A Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI

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We Enjoyed A Great Stay in Charlottetown PEI

On our visit to Prince Edward Island (PEI), we enjoyed a great stay in Charlottetown.  Our luxury stay at the Delta Hotels PEI in Charlottetown pampered us for 4 days.  There was much to see on the waterfront where we stayed.  But we also headed out and explored PEI.

On two day trips we explored the National Parks in PEI and loved the great beaches we found.  We saw some of the iconic spots in PEI as we travelled around.  And a visit to Point Prim got us a lighthouse, tasty seafood and a colourful treat at Hannah’s Bottle Village.

Heading To Prince Edward Island From Nova Scotia

After our stay in Halifax, we planned 4 days on Prince Edward Island.  There were two ways to get on an off Prince Edward Island.  The fares for both options assumed a round trip using the same route.  

The ferry went from Caribou in Nova Scotia.  We paid for a return fare and for a reservation.  The long Confederation Bridge into New Brunswick cost less.  

In the end we decided it was easier and more direct to take the ferry to PEI and then leave by the bridge.  But it was not the cheapest choice.  We still paid the bridge fee when we left the island.  And because we paid the reservation fee for the ferry, we got no discount for that ferry cost.  

From Halifax it took about 2 hours to drive to the terminal in Caribou in Nova Scotia.  This trip took us back along the route we followed to Cape Breton Island before we finally exited towards Caribou.  The ferry trip was just over an hour.  After we landed on PEI at Wood Islands, it was then another hour drive to Charlottetown.    

Ferry From Nova Scotia To Prince Edward Island

On this road trip to Eastern Canada, we did many ferry trips.  On our stay in Newfoundland, we took two ferries.  The trip to Newfoundland was 6 hours and we took the overnight ferry back from Newfoundland.  The Escoumins ferry crossing in Quebec after whale watching in Tadoussac was only about an hour.  

We purchased our ferry ticket reservation online.  When we arrived in Caribou, we parked and wandered to the passenger terminal while we waited.  

Ferry From Caribou NS.jpg

Once our car was onboard, we headed for a seat.  It was a grey wet day and we did not need to be on deck for the whole trip.  As we neared the dock at Wood Islands on PEI, we went out and got our first view of the red soil of the island.

Ferry From Caribou NS.jpg
Ferry From Caribou NS - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

When we got off the ferry we got our first look at PEI and the welcome sign.  From Wood Islands there were several different scenic paths available.  It was getting late for our hotel check-in so we got on the Trans-Canada Highway for the fastest drive.  We saw many of the colourful route signs on our day trips around PEI.

PEI Drive Routes - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

We were on our way for our stay in Charlottetown in PEI.

Amazing Luxury Accommodations In Charlottetown

The Delta Hotels PEI was very proactive even before we arrived.  And the focus on customer service continued on every day of our stay.  We were amazed when we got a great upgrade to a massive suite.  Even with our Marriott status, the suite was stunning.  Two living areas, a large bedroom and even a full dining room greeted us.

Delta Hotels PEI Suite.jpg
Delta Hotels PEI Suite - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Delta Hotels PEI Suite.jpg

We were delighted with the welcome amenity waiting in our room.  And the towel swans posed in our window.

Delta Hotels PEI Amenity - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

But the customer service went beyond this welcome.  The staff ensured they learned all about us and our travel blog.  And they created a book of personal suggestions on great places to visit on PEI.  We did not get to all the recommended spots.  But we loved the great local input for places to visit.

Delta Hotels PEI Experiences.jpg

The Delta Hotels PEI team ensured we had an incredible stay in Charlottetown PEI.

Enjoying The Waterfront In Charlottetown

The Delta hotel was right on the waterfront.  We got amazing sunsets over the water.  And found lots to see and do as we wandered on the boardwalk.  

Waterfront Marina.jpg
Waterfront Signs - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

Being in the heart of Charlottetown ensured that we never went far for great food.  We started our day with a tasty breakfast at the Delta Hotels PEI.  The outdoor patio area at Brakish drew us in for several great seafood dinners.  We even put our bibs on when we ordered the Seafood Boil.  

Delta Hotels PEI Brackish Food.jpg
Delta Hotels PEI Brackish Seafood - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Delta Hotels PEI Brackish Seafood.jpg

There were restaurants all along the waterfront.  And we had a great fish and chips meal at a restaurant across from the hotel.

Waterfront Daves Lobster.jpg

We loved being on the waterfront on our stay in Charlottetown.

Heading To The Milky Way

One day we headed out for a fun day trip.  We plugged the “Milky Way” into the GPS and were amused as we got voice updates on our way to the Milky Way.  

When we arrived we found a large outdoor mall with so many great options for food and drink.  We were in search of a good coffee roastery and were happy we waited for this visit to the Receiver Coffee shop.

Moo Moo Grilled Cheesery - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Receiver Coffee.jpg
Receiver Coffee.jpg

No stop was ever complete without chocolate.  So we could not pass on a visit to Anne of Green Gables Chocolates.  We found a great selection of more standard chocolate treats.  And some unique chocolate designs for PEI.

Anne of Green Gables Chocolate - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Anne of Green Gables Chocolate.jpg
Anne of Green Gables Chocolate - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

But we were not done with treats on the Milky Way.

Take A Tour Of The Cows Creamery

We got our first taste of the great Cows ice cream when we stayed in Halifax.  But we knew that the Cows Creamery was based in PEI.  We found a Cows ice cream shop on the waterfront by our hotel. But we knew we could tour the Cows Creamery factory on a visit to the Milky Way.

Cows Creamery.jpg

The tour started with a short movie that talked about the history of the Cows Creamery.  We learned that the factory also produced cheese.  But we were most amused by the vast array of custom t-shirts available.

Cows Creamery Tour - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Cows Creamery Tour.jpg
Cows Creamery Tour - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

Of course, we left with large bowls of Cows ice cream.  A tasty end to our visit to the Milky Way on a stay in Charlottetown.

Cows Creamery Ice Cream.jpg
Cows Creamery Ice Cream.jpg

Stay In Charlottetown PEI For Anne Of Green Gables

As a young girl growing up in Canada, I read all about Anne of Green Gables in books written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.   The novels were set in the 19th century and they chronicled the tales of orphan Anne in the fictional town of Avonlea in PEI.  I am sure I read every book more than once.  

So on this visit to PEI, we made sure to find the Green Gables Heritage Place.   Sadly when we finally arrived, it was already closed for the day.

Anne of Green Gables.jpg

The site offered a visitor centre, a tour of the Green Gables House and a series of trails to walk.  This was definitely a visit to properly plan on a stay in Charlottetown PEI.

Day Trips To The Provincial Parks

We used our stay in Charlottetown as the base and explored the great National Parks in PEI.  On our first day trip, we started at the Dalvay National Park and enjoyed some time on Stanhope Beach.  From there we headed along the coast to Cavendish Beach.  While the beach was a good draw, the stunning red cliffs were the big attraction for us.  

PEI Parks Dalvay Beach - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
PEI Parks Cavendish Beach - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

We stopped for lunch in North Rustico at the Blue Mussel Cafe.  The weather was great so we sat on the patio.  Of course we started with mussels and then moved through several other tasty seafood options.  It was a great staff recommendation from the Delta Hotels PEI.

North Rustico Harbour Blue Mussel Cafe - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
North Rustico Harbour Blue Mussel Cafe.jpg

On our second day trip, we headed to Greenwich National Park.  We enjoyed a great walk through the park and on the boardwalk over the marshy Bowley Pond.  And then we explored the massive sand dunes by Greenwich Beach.  

PEI Parks Greenwich Beach - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

The National Parks in PEI were amazing to visit.  We had a good first visit.  But on a return stay in Charlottetown, we would plan much more time at the parks and beaches.

A Visit To Point Prim

At the end of one long day, we headed out to Point Prim.  We followed the scenic route and got great views of the Point Prim Lighthouse Point Prim Lighthouse.  The tide was out so we spent more time admiring the red rocks of PEI.

Point Prim Lighthouse - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

We found a seat with a view and enjoyed some of the best seafood in Prince Edward Island (PEI) on a stop at Point Prim Chowder House.

Point Prim Chowder House - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

On our visit to Point Prim we were delighted when we discovered a colourful treat at Hannah’s Bottle Village.  The buildings created with colourful bottles were such a fun sight.  And it was wonderful that entry fees were donated to the children’s hospital (IWK Health Centre) in Halifax.  

Point Prim Hannahs Bottle Village.jpg

We were definitely glad we managed to fit a visit to Point Prim into our busy plans on a stay in Charlottetown PEI.

Victoria By The Sea After A Stay In Charlottetown PEI

There were a few things we just ran out of time for on our stay in Charlottetown.  PEI was known all over the world for the unique taste and excellent quality of the potatoes.  We sampled many on our visit.  But it was not until we drove off the island that we finally saw a PEI potato sign!

PEI Road Sign.jpg
PEI Potato Sign.jpg

We wanted to spend some time in the charming town of Victoria By The Sea.  But we only got a drive-through look on our way out.  We stopped and got our first view across the water.

Victoria By The Sea.jpg

We saw the lighthouse in the main port.  And many of the charming shops.  Victoria By The Sea was definitely worth more time on a return visit to PEI.

Victoria By The Sea - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg
Victoria By The Sea.jpg
Victoria By The Sea - Great Stay In Charlottetown PEI.jpg

Leaving PEI On The Confederation Bridge

The route to our stay in New Brunswick took us over the Confederation Bridge.  We stopped in Cape Traverse and got our first view of the bridge over the PEI potato fields.  This was Canada’s longest bridge and the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water.  

New Brunswick Confederation Bridge From Cape Traverse.jpg

When we got to the other side in New Brunswick, we stopped at the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area.  From this spot we learned more about the bridge.  And got great views back along its length.

New Brunswick Confederation Bridge Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area.jpg

A Busy Stay In Charlottetown PEI

We enjoyed an amazing luxury pampering stay at the Delta Hotels PEI in Charlottetown.  From the hotel we explored the waterfront. And headed out several times for day trips around Prince Edward Island.

We loved our first visits to the National Parks in PEI and were entranced with the red sand and rocks we found.  Iconic spots around PEI delighted us.  And when we visited Point Prim we got great views, seafood and a colourful treat. 

It was a busy stay in Charlottetown PEI on our road trip around the Atlantic provinces.  We filled our days and saw a lot.  But one day we need to return to enjoy this lovely island at a slower pace.

Have you enjoyed a stay in Charlottetown PEI?  Did you have a favourite spot?

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  1. I always love reading your posts. You find such unique sights to see. I mean, who ever heard of chocolate loster before? It is so nice that the hotel picked out places for you to see. I like the wine and snacks that were in the room too!

  2. Wow – you had a great time on Prince Edward Islands. And you were very lucky with your suite at the Delta Hotels PEI too! However I am mostly intersted in the amazing food you had. I would love to try some coffee from the Receiver Roastery and some chocolate from the Green Gable chocolaterie.

    • We loved our stay in Charlottetown when we visited PEI. There were some great spots to visit and tasty food too. Combine all that with great customer service and it was a perfect stay.

  3. Every place should have colourful street signs like PEI’s. The massive suite at Delta Hotels looks outrageously luxurious and spacious and nice touch with the towel swans. I know Ellie would’ve loved Anne of Green Gables Chocolates.

    For me the highlights would have been Point Prim Lighthouse and the national parks. I keep coming across East Coast Chowder lately… Is it really as good as the West Coast variety?

    • We were delighted with the variety in the things to see and do from Charlottetown in PEI. It was fun to finally see the Anne of Green Gables part of the country. David likes his chowder with more seafood and less “sauce”. But any seafood will do.

  4. Eating that huge lobster while sitting waterfront…what a great trip! I love that the hotel made you feel so valued as well!

  5. I have read this post with interest as I was supposed to be there as well this autumn. Things didn’t work out though, but I hope to make it to Halifax and then take a road trip to PEI next year. I love that your fish and chips dinner was actually a seafood feast. Definitely so different (and so, so much better), than what we call fish and chips in the UK. The hotel welcome was so warm as well, I’ll keep it in mind for when I finally make it there as well.

  6. What a lovely looking place – anywhere with cheese and chocolate gets my vote. I love reading your posts – you introduce me to places I’ve never heard of. Cant wait to return to Canada.

  7. PEI is one of my favourite provinces in Canada! And, visiting the capital city is a must! Great recommendation of the Marriot- and it’s waterfront location. I can imagine the sunset views from the hotel across the water would be incredible. It looks like you enjoyed your meal at the outdoor patio of Brakish. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever make it back to PEI!

  8. I love how many sweet treats you incorporated, ha! The hotel room looks SO spacious, and how nice that they gave you goodies. Charlottetown looks like such a great place to explore — I’m glad you took the opportunity to spend a few days!

  9. You always seem to get so many yummy welcome packages at the hotels that you stay at. The National Parks on PEI look beautiful I particularly love that loooooooong bridge. It must have been so cool to drive over it. The lobster and the delicious seafood options would also be a highlight.

  10. I love the Canadian Maritimes! When we toured Nova Scotia a few years back, we spend a night in PEI and stayed in Charlottetown. Since we were short on time, we basically just drove from one end of the island to the other, but the scenery was so charming. I would love to return and check out more of these stops along the way. I will definitely look into staying at Delta Hotels PEI!

  11. Prince Edward Island is on my bucket list as I dream of seeing Green Gables, incredible red sand beaches, and green pastoral landscapes. Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book when I was a teen. So for sure, I will use your recommendation regarding the accommodation on the island. Delta Hotels PEI in Charlottetown seems to be a perfect place to stay; very comfy, spacious, and close to great attractions. For sure, I would visit Anne of Green Gables Chocolates. I add this post to my list. I hope to realize this itinerary one day.

  12. Wow this is what I call living in style. What a fantastic trip. Delta Hotel suites are just fabulous. And I love tge hand written welcome card with the personal touch, Chocolate, Cheese and seafood I certainly love what’s on offer. The lobster with chocolate coating would be a must have.

  13. It sounds like you have had an amazing stay at Charlottetown and the prince Edward Island. The journey is filled with delicious dishes and gorgeous places. Sounds like my kind of ride.

  14. I love reading your stories! It looks like you had such an amazing time. It’s awesome that the hotel was able to accommodate and remember little touches in anticipation of your visit. I’d love to visit Charlottetown so I’ll save this post.

  15. Good to know Charlottetown is a great base to explore Prince Edward Island. I hope to go there one day. You could do so many different things during your stay; it’s impressive.
    Mussels are a specialty from my region in France so I’d love to taste how they cook it over there.

  16. Like you, I’d read Anne of Green Gables in my youth. How frustrating that the visitor centre wasn’t open when you got there. The whole island looks charming, and the seafood is my idea of heaven!

  17. Oh, it seems that you had a great stay at the Delta Hotels PEI. Your suite looks incredible! And so many awesome things to see. Thanks for sharing your experience and great tips for other travellers!

  18. Wow Charlottetown looks amazing, I had never even heard of it! Will definitely be adding to my list, I would love to visit and try some of that yummy looking seafood. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow, this is exactly the kind of vacation I need right now! A great hotel stay, relaxing ambience, beautiful nature, and yummy seafood, everything just clicks for me. Thanks for sharing about your lovely trip!

  20. Provincial park seems so perfect – and I love the beaches and the whole pristine feel. I think my hubby in particular will love all the seafood variety that you have shared. And your stay at the Delta looks so comfortable and luxurious. Seems like you had a perfect holiday

  21. I love Anne of Green Gables, so PEI has been on my short list of destinations for quite a while. It looks like you guys had a great (and delicious) stay – your hotel room was gorgeous! I’m a little off-put by the massive welcome center at Green Gables, but I suppose that’s the sort of infrastructure needed when you have such a high-draw destination.

    • We were glad we finally made it to PEI. I too grew up with Anne of Green Gables. We were more interested to see the land the stories were set in than to visit the tourist site.

  22. All of your adventures in Eastern Canada make me want to head up that way for weeks or months! Charlottetown looks very quaint, and I love that there is such a vibrant local food scene on Prince Edward Island! The Delta Hotels PEI in Charlottetown looks lovely as well, and it was very nice of them to offer personalized suggestions and a hand-written welcome note. I’d love to take the local ferries as well – it’s such a fun way to get to and from an island, even if there is the option to take a bridge!

    • You definitely need to visit Prince Edward Island if you plan a long visit to Atlantic Canada. The Delta PEI in Charlottetown was the perfect base to explore this island and enjoy some amazing seafood.

  23. PEI is such a beautiful place. You brought back memories of my childhood trip there years ago!

    I’m sad you didn’t get to see Green Gables or the heritage centre—next time 😉

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