Enjoy A Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley

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Excited To Do A Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley

We were so excited to do a helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley. When we found out that hot air balloons were all booked during our stay in Sedona, we were disappointed. But our spirits soared we found that we could get the great Cathedral Tour with Guidance Air Helicopter Tours.

We saw the most amazing views of the towering rocks of Sedona from a bird’s eye view. The helicopter dipped into the canyons. We saw vast valleys. And ancient ruins. This was such a spectacular way to experience Sedona in the fall.

Planning To Head Into The Skies

On our travels through Utah and Arizona, we were disappointed a few times when excursions were over-booked. We learned we should have booked well in advance. Not something we expected in the middle of October. So we were not totally surprised when we did not get a hot air balloon ride booked. Going up in a hot air balloon has been on our travel wish list since we visited the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

When we walked around old town Sedona, we got pulled in by a sign saying “Helicopter Rides $40”. Always looking for a bargain, we went in and asked what the deal was. After a 10 minute discussion, we learned that the bargain came with a 90 minute time share presentation. We later learned that these presentations could take 3-4 hours. We did not want a bargain that bad!

So when we saw the Guidance Air Helicopter Tours sign at the Sedona Airport, we just needed to book a helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley. There were four different tours available. We chose to do the Cathedral Tour. This gave us a great mix of rocks and canyons on our helicopter tour.

We Headed Into The Air

David and I met at an airport when we both took flying lessons. I have over 150 free fall skydiving jumps. So the thought of a helicopter ride in a small helicopter that sat only four people did not faze us at all.

Guidance Air Helicopter.jpg

Guidance Air Helicopter.jpg

We joined pilot Jerry and put on our headsets. Jerry provided a running commentary on what we saw. And we chattered away between “oohs” and “ahhhs”. David got the front left seat view and I was behind the pilot on the other side. This gave us the best light at all times. We flew as the sun started to dip and the rocks glowed.

Guidance Air Helicopter.jpg

The Sedona Airport was at about 4000’ above sea level. And flying a helicopter close to the rocks was a challenging task. But Jerry grew up flying in this area. So we settled in for an amazing helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley.

Flying Over The Rocks Of The Sedona Valley

As the helicopter flew, we got the most amazing views of the rocks of the Sedona Valley. We started with Cathedral Rock. This was another interesting perspective on this iconic sight we saw from other viewpoints on our visit to Sedona. We moved on and saw Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. And waved at the Snoopy Rock. The rock faces were stunning as we moved close by.

Rock Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Rock Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Rock Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Rock Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Rock Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

After we travelled through the big five Utah National Parks, we might have thought we would be immune to the sight of massive and intricate red rocks. A helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley gave us the most amazing view of the rock structures around Sedona. And we were not bored for a minute!

Flying Through The Canyons Of Sedona

We started our trip into the canyons of Sedona in Secret Canyon. We caught glimpses of wilderness as we climbed up onto the Mogollon Rim. Jerry said he once saw a black bear from the helicopter.

Canyon Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Canyon Views.jpg

As Jerry moved from canyon to canyon, he called in his position over the radio. We next descended and flew through Boynton Canyon. This canyon dive was not for the faint of heart.

Canyon Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Canyon Views.jpg

Canyon Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

We then moved back into the sun for a look at the ancient Sinaqua Indian cliff dwellings. Jerry hovered the helicopter so we got a great view. We remembered this view when we visited the rock dwellings at Montezuma Castle.

Sinaqua Indian cliff dwellings.jpg

Flying through the canyons was a fun part of our helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley.

Flying The Helicopter Over The Sedona Valley

As we left the canyons, we got amazing vast views of the valleys under the rocks of Sedona. The sun slipped lower. And the valleys and rocks started to glow with colour.

Vast Panoramic Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Vast Panoramic Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Vast Panoramic Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

It was hard to take in all the amazing scenery. I put my iPhone away so I could just delight in the views in front of me. Luckily David kept shooting while I relaxed.

Vast Panoramic Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Vast Panoramic Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

Vast Panoramic Views - Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley.jpg

The panoramic views were a stunning way to finish our helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley.

We Were Delighted On Our Helicopter Ride Over The Sedona Valley

The helicopter tour was over far too quickly. We saw the airport sitting up on the plateau as we approached. When we landed back at the Sedona Airport, I was ready to go back up again. And take the doors off the helicopter!

Sedona Airport.jpg

Sedona Airport.jpg

We saw the rocks and canyons from so many perspectives on our visit to Sedona. But we really wanted to see it from the air. We were disappointed when we could not book a hot air balloon ride. But our helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley provided both excitement and stunning sights.

We added this helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley to our growing list of fun adventures we did no our fall trip to Utah and Arizona. Our fun started with a hair raising ride over the hills on our jeep adventure in Moab, Utah. We continued our fun with a fast speedboat ride through the Navajo Canyon in Page, Arizona. Who knew what we would do next?

Did you do a helicopter ride over the Sedona Valley? Wasn’t it the most amazing experience?

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  1. I only did my first helicopter ride last year and that was over the rupting volcano on the island of Big Hawaii. Looking at your experience and the views, I so want to do this helicopter ride now. The ride looks totally amazing and so want to add this to my list of things in Sedona.

    • Danik, We have yet to travel to Hawaii. But taking a helicopter over an erupting volcano would draw me there for sure. If you get to Sedona, a helicopter is an amazing way to see it all. Linda

  2. I haven’t experienced helicopter ride yet but I definitely would like to experience it. It looks like a great and memorable experience

  3. WOW! $40 for a helicopter ride is an amazing deal anywhere, but even more so in Sedona. I hadn’t even thought of doing this when I visited. I would love to see all the formations from above and the ride through Boynton Canyon looks incredible.

    • Sherianne, We were so glad we did the helicopter ride. We were glad we passed on the sales pitch for the cheap ride. But it would be a great deal if you have the time. Linda

  4. Such great photos! What an adventure! This is definitely something we would love to do. Thanks for the great tips about booking in advance for the hot air balloon adventure and the tip about the time share $40 helicopter ride. I too would not sit for 3-4 hours just for a $40 ride.

  5. How exciting! I would love to see that area from the air. We considered a helicopter ride at Grand Canyon but since we have small kids with us, we decided to do it later when they are bigger. The red rock formations in Sedona are just amazing! I hope we get to visit there soon again. Very interesting that they offer helicopter rides for time share presentations.

  6. This looks like such an adventurous thing to do. I haven’t sat in a helicopter till now, so cant really relate to the feeling of being in there, overlooking the beauty of mother earth. I so need to look out for such Helicopter tours, as the views are just too good.

  7. That sure are pretty canyons. I would want to fly over them and take in the scenery from above. Plus I always wanted to do a Helicopter ride, your post just reminded me of that!

  8. Well I can understand the disappointment of not being able to do the hot air balloon ride but the helicopter ride has its own thrills. And the way you had a chance to see the gorgeous canyons, all that adventure and the amazing views, you did have a great ride. I would love to explore Sedona Valley this way.

  9. I absolutely love this area of the US and getting an aerial view must have been amazing. It’s too bad that the hot air balloons were fully booked, but it looks like you had a great time on the helicopter. I would have been terrified, but seeing that you have experience being in the air I can see why it was not scary to you at all 🙂

  10. We recently did a helicopter ride over Uluru in Australia and it really is worth the splurge. I think if we were headed to this area of the US, or any expansive landscape like this it really would have to be a mandatory event for us now.

  11. Wow that scenery! I’ve flown in a chopper in the Grand Canyon and in PNG where I had my first ride. Takes some getting use to seeing the ground so close through the floor, but I loved it.

  12. Such great aerial views! I thought the best way to see canyons would probably be hiking among these red giants but a slow careful and travel adventure via helicopter ride seems like the best way to take in the Sedona Valley. Almost looks like the grand canyon on a smaller scale with reddish hues!

    • Pashmina, There was so many hiking paths around. We saw the canyons from the ground. But loved getting this different perspective. A lovely spot to see from the air. Linda

  13. I’ll be honest: I’m pretty scared of heights so I don’t think I’d try this helicopter ride myself! However, I’m more than happy to live the experience vicariously through your post! The Sedona Valley is stunning, and is somewhere I’ve yet to visit when in the US. That canyon dive is definitely not for me, but your photos are incredible!!

    • Lisa, I can understand that a helicopter would be tough if you are afraid of heights. Especially the really small one we went in. So glad to share our journey with you in photos. Linda

  14. Wow, what stunning scenery! I would be super disappointed about the hot air balloons, but you definitely made up for it with the helicopter! We did a doors-off helicopter tour on Kauai and it was incredible – so I know how it must have felt! Your photos are awesome.

  15. What a fantastic experience! I don’t know that I’d want to trade 3-4 hours of precious travel time for a cheap flight and presentation either. But it all panned out for you in the end.

  16. I love helicopters, I always try and include a ride when I travel to New Zealand because the scenery is amazing. The red rock formations and the canyons of Sedona are perfect for this sort of activity and you got very lucky with the weather. These blue skies are amazing! I’m also very impressed with your photos, very well done!

  17. You had me impressed. 150 jumps??? That is awesome. Am sure this ride was a little tame compared to that adrenaline rush. However, this ride did get you some amazing shots. The valley looks amazing from high up there.

  18. Wow this experience looks like so much fun. And I am
    Very envious you have done so many sky dives, I’m
    Dying to do some but just not sure where to start.

    • Nicole, We were so glad we did the helicopter tour in Sedona. Fun and great views too. I hope you get to try skydiving one day. It was exhilarating when I did it. But hard to do in Canada with the weather. Linda

  19. Wow what spectacular views of Sedona Valley. There is no better way to see this amazing valley! I would totally love to take a chopper over Sedona Valley and see those lovely colours of the rocks. So cool, I am adding this to my list.

  20. A great post on helicopter ride at Sedona, the views from the top are stunning. We remember we took a chopper ride in Smoky mountains. It’s great to see you got to watch the canyons from different angles.

  21. What a fantastic way to enjoy the red rocks of Sedona even though you didn’t get to do it from a hot air balloon! I would say you got to see the whole rock formation from above. That’s pretty cool! When reading your canyon dive at the Boynton Canyon all I can imagine is a scene from a movie where the passengers in the helicopter scream. But you and David have experiences before this one. I guess Jerry missed the screaming passenger that day. Hehe.

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