Singapore Sights

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So Many Singapore Sights

We had a busy 3 days in Singapore. The Singapore sights by day tempted us to come back and visit again. The Singapore sights by night provided a magical new perspective. There was new and old to see.

If you want to be teased just a little on things you can see in Singapore, follow our picture tour …

Singapore Sights That We Missed

There was a lot of Singapore sights that we saw in passing on our day trip that will be on our list for the next visit. Some interesting buildings caught our eye and we couldn’t resist snapping. We found so much to see and do in Singapore that we could literally spend a lifetime here experiencing everything it had to offer.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer - Singapore Sights.jpg


Suntec City Fountain of Wealth

Suntan Fountain of Wealth - Singapore Sights.jpg
Suntan Fountain of Wealth.jpg

Victoria Square Building

Victoria Square Bulding - Singapore Sights.jpg

Visual Arts Centre

Virtual Arts Centre.jpg

Civilian War Memorial

Civilian War Memorial - Singapore Sights.jpg

U.S. Embassy

U.S. Embassy.jpg

Park Royal Hotel

Greenery everywhere!

Park Royal Hotel.jpg

Holiday Inn Express – Clarke Quay

And rooftop pools with a view!

Holiday Inn Express Clarke Quay Hotel.jpg

Art By the Singapore Waterfront

When you walk by the waterfront Singapore sights there is so much to see. While the major sights are beautiful, there are many artistic displays set in this scenic venue.


Singapore Merlions - Singapore Sights.jpg

Singapore Merlions - Singapore Sights.jpg

Singapore Pandas (“HeHe” and “XieXie”) by Zhang Huan

Singapore Pandas - Singapore Sights.jpg

Spring in the City – Grace by Ana Tzarev

Singapore Spring in the City - Grace - Singapore Sights.jpg

Spring in the City – Love by Ana Tzarev

Singapore Spring in the City - Love - Singapore Sights.jpg

Window of Hope by Sun Yu-li

Windows of Hope- Singapore Sights.jpg

Windows of Hope.jpg

New and Old

Singapore is a modern city. The downtown central business district (CBD) is a mass of towering modern buildings. But it is also a city with a lot of history and cultural diversity that is in stark contrast to this modern core.

Singapore CBD- Singapore Sights.jpg


HoHoPo Chiak Keng Tan SiChong Su Temple.jpg

Singapore HoHoPo Chiak Keng Tan SiChong Su Temple - Singapore Sights.jpg

The Difference Between Night and Day

We made sure to tour Singapore in the day and the night. Seeing major sights with this different perspective is often interesting. Things that sometimes blend into the scenery in the day will “pop” in the night with lights or lighting.

DNA Bridge

DNA Bridge.jpg

Singapore DNA Bridge- Singapore Sights.jpg

Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Gardens by the Bay - Singapore Sights.jpg

Singapore Gardens by the Bay - Singapore Sights.jpg


Singapore Waterfront - Singapore Sights.jpg

Singapore Waterfront - Singapore Sights.jpg

There Were So Many Fascinating Singapore Sights

So many Singapore sights to catch when you visit. Walk around, take a tour or pick a few sights to explore in depth. Singapore is an easy city to get around with great public transit. It is a great place to start a cruise. Or a great stop on your SE Asia tour!

What was one of your favourite Singapore sights? Are there things still on your list for a return visit? What iconic sight would you suggest people skip totally?

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