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Taste Testing Thailand for 2 Weeks

Thailand for 2 weeks was going to wrap up our SE Asia trip. There is a lot to see in Thailand and we knew we would never see it all unless we moved every 3 days or so. Even then we would be sampling. In the end we decided to do Bangkok for a few days, spend a week enjoying the beach at Krabi and then sample the party area of Patong Beach in Phuket.

We wished we had done more on our visit to Thailand. We knew there was lots more to see. Our son Nick had been travelling in Thailand for over 5 weeks. As a young energetic man, he was able to cover a great collection of Thailand sites – Chaing Mai, Chang Rai, Pai, Phi Phi, Ko Tao and on and on. He provided us with our road map for a return visit!

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Bangkok By Day and Night

We found Bangkok to be a major industrial city. Like in Bali, we were back into crowded city streets with crazy scooter people and the almost as wild tuk tuk drivers.

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If you travelled around Bangkok by day there was lots to see. The street food was hot, plentiful and provided great variety. You can get a great massage for a fraction of the cost at home.

The temples in Bangkok were works of art. They were enjoyed equally by throngs of tourists and the devout who still worshipped at these sites.

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If you travelled around Bangkok at night, you could see the city lit up. A river cruise at night will take you past all the major sites. You might even get a good dinner and show. But be careful to check the reviews before you select a night cruise. Some offered much more scenic and authentic experiences.

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Bangkok was our gateway in, out and around Thailand for 2 weeks. Arriving in Bangkok after 3 days in Singapore, we landed in the Don Mueang Airport (DMK). When we headed to the beaches in Thailand, we flew in and out of Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). When we left for the first leg of our long journey home, we left from Suvarnabhumi. Both offer a wide variety of domestic flights to all parts of Thailand and great connections internationally.

Beaches of Thailand

The second stop when in Thailand for 2 weeks, was a week of relaxation in the Krabi region on Ao Nang Beach. We were spoiled with a luxury suite in a great Holiday Inn resort which made relaxing so easy.

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There were beaches all along the waterfront. Some had great stretches of white sand if you wanted to swim and laze. All of the beaches had the ever-present group of longboats that could be used as ferries for day trips to other beach areas or close by islands.

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The beaches at Tonsai and Railay Beach were favourite destinations. They offered limestone cliffs, great sand beaches and a collection of bars along the beach.

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Our final taste test on this visit to Thailand for 2 weeks was to sample the quite different atmosphere of Phuket. We saw a bit of the night life, enjoyed the great beach fun and drooled our way around a night food market filled with fresh seafood.

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I was disappointed to not be visiting the island of Koh Tao on this visit. When our son was doing his advance travel scouting for us, he loved Koh Tao so much on his first visit that he planned to re-visit this island before he left SE Asia for good on his travels. We would certainly miss the snorkelling, scuba and great remote beaches of Koh Tao on this trip.

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Thailand For 2 Weeks Was Just a Start

We enjoyed our explorations in Thailand for 2 weeks. We did not get to explore as much as we had wanted to do but we could live vicariously through the adventures of our son Nick as he visited areas we missed and shared it all with pics and videos. The parts of Thailand we visited will tempt us back for greater exploration.

Have you visited Thailand? What would you add to a trip to Thailand for 2 weeks? What was your favourite thing we missed?

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