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When Shopping is Closed, Try A St Barts ATV Adventure

It was a short hop from St. Maarten to the next port on our 26 day Caribbean cruise with Oceania Cruises.  We wanted an active excursion and a St Barts ATV adventure would fit the bill!

When we pulled into the port at St Barts, the port was sparking blue and filled with yachts from the regatta held the previous day.

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We wished we had chosen a water excursion in this port but there had been a limited selection. We figured it was likely because it was Sunday and much of the town was closed. Since I figured I could not afford to shop in St. Barts, the shopping being closed was not impacting my port options. But luckily the ATV adventure was well booked and going out on a Sunday St Barts ATV Adventure.

Picking Up Our ATV

A taxi dropped us off on the far side of town in front of the ATV shop. Many people had not read the tour details and got a little bit of a surprise when we returned from our ATV ride and they had to walk back into town! But the short 15 minute walk back to the port area let me loosen up the tight muscles from the bumpy ATV ride.

While most people shared an ATV, David and I had learned when we rented an ATV in Mykonos that it was so much more fun to drive on your own. The ship had provided a notice about weight limits for sharing an ATV and we took advantage of this to ask for our own machines. We figure that most people didn’t because: a) the wives were not sharing their real weight with their husbands b) there was a concern about an extra cost for a solo ATV and/or c) not both people had licenses (or the confidence) to ride on their own.


Touring the Island By ATV

We left on our tour in a long congo line for our St Barts ATV adventure. David and I were right in behind our leader but several of the people in the line had trouble keeping up (or getting going after we stopped). I had no problem operating the ATV and racing up the steep hills or braking down the steep hills.

Gustavia Steep Hills - St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg

Our tour leader set a brisk pace that meant most of the island scenery whipped by far too quickly. Paying attention to the bumpy road and the traffic, it was hard to catch much of what we went by. David was able to drive with one hand and snap some pictures as we rode.

There were 3 actual stops to look out at the vista over the water – once to gaze back to the harbour, once on the rough waves of the Caribbean (we thought it might be the Atlantic) and a final stop at a high point at Morne du Vitet by the Villa Carmen.

Gustavia Harbout View - St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg


St Barts View - St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg

The views were great but our guide did not really provide much commentary on the island of St. Barts at the stops (and there we no communication devices for the drivers to talk with the riders as we went).

Views of Gustavia

We had one unplanned stop when we waited for the stragglers to catch up. This was beside the airport and we got a treat when a plane came in almost over our heads. It was funny stopped behind the “Yield” sign, almost as if it was telling us to wait for the airplane crossing.

St Barts Island Transport - St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg

Everyone made it back safely from the St Barts ATV adventure. In looking at the island map when we returned, we were pleased to see how much of the island we actually covered. Next time we visit we would rent an ATV and explore at a slower pace. This was an island we wanted to see much more of.

We walked back through the town of Gustavia, stopping a few times at sites marked on our town map.

Gustavia Sights - St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg

Gustavia Sights.jpg

Gustavia Sights - St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg

The walk around the marina led us to the ship’s dock.   We spent some time admiring the yachts.  Crews packed up to head back home after the regatta.

Gustavia Sailboats Regatta.jpg

The next port in our exploration of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean was San Juan, Puerto Rico.   This would be another first visit for us!
Have you done the St Barts ATV Adventure?  What did we miss in St. Barts? What is your favourite thing to do for a day stop or longer?

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St Barts ATV Adventure.jpg

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