep Climbing Hells Gate.jpg

KL wanted to give the audience a show. He stopped the jeep and let it roll back. The crowd oohed and ahhed. And then he put the jeep back in gear until we climbed up and out. We got a big cheer from the crowd.

After we caught our breath, we got out to join the people on the rocks. We watched another jeep climb up behind us. It looked far scarier that it felt when we did the climb.

Jeep Climbing Hells Gate.jpg

The climb up Devils Gate on our off-road jeep adventure in Moab was the highlight of the night.

We Stayed Through Sunset And As Dark Descended

Many of the jeep trips really ended at Devil’s Gate. The groups settled on the rocks and waited for sunset. But KL still had much more to show us. We continued to drive over the rocks as the sun started to set and the rocks glowed. We found a spot high on the hills as the sun set behind the rocks.

Jeep View Sunset.jpg

Jeep View Sunset - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

As we watched, the sky darkened. And glowed with night colour. It was a magical transformation.

Jeep View Night Glow - Twisted Jeeps Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab.jpg

We continued our drive over the rocks and back to the gate. It was a little strange driving with the lights on and limited visibility. We were glad we did not have far to drive in the dark.

Jeep View Night Drive.jpg

Our off-road jeep fun in Moab lasted until the very last minute.

A Most Amazing Off-road Jeep Adventure In Moab

When we first contacted Twisted Jeeps, we really just wanted a Jeep we could take on the Shafer Trail when we visited the Canyonlands National Park. When we upgraded to an off-road tour, we expected a ride on rough roads at sunset. But we never imagined the rock climbing experience we got.

Our excursion through the Sand Flats Recreation Area was exceptional in so many ways. All along the way we got great panoramic views of this scenic area. Our rides up and down the hills left us giddy with delight. The finale climb up Devil’s Gate was hair raising. But so much fun!

It was great to enjoy our road jeep adventure in Moab until the sun set and the stars came up. We did not want it to end.

We had so much fun on this adventure that we booked several more fun excursions during our visit to Utah and Arizona in the fall. In Page, Arizona we rented a fast speedboat to explore the waters around Lake Powell and Navajo Slot Canyon. When we were in Sedona, we did the most amazing helicopter tour over the Sedona Valley. And we went home with so many amazing memories.

Have you done an off-road jeep adventure in Moab? Was your an amazing rock climbing experience? Or a tamer ride?

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  1. Wow you guys are so adventurous! We have hike in Canyonland NP before and it is so beautiful out there! I am not sure though I would dare to go on a Moab off-road jeep adventure ! But I am sure I would regret it all my life if I dont because it does look fun and exciting! I mean rock climbing in a car, that car must be incredible…but I bet also the driver must have such a driver skill!

    • Dada, It may have been good that I did not know what to expect before we went out. It was much wilder than I expected. But we did love every minute. We had the option to drive. But were glad we left it to the expert. Linda

  2. You guys have the best adventures! I’m not the most adventurous person, but I must say, this jeep adventure looks like so much fun! I also love the location, I’ve only seen photos of Moab, so it’d be great to actually visit and experience it for myself. You’re definitely braver than me, my palms started to sweat as I read this! Definitely one to keep in mind for the future!

    • Lisa, We were so happy we booked this jeep adventure when we visited Moab. But probably glad we did not know how crazy it was until we actually started the ride. But we would do it again. Linda

  3. This sounds like such a great adventure while in Utah. I have been off-roading before and it’s a lot of fun!

  4. I am 100% adding this to our list! At first I thought to myself that I would rather drive the jeep than have a driver but as I read on about the steep parts I changed my mind. I would probably get lost or flip the jeep or something. This is so cool though. I have heard of hiking in Moab, but never going on an off-roading adventure!

    • Cecilia, When they first said we could drive, I fully expected to take them up on it. But once we got started, I was ok with being a passenger and really enjoying the ride. It was a great adventure in Moab. Hope you get to try it. Linda

  5. OMG! read it sitting at the edge of my seat biting nails… seriously this is like a action packed movie. It also reminded me of the rides through the sand dunes in Mleiha near Sharjah UAE.

    • Indrani, I am glad this blog post got you to the edge of your seat. I felt like that for most of the adventure. But still so glad we did it. I would love to do a jeep ride in the sand dunes one day. Linda

  6. Oh wow, you are SO much more daring that I am! I think it was smart to go with a tour, I would feel so scared going off on my own! Devil’s Gate has me with my heart in my throat! Have there ever been any cars that flip!? I think it was great that you got to do this activity both in the day time, but also watching the sun set and driving around in the dark. I love how you refer to the steeper hills as, “fun.” I would think of this as, “NO DON’T GO THROUGH THOSE HILLS!” Lol. So glad you had fun!

    • Stephanie, We did have a great time. But it was probably good we did not know what to expect when we booked. The trip up Devil’s Gate seemed far scarier when we watched someone else come up. Glad we did not see that before we did it. People do turn over all the time. Our driver had mishaps in the past. But on our ride it was all just fun. Linda

  7. Utah is pretty, I’m in love with red rocks and sand. Not sure my heart could take this, I freak out on mountain roads that are paved. That sunset does look worth the anxiety. But I would have a fit if he took his hands off the wheel or let it roll back on that steep climb!

    • Sherianne, We love mountain roads. So I guess it should not be surprising that we loved this too. It was scary but exhilarating at the same time. So glad we did this. In addition to the thrills, the scenery was stunning the night we went out. Linda

  8. Whoa that is quite an adventure you guys had. It is definitely something to experience to get your adrenaline kicking. That climb up Hell’s gate looked so scary though! Thanks for sharing.

    • Karie, This experience was a great one to get the adrenaline going. It was a good thing that we did not know what we were getting into before we booked. But we would definitely do it again. Linda

  9. You are braver than I, as I am afraid of heights. That looks like the perfect adventure and a great way to see the area.

  10. I love road jeep adventure and it looks you had lots of adventure and fun at Moab. I do have 4×4 but it is a closed one not like you with open roof. Passing through stony and curvy edges of rocks must be scary but fun also.

  11. Oh my!! Moab looks incredible. I’m not sure its my kind of vacation experience as I’m a bit of a chicken but my teens would absolutely love off roading! That climb up Devils Gate is something else!

    • We were so happy we planned a longer stay in Moab. There was certainly lots to do. The jeep adventure is not for the faint of heart. But I am sure your teens would love it. Linda

  12. I did an off road journey very recently in India to spot wildlife and it was such an amazing adventure to climb 45 degrees on rocks. I can imagine the adrenaline rush you must have had on this trip. Such amazing pictures!

  13. This looks and sounds like so much fun but scary all at the sametime, especially in that amazing location of Moab. My husband would absloustely love to do this. What an adventure though my hairs would stand on edge when he stops for a bit and lets you roll back. I have always to go to Utah to hike but I am going to add this adventure to my list now too.

    • Mel, It was a great adventure. The Devil’s Gate looked far more scary when we watched someone else do it. During the ride, we felt like our driver had it all under controls. Utah is amazing. Many more blog posts to come in the new year. Linda

  14. Wow this looks like a lot of fun and adventurous. The only close thing I have got to the off road jeep adventure is when I drove a huge 4 wheel drive in an island filled with sand. It was definitely amazing and exciting. I do hope to do this jeep adventure when I visit Moab.

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