See The Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway

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A Great Day For Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway

As we arrived at the harbour, we saw there were panoramic views in Bergen we didn’t want to miss. We were greeted by colourful buildings along the shore and in the old town. There were lots of tour options in Bergen. But we wandered the town. And then hopped on the Floibanen funicular for a ride to high above the city. It was definitely worth it for the views.

The Bergen Harbour

As we travelled through the Norway fjords, we made sure to be on deck as we came into port. The city was spread out in front of us and climbed up the hills. On our visits to the scenic small towns in coastal Norway, we loved the colourful houses that greeted us. And Bergen was yet another treat for us.


Harbour - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

The Oceania Cruises Marina docked right close to downtown. So it was an easy walk into the old town. On most of our stops in Norway, we were the only ship in port. But on this day we docked right next to the Viking Sky ship.

 Harbour Oceania Marina.jpg

We always loved the variety of ships we found in the harbours. Such a fun mix of pleasure craft and working boats. In Bergen, we were entranced with the large tall ship Amerigo Vespucci that was tied up along the quay. This ship belonged to the Italian navy and was used for training.

Port Amerigo Vespucci.jpg

We had a picturesque start when we visited Bergen.

Sightseeing Options In Bergen

There were many options for tours in Bergen. The ship had a whole list of tours to book. A Hop-On-Hop-Off bus provided a route to many of the local tourist spots.

Tourist Spots.jpg

There were also harbour tours available for a different perspective on the city. We saw the ferry pull into Bergen. So we knew there were lots of other day trips to take on the water from Bergen.

Harbour Tour.jpg

On our walk, we passed a bike rental stand. This was an option to explore the flat roads at water level. But I was not sure I wanted to head up the hills around Bergen on bike.

Bike Rental.jpg

In the end, we chose to wander in Bergen. We had one main destination in mind as we headed for the panoramic views in Bergen.

Sights Along The Way

As we walked along the water, we saw yet more of the colourful houses we saw in the small scenic towns on the Norway coast. Decorative buildings were everywhere we looked. And as we wandered higher in the city, we got a great view over the colourful roofs.

Colourful Bulidings - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Colourful Bulidings.jpg

Colourful Roofs.jpg

We passed the Bryggens Museum with the statue of Snorri Sturluson beside it. St Mary’s Church was in the main area. But was not open when we went past.

Bryggens Museum - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

St Marys Church - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

As we walked along the cobblestone streets at the higher level, we could not pass the sign at the Bar Barista without a picture.

Barista Sign Linda and David.jpg

We enjoyed our walk through the older part of town. But as the skies cleared, we wanted to make sure we did not miss our panoramic view over Bergen.

Heading High Above Bergen

We loved to use funiculars for panoramic views when we visited cities. One of our favourite ones gave us an amazing view down onto the Douro River in Porto, Portugal.

From the ship we saw the observation platform high above the city. It was easy to find the station at the bottom of the funicular for the Floibanen in Bergen. The funicular went 320 m (about 1,050 feet) up Mount Floyen.

Floibanen Funicular - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

We did not get tickets before we arrived and were not there with a group. But it was easy to buy a ticket online while we waited in the line. We were certainly glad we had cellular data coverage while cruising. Even without lining up for tickets, it was well over 30 minutes before we got on the funicular.

Floibanen Funicular.jpg

With a standing spot by the window, we got a great show as the funicular climbed up the mountain. When we exited at the top, we looked back down at the path we came up.

Floibanen Funicular Ride - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular Ride - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular Sign.jpg

When we visited the small scenic towns along the coast in Norway, we were always delighted when we found a spot for a panoramic view. So we were delighted with our first view out over Bergen.

Amazing Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway

There was much to do when we reached the top of Mount Floyen. There were 10 different hiking paths. And there was even a hike to Lake Skomakerdiket. A children’s playground drew the families. But we were concerned about timing and chose just to wander close to the station.

Our first view out over Bergen confirmed why we chose to head high on this visit. Far below we saw our ship in harbour. We slowly moved around and got views of new sections of Bergen.

Floibanen Funicular View - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular View - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular View - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

There was a small restaurant at the top. We found a spot by the railing and enjoyed a snack and glass of wine with the most amazing view. We would have gladly stayed there for hours.

Snack with wine.jpg

It was definitely worth a trip up on the funicular for the stunning panoramic views.

Some Time With The Goats

When we walked along the paths at the top, we saw the sign for goats. After some time with no sight of the goats, we thought we missed them. But then we saw a group of goats head out of the woods as their bells jangled.

Floibanen Funicular Goats.jpg

Floibanen Funicular Goats.jpg

It was clear that the goats were used to people being close. They wandered where they went with groups following. David set up several times for a close up view. I tried not to comment about “old goats”.

Floibanen Funicular Goats - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular Goats - Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Floibanen Funicular Goats.jpg

Our patience paid off. We saw the goats and the panoramic views in Bergen.

Glad We Went For Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway

There was a lot to see and do in the colourful city of Bergen. On a short day in town, a trip up the funicular provided such panoramic views in Bergen. We saw some of old town as we wandered. But it definitely was just a small taste test.

Askoy Harbour Bridge.jpg

We cruised out of Bergen and under the big Askoy Bridge. We had such an amazing time as we visited the Norway fjords. But this was our last Norway port. So it was time to head to the second part of our cruise through the Nordic countries.

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Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

Panoramic Views In Bergen Norway.jpg

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  1. This brings me back to so many great memories of my days in Bergen! I love Bergen, it’s such a great Norwegian town. I also really liked the funicular. It is so handy to the center of town, but you’re right the lines can be long! The views from the top are amazing. I wish I would have had more time to try out the hikes on the top.

    • Carrie Ann, We did love just wandering in the Norway towns. Always great spots. I am sure the goats will welcome you warmly if you head up for panoramic views of Bergen. Linda

  2. I love that you included that infographic with all of the options and how far away they are from the dock. Also, I would have definitely taken the bikes. I love peddaling around new places.

    That bar barista sign is the best. So cute!

  3. I always wanted to visit Norway for the lights, but now it seems I have all the more reasons to visit the place. Hiking the Mount Floyen will be such a memorable experience. Probably will plan a leisure trip to Bergen.

    • Shayan, We did take panos when we were at the top. I have included them in other posts. This one was almost too wide. And I chose not to use my pano of the coast coming in. The trouble when we shoot over 500 pics a day is narrowing down what to include in the post. :-). Linda

  4. I think I never fully understood the geography of Bergen. I always see photos head on from the water, I’ve never seen the views from the top! I’m glad you got a standing spot on the funicular that allowed you to have a breathtaking view from the start, it clearly made for a great photo. What an exceptional scene to marvel at as you ate lunch! I’m with you on the bike ride to the top – would totally not be my thing either! Funicular all the way!

    • Stephanie, We are so glad we did go up for a high view. We just wish we had time to enjoy more of what was at the top. But wine and a view was the perfect choice for this trip. Linda

  5. I love how the town of Bergen weaves along the shore, such a beautiful scene! And seeing the Amerigo Vespucci seems like it would take you back to a time long ago while wandering this gorgeous setting. I can’t believe how close you got to the goats too!!

  6. The colorful houses along the water are so cute! That’s crazy that you still had to wait for 30 minutes despite buying tickets online for the funicular. The views are beautiful though and so worth the wait. I think I’d need more than a day here to fully experience and enjoy the hikes too!

  7. Oh, what a fun day! The goat on the picnic table was hilarious. Did he charge you for the shot? 🙂 And what’s the story on the witch sign? Is that “no witches” or “no flying”? Great shots that captured a perfect day. Thanks for sharing them.

  8. Bergen looks so beautiful! I want to visit Norway so badly. I think I would love to see it on a beautiful sunny day like this, but I would also like to see it in the winter 🙂 I would definitely spend sometime with the goats!

  9. I missed visiting Bergen in our Norway tour. As usual, your photographs are simply awesome! Riding the funicular definitely is a lot of fun. I am bookmarking your post for my next visit to Norway. 🙂

    • Jan, I do hope you get back to Norway and get to visit Bergen. There was lots to do but we were glad we chose to go up in the funicular. Lots to do there for a return trip too. Linda

  10. We also visited Bergen by a cruise, loved the city but wished we had been able to spend longer there. We enjoyed coffee and cake from the mountain viewpoint that you mention.

    • Bergen, We were glad we went high on our cruise stop. But wish we had more time at the top to explore. Would have loved to find the lake. But just means lots left for a return visit. Linda

  11. Bergen is really pretty and I loved the view of Bergen harbour. Bar Barista is really cute and I would also love to have picture with those caricatures. Glass of wine with amazing view, what else one can ask for in this beautiful place. Even taking photos with those unique goats must be fun here.

  12. This post really made me nostalgic. I can never forget the coastal towns and Norway fjords. I lived in Oslo for more than a month. And I had done a one day trip to Bergen too. The colourful houses and the panoramic views are unforgettable. Bergen is a treat for travellers for sure.

  13. I just love the colorful shorelines in Norway. The Floibanen funicular sounds like a great way to get some different views of the area. The restaurant at the top sounds like the perfect place to stop. A highlight for me would be visiting with the goats, I’m glad they wandered back out and you were able to see them. All of your Norway adventures are making me want to visit!

  14. I haven’t been to Bergen yet, but I want to come back to Norway. So I hope to visit Bergen too. I would love to hike to the top of Mount Floyen. The views are amazing. And it so great you saw the goats! Fabulous photos! Bar Barista looks so great too.

  15. Those views are just so stunning. The little colorful villages, the greens and the fjords – every bit would make me stop. I fear that a one day trip might end up being longer. The place where you took your break for food has some stunning views indeed. I wonder when I will be able to see all this for myself.

  16. Have I told you that I live like a 6 hour trainride away from Norway (in Sweden) but I have never visited? Nor have a ever been to Denmark and that would take me like 5 hours with a train.
    Shame on me right?

    I would love to visit Norway though, even though it so close to Sweden the countries are so different 🙂

    • Ann, I hope that may posts on Norway have piqued your interest and that you will make the short trip when it is safe to do so. Would love to explore more of Sweden one day. Linda

  17. Wow! These are beautiful. It is nice to know that there many options for tours in Bergen. It is also amazing to see so many tourist spots in less than an hour making it ideal for quick stops or a day tour. We would surely love to visit sometime in the future.

  18. Since in 2020 we all have a travel-cancel-story, Norway is mine. I finally decided to visit Norway around Easter and booked a flight about one week before everything shut down. So I’m still waiting for my turn to visit – and meanwhile, I read and bookmark all your posts since they are so inspiring. Especially this one on Bergen is really nice. Getting to see all this beauty on the spot must be pretty amazing.

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