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You Can Catch Sydney Water Views From Everywhere

We were in Sydney for the first week of our stay in Australia on our SE Asia tour. Probably the biggest impression I got of Sydney was about the huge amount of coastline in the city and surrounding areas and the great Sydney water views that could be had. Toronto is a city on the lake but the shoreline is pretty straight. Other than the condos in the downtown core, most of the houses along the shore as you leave the city provide shoreline access only to the lucky people rich enough to afford direct waterfront access.

The Sydney Shoreline

The shoreline has many inlets, bays and islands and most of the shoreline has some elevation. This means that it is not hard for a lot of people to get Sydney water views.


While Sydney water views may still be expensive, you can often see the water even if you are back from the shore.


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Because there is so much water, water transportation is a natural extension of the transportation system – whether it is public transit ferries, tour boats or water taxis. We strongly recommend using public transit when you visit Australia! Often it is much easier to move on the water than to take surface routes. And every route you take gives you great Sydney water views!

Ferry Routes.jpg

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Since we are water babies and love the water, this made Sydney a kindred spot for us to visit. The Sydney water views will make a great addition to our screen saver collection!

Staying in the Darling Harbour area, we could pick up a ferry at the stop by the Maritime Museum. This will take you for a short cruise in the Sydney Harbour before setting you down at Circular Quay where you can connect to a variety of other ferry routes or go into the train station.

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Luna Amusement Park

We were amused by the Luna Amusement Park sitting on the shore across from the main Sydney harbour. Luna at day or night is one of the Sydney water views that you want to see. While we did not visit the park, we figured a ride on the ferris wheel at night might be a fun thing to do.

Luna Amusement Park - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Luna Amusement Park - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Luna Amusement Park Night - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Iconic Sydney Water Views

We were most excited by our first view of the famous Harbour Bridge and beyond it the Sydney Opera House – two Sydney water views that everyone knows. Our first ferry ride provided us with an initial set of pictures of this major iconic view.

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Sydney Opera House - Sydney Water Views.jpg

But by the time we left, we would add hundreds more iconic Sydney water views from all sides, near and far.

Sydney Opera House - Sydney Water Views.jpg

From The Other Side.jpg

As you travel around Sydney, you will get the chance to see the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House from all perspectives. One of our key tips for visiting Australia is to make sure you see it from different angles.

Walking Over The Harbour Bridge

We considered paying to do the walk high on the arch of the Harbour Bridge but ultimately decided we would be cheap and just walk across the bridge from the Sydney side to Milsons Point on the other side. If you go in the morning, I would suggest walking in the other direction. This will give you the sun at your back and you will “walk Australian” on the “wrong” side of the sidewalk and be right at the railing! We got a great view from the bridge deck level. David and I have both had adrenaline rushes from other high altitude adventures, so we didn’t really need to get that extra height from the bridge arch. If you want an extra rush, you may want to pay for the bridge arch walk.

We found the steps to get on the bridge near Argyle and Cumberland by walking through the Rocks area . It is a quick walk from Circular Quay, unless you find the artisanal street market open and your chocoholic hubby gets detoured for a chocolate discussion.

Bridge Market.jpg

Bridge Market Chocolate.jpg

Once you climb the stairs, it is a gentle slope to get up the bridge to the peak and over. While there is vertical mesh on the bridge to keep everyone on the bridge, there is a 8” open gap that is enough to be able to take pictures out to the harbour and the Opera House. You are high above the Park Hyatt Hotel and sparkling blue pool – certainly a spot you might book for a very special occasion.

Harbour Bridge Walk - Sydney Opera House- Sydney Water Views.jpg

From the apex we could see the busy Sydney Harbour with the constant stream of boats in and out. It was a great place to catch Sydney water views!

Harbour Bridge Walk.jpg

Harbour Bridge Walk - Sydney Opera House- Sydney Water Views.jpg

Enjoy Some Time Outside By The Sydney Opera House

The patio by the Sydney Opera house is a great place to get a drink and watch the sun set with great Sydney water views.

Sydney House Opera Patio - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Sydney House Opera Patio Dusk View - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Sydney House Opera Patio Night View - Sydney Water Views.jpg

While we were in Sydney, we saw back to back cruise ships in port and even got to see one leave one night when we were having drinks on the Opera patio. We could see guests on deck, catching their last glimpse of the Sydney water views.

Cruise Ship in Dock.jpg

Cruise Ship Leaving - Sydney Water Views.jpg

Even on our day trip south towards the ocean, several times we could look far back to Sydney and still catch the Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge from Afar - Sydney Water Views.jpg

We Enjoyed All The Sydney Water Views

If the sound of lapping water speaks to your inner calm, you may find Sydney to be your spot to visit or maybe even stay for a longer stay. The Sydney water views can be found when you travel within the city or along the shores.

Were you as intrigued with the Sydney water views as we were? Is there a special water spot that we missed?

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