Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI

See The Point Prim Lighthouse And Hannah’s Bottle Village

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A Good Visit To Point Prim From Charlottetown In PEI

We headed to visit Point Prim from Charlottetown late one day.  We were surprised at how much we found to see.  

When we left our hotel in Charlottetown, we planned to see the lovely Point Prim Lighthouse. And we hoped to enjoy some of the best seafood in Prince Edward Island (PEI) on a stop at Point Prim Chowder House.  But we were delighted when we found a colourful treat at Hannah’s Bottle Village.

We should have planned a longer visit to Point Prim.  But it is a spot we know we will re-visit one day.

Travel To Point Prim

After a busy day exploring the National Parks in PEI, we headed out to Point Prim.  We followed the starfish route and watched for the lighthouse sign.  The Point Prim Lighthouse was our destination on this drive.

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Turning onto Point Prim Drive, we knew we were in seafood country.  It made us glad that the Point Prim Chowder House was also on our plans for the day.  We passed the sign for Hannah’s Bottle Village.  It was interesting enough that we stopped there on our way home.

Travel Seafood.jpg
Hannahs Bottle Village Sign.jpg
Lighthouse - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg

When we saw the Point Prim Lighthouse on the horizon, we knew we were at the right place. 

Enjoy The Prim Point Prim Lighthouse

We stopped and saw a lot of lighthouses as we travelled along the coast in New Brunswick.  And we did not miss the iconic Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse in Nova Scotia.  But we were always drawn to yet one more lighthouse visit.

The Point Prim Lighthouse was the oldest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island.  We were fascinated when we learned that this was the only round brick lighthouse on PEI and only one of three in Canada. 

Lighthouse - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg

We could climb to the top for spectacular views of the Northumberland Strait. Admission included a guided tour.  But it was late in the day so we wandered around the lighthouse property and learned more as we read the information signs posted.

Lighthouse View Sign.jpg

Visit Point Prim and don’t miss the lighthouse.

Visit Point Prim from Charlottetown At Low Tide For PEI Red Rock

The tide was out when we arrived.  So after we visited the Point Prim Lighthouse we wandered out onto the red rocks and headed down the shore.  

Lighthouse Low Tide - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Low Tide and Chowder House.jpg

We enjoyed our first view of the red earth found all over PEI when we visited the National Parks.  So it was interesting to get a closer view at low tide.  At the point we got a close look at the layers of red rock usually buried under the sea.  We looked back along the shore from this point.

PEI Red Rocks - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg
PEI Red Rocks Close.jpg

A walk at low tide was a fun experience on when you visit Point Prim from Charlottetown.  

Snack With A View At Prim Point Chowder House

We had lots of great seafood recommendations from the great staff at the Delta Hotels PEI on our stay in Charlottetown.  And one of the favourites was the Prim Point Chowder House.  It was recommended that we make reservations.  But our trip to visit Point Prim was a bit of a last minute decision.

After our walk, we went up to the Prim Point Chowder House.  Even without reservations, we were delighted to get a seat at the chairs with an awesome view out to the water.  

Chowder House Sign.jpg
Chowder House - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg

We were not looking for a large meal.  But we could not pass on trying the famous seafood chowder.  We even found a new favourite Malbec red wine (Don David Reserve Malbec).  We loved the wine so much we even ordered a bottle when we had a splurge dinner in Moncton in New Brunswick. 

Chowder House Food - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg

A stop at the Prim Point Chowder House was definitely a tasty idea when we visited Point Prim from Charlottetown.  Next time we will plan to enjoy more of the tasty seafood menu.

Stopping At Hannah’s Bottle Village

Before we left Point Prim, we stopped at Hannah’s Bottle Village.  This spot was a small village built with thousands and thousands of wine and beer bottles cemented together by Gar and Bonnie Gillis.  The idea came after they visited the original bottle houses in PEI’s Evangeline region.

Hannahs Bottle Village.jpg

We were delighted when we wandered around a series of buildings that included eight different villages.  It was fun to see the miniature buildings with colourful accents.  And to see the Sherwood Forest built with bottles.

Hannahs Bottle Village Anna Lea House - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Hannahs Bottle Village Noahs Church - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Hannahs Bottle Village Sherwood Forest.jpg

If the outsides were interesting, we were even more fascinated when we looked inside.  The inside views were as crafted as the outside.

Hannahs Bottle Village Inside Glass - Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Hannahs Bottle Village Inside Glass.jpg

There was no admission cost for Hannah’s Bottle Village.  Gillis just ask for money that is donated to the children’s hospital (IWK Health Centre) in Halifax.  When we visited they had far exceeded their original $10,000 goal and had set a new goal for $50,000.  Visit Point Prim and don’t miss an interesting stop at Hannah’s Bottle Village.

Visit Point Prim From Charlottetown For Fun And Tasty Stops

We had a lovely visit to Point Prim on our stay in Charolottetown.  It was indeed one of the treats we found on our visit to Prince Edward Island.  

The sights were great at the Point Prim Lighthouse and on our walk at low tide.  A tasty treat with a view made our stop at Point Prim Chowder House a win.  And when we explored Hannah’s Bottle Village we were delighted with the colour and artistry.  So many great reasons to visit Point Prim from Charlottetown. 

Did you visit Point Prim from Charlottetown in PEI?  Did you have a fun and tasty stop?

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  1. Climbing the Point Prim Lighthouse sounds like so much fun! Enjoying a delicious seafood dish while taking in those breathtaking vistas is a lovely sensation. My interest was sparked by Hannah’s Bottle Village. It has a highly creative, amazing, and brilliant concept. I most definitely won’t miss going to this captivating location!

  2. This is so cool! I have never been to Canada before so I hadn’t even heard of Point Prim prior to reading this post. I’ll definitely be adding it to my bucket list. Especially as a seafood lover 😋

  3. Point Prim looks so darling! The view of the Point Prim Lighthouse from the shore looks beautiful, and I’d love to try some of that chowder and explore Hannah’s Bottle Village. What a neat place! Thanks for putting Point Prim on my radar. Xx Sara

  4. My daughter loves lighthouses and I really wouldn’t want to miss it. Good to know that it is the oldest lighthouse on Prince Edward Island. Thanks for the info that it can be climbed only on a guided tour, I will keep a tab on the timings. The bottle village is absolutely awesome! Totally intrigued.

  5. We visited Maine in 2021 and really wanted to visit Nova Scotia and PEI, but Canada was still closed. Hoping to return soon, those lighthouses look amazing!

    • As soon as the Atlantic provinces opened up we got in the car and did a long road trip. We were sure glad we had 10 days in Prince Edward Island to enjoy small treats like Point Prim.

  6. It’s great to hear that Charlottetown is a seafood place. I am actually a trip around Nova Scotia and PEI later in the year, so I am looking for inspiration on what places to add to my itinerary. I’d definitely like to stop at Hanna’s bottle village, what a unique thing to see. Those houses built from glass look so cute.

  7. It always gives you joy when you visit something which was decided earlier. Good to know that the Point Prim Lighthouse was the oldest lighthouse on the island & is made of bricks !! It’s interesting to those red earth and stones which look like as if they’re stacked purposely. 🙂
    The bottle village blew me off! Such a nice concept and eco-friendly too.

  8. This looks like such a fun trip! Point Prim has a charming vibe to it. I’d love to check out Hannah’s Bottle Village it seems so quaint and unique. Feasting on chowder at Prim Point Chowder House sounds delicious too. Can’t wait to check it out!

  9. Point Prim looks like a lovely place to spend some time while exploring PEI! I love that bottle village, the lighthouse, and the low-tide view with a cup of chowder!

  10. This looks like such a charming stop on PEI! I love the idea of getting a bowl of chowder and eating it by the water.

  11. I love visiting lighthouses – to me, they are a promise of travel and the horizon beyond. I would definitely like to visit Point Prim lighthouse, if I get the chance. The seafood chowder at the Point Prime Chowder House looks very tasty too! I would probably pass the glass village though.

  12. It’s been about 20 years since I visited PEI. I would love to spend some quality time through out this area. I need to get more Canada in general in my travel plans! Thanks for these tips.

  13. I like the bottle village. I have seen glass bottles being used to make buildings before but only as a one off.

  14. Such a nice trip. Would love the climb to the top of the lighthouse for the views. The red rock soil views during low tide are interesting. Certainly would try out Seafood Chowder being the foodie I am. Love the Hannah’s Bottle Village with its colorful houses.

  15. The Point Prim Lighthouse in PEI is really an iconic spot not to be missed as you mentioned it’s one of the oldest round lightgouses made of bricks. And the view of the shore strolling across the red rocks is beautiful experience. And nothing compares to a delicious seafood chowder after such a lovely walk by the lighthouse at the Point Prim Chowder House. Hannah’s Bottle village is yet another spectacular stop to admire colorful buildings and Sherwood forest built out of bottles. It’s commendable that they donate their earnings to charity. I would love to visit these destinations!

  16. Point Prim looks like an exotic destination for sure. I loved the lighthouse view and the sea beach at low tide looks fantastic. I remember my first visit to Galle light house in Sri Lanka. I guess the sea food menu and cafes are worth visit at Point Prim area. Amazing post.

  17. What a lovely place to visit on Prince Edward Island! The lighthouse looks so iconic and it’s a shame you didn’t make it to the top, hopefully next time! I would also order that chowder, it looks divine, especially with that view. Point Prim is on the list!

  18. A trip to Point Prim is a great idea because I’m a big fan of lighthouses. I like to visit these slender lighthouse towers, learn about their history and photograph them. Especially since the Point Prim lighthouse is the oldest one on Prince Edward Island, built-in 1845. An interesting stop on the route is also Hannah’s Bottle Village. Bottle houses look very funny and exciting it’s original place.

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