A Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba

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Much To See On A Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba

We enjoyed a short stop in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After our fast day spent chasing waterfalls in Ontario, we planned a two night stay in Winnipeg Manitoba.

On our trip through Ontario, we had rain and grey skies. As we crossed the border into in the province of Manitoba, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. It was hot and sunny as we explored Winnipeg.

A Detour For The Seven Sisters Falls

We found so many great waterfalls on our drive through Northern Ontario. So when we crossed into Manitoba, we took the scenic route along Highway 44 and searched for the Seven Sisters Falls in Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park.

Highway 44 was a bypass route into Winnipeg. We were surprised when the first long stretch of road was narrow and rutted. The highway speed signs were 90km/hour …. if you dared! We were happy when the road widened and smoothed out.

The first road sign for the Seven Sisters Falls was not the route suggested by the GPS. When we looked down the road, we saw another rough road and decided to stay with the GPS route. We figured that route took us through the park. It might have actually taken us to the Seven Sisters Falls.

Instead we followed the GPS and ended on a dirt road that was recently re-gravelled. We moved along the road in a cloud of dust. Our new SUV quickly lost the last of its new car lustre.

Views Of The Dam At The Seven Sisters Falls

The GPS ultimately got us to the large hydroelectric dam at the Seven Sisters Falls. We walked out on the dam and got a great view of the spillway for the dam. But the walkway across the dam was blocked off so we could not get to the other side for a view of the waterfalls.

Seven Sisters Falls Dam - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Seven Sisters Falls Dam - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

We meandered along the shore and found a viewpoint from below the dam. But could not find a paved road that took us to the actual waterfalls at the Seven Sisters Falls. We knew there was a 3 km hiking loop but we never found the parking lot.

Seven Sisters Falls Dam.jpg

If we plan a visit to the Seven Sisters Falls on our return trip from Western Canada, we will need more research to find the best spot for waterfall views.

A Stop At The Longitudinal Centre Of Canada

After our stop at the dam, we navigated our way back down to the Trans-Canada Highway. While there were shorter routes to Winnipeg, we had one more stop before we reached the city.

Shortly after we got on the highway we found the big red signs for the “Centre of Canada” and stopped for a picture. This spot marked the longitudinal centre of Canada – the mid-point east to west. At one end was St. John’s in Newfoundland where we visited on our recent road trip to Atlantic Canada. And at the other end was Vancouver Island, the most westerly stop on this road trip to Western Canada. We were amazed at the fields and fields of sunflowers we saw in this part of Manitoba.

Centre of Canada - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Centre of Canada Sunflowers.jpg

The Centre of Canada was just one of the tourist stops in Manitoba. We saw many signs along the highway that marked the points of interest. But we did not stop at them all!

Manitoba Attractions Sign.jpg

Settling Into Winnipeg

We followed the GPS into downtown Winnipeg and the Delta Winnipeg. It was a great suite upgrade with a view over the outdoor pool with our loyalty status. We loved when we got a suite with two rooms and spread out. A welcome snack was greatly appreciated after our long driving day.

Winnipeg Delta Room.jpg
Winnipeg Delta Room - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Winnipeg Delta Room Amenity.jpg

We saw the changing pandemic requirements as we moved from province to province. In Manitoba, masks were required indoors as they were at home in Ontario. When we checked in our vaccination status was checked. This allowed us access to indoor amenities like the gym and pool. Although we did not have the QR code app used in Manitoba, our Ontario proof of vaccination was enough.

Breakfast was one of our status perks. But the hotel restaurant was not open for indoor seating. So breakfast was provided though room service. While we were a bit concerned, it turned out that the breakfast choice and food delivered was great. And staying in our room let us relax before we started wandering on our short stop in Winnipeg.

Heading To The Manitoba Legislature

The hotel was located within walking distance of all downtown sights. Although it did not feel so close after we walked well over 10,000 steps on our short stop in Winnipeg.

We started with a patio lunch at Stella’s Cafe. The cafe was located on the ground level of the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art and had a large patio. A perfectly healthy salad fuelled us for the walking day.

Plug In Institute Stellas Restaurant - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Plug In Institute Stellas Restaurant.jpg
Plug In Institute Stellas Restaurant Lunch.jpg

From Stella’s we wandered down Memorial Boulevard and paused in front of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Native art was on display.

Winnipeg Art Gallery - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Winnipeg Art Gallery - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

Down the street we got our first glimpse of the Manitoba Legislature Building with a series of memorials in front. We slowly walked around and caught views of the building with the dome on top of it. As we approached the river side, we enjoyed the views with flowers in bloom and the fountain. The building was not open for inside tours when we visited.

Winnipeg Legislature - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Winnipeg Legislature.jpg
Winnipeg Legislature - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Winnipeg Legislature - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

The statue of Luis Riel stood overlooking the Assiniboine River with his back to the Manitoba Legislature Building. Riel was the founder of the province of Manitoba and a leader of the Metis people. We saw many monuments to him around Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Legislature Riel Statue - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

The Manitoba Legislature building was a great first stop as we wandered on our short stop in Winnipeg.

Walking On The River Walk Along The Assiniboine River

We went down the stairs and headed along the River Walk on the Assiniboine River. The River Walk was a well used path by pedestrians and bikes. The sides of the river were sand and at one point we even saw a small beach along the river.

 Assiniboine River Walk.jpg

As we walked along we went under the Midtown Bridge and the Bridge Of The Forts. We saw a tour boat head past slowly. We were sure this was a great way to learn more about the sights along the Assiniboine River.

 Assiniboine River Walk.jpg
 Assiniboine River Walk - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
 Assiniboine River Walk Bridge of the Forts Mural - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

Walking along the River Walk in Winnipeg was a relaxing way to enjoy a sunny day.

Exploring The Forks On A Short Stop In Winnipeg

At the bend in the Assiniboine River, we found the large Forks area. The Forks was designated as a National Historic Site. It celebrated over 6,000 years of human inhabitation.

Paths wound along the water and through the park area. There was a large food market and outdoor seating area. We found the Neon Cone Co. ice cream shop and were happy when we ordered a flight with tastings of 4 different ice creams.

Neon Cone Ice Cream.jpg

We got a table outside and even there our vaccination status was checked to allow us to sit and eat. After our ice cream, we headed through the Prairie Garden and saw the interesting statues. The Oodena Celebration Circle sculpture was adorned with sculptures related to the Aboriginal people. The sculptures arms showed celestial positioning with the sun and the stars. We saw the monument to honour the “Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls”.

Forks Prairie Garden.jpg
Forks Prairie Garden Deer Statues.jpg
Forks Prairie Garden Oodena Celebration Circle - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Forks Prairie Garden Oodena Celebration Circle Carving Orion - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Forks Prairie Garden Oodena Celebration Circle Carving Sunstone - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Forks Manitoba Missing Murdered Indigenous Women Girls - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

Along the river we found the Path of Time sculpture in a circle of stones. This monument detailed historic events that took place at The Forks throughout its 6,000-year history. The sculpture was created with two bronze shells and a carved limestone centrepiece.

Forks Monument - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Forks Monument - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

We found lots to see when we explored the Forks on our short stop in Winnipeg.

Views Around The Canadian Museum Of Human Rights

As we rounded the bend in the river, we caught our first view of the interesting architecture of the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. The museum poked up above the modern art piece created by Ai Weiwei with bicycles (“Forever Bicycles”) and the Winnipeg sign.

Forever Bicycles Museum of Civil Rights - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Forever Bicycles Museum of Civil Rights.jpg

We wandered around the building and took in the building from multiple viewpoints. This museum was the first museum solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. The building was designed such that visitors enter in the Great Hall. A series of rooms and ramps then led up to the “Tower of Hope” spire at the top.

Canadian Museum of Civil Rights - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

Beside the museum we saw the Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge beside the Provencher vehicle bridge. It was interesting to see the restaurant in the middle of the bridge.

Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

As we walked back towards our hotel, we caught the last glimpses of the museum framed with the statue of Gandhi.

Canadian Museum of Civil Rights Gandhi.jpg

By this time we had walked for hours. So we really had no energy left to explore the museum. A great thing for our return visit.

Wandering Around On A Short Stop In Winnipeg

We cut though the VIA Rail Train Station and admired the ceiling. There was also a train museum to visit. But we did not stop.

Winnipeg Via Union Station.jpg
Winnipeg Via Union Station Ceiling.jpg

Wandering along Broadway Street, we went past the Fort Garry Hotel. This looked much like other classic Canadian hotels we visited on our travels.

Fort Garry Hotel - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

We passed many other sights on our short visit to Winnipeg. We were surprised there was so much to see and do.

Much To See At The Assiniboine Park

It was early when we left for our drive to Regina. But we had one more stop before we departed Winnipeg. The Assiniboine Park was a vast outdoor area of 1,100 acres. The park included several different garden areas, a small zoo, playgrounds and even a statue garden.

Our early start meant that much of the Assiniboine Park was not open yet. But we still drove through and admired the grounds. We figured it would take a day or more to see it all.

Assiniboine Park Pavillion - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Assiniboine Park Wolf.jpg

We loved to explore outdoor statue gardens on our travels. On our visit to Oslo in Norway we saw the fascinating Vigeland Sculpture Park. In New Orleans we explored the interesting NOMA Outdoor Sculpture Garden. And we even found a local outdoor sculpture garden on our travels in Prince Edward County. So when we saw the sign for the Leo Mol sculpture garden, which was not open, we parked.

Through the closed fence, we got just a tease of the interesting statues. We wondered what variety we would find inside the gates.

Assiniboine Park Leo Mol Sculpture Garden - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg
Assiniboine Park Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.jpg

A visit to the Assiniboine Park required far more time than we had on this short stop in Winnipeg.

A Good Short Stop In Winnipeg in Manitoba

On our drive out of Winnipeg we stopped when we saw a couple of colourful murals. Always a fun way to remember a new city.

Manitoba Hydro Mural - Short Stop In Winnipeg Manitoba.jpg

We were happy we planned a two night short stop in Winnipeg on our drive from Toronto to Vancouver. With long driving days to and from Winnipeg, we really only had only one day to explore the city. But with a sunny day, we enjoyed a great walk and saw the sights. There was much left to see on a stop on our return road trip from Vancouver.

The weather was a little more grey when we left Winnipeg. After one short stop in Brandon, Manitoba for coffee, we were on the road again headed for a stay in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Have you done a short stop in Winnipeg? What other sights should we plan for our trip home?

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  1. Winnipeg looks amazingly green – really a place I want to stroll around. I would love to visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. The Ai Weiwei bicyle sculpture looks fantastic!

  2. You managed to see so much on your short stop in Winnipeg! The museum and legislature building look fascinating, and are places I’d like to see. There’s clearly a lot to see and do here, and probably enough to fill a 2-day itinerary.

    • We are certainly enjoying the time for long road trips this year. We have been stuck at home for far too long. Glad we booked two nights in Winnipeg to explore on our short stop.

  3. Really enjoyed reading the post on Winnipeg and Manitoba with the outdoor sculptures, colorful murals and the museum taking us back into history. The railway station architecture and the Assiniboine park looked so beautiful.

  4. I’ve been to a few places in Canada so far, but I haven’t been to Winnipeg yet! Good thing to know there are so many different things you can do there, I’ll have to visit soon

  5. I’ve always loved the name Winnipeg – it sounds like a cute comic book character. Therefore, I’m even more impressed how grand it looks and how many super-interesting museums there are to visit. I’d definitely like to see the art museum and the human rights museum. Also, those outdoor sculptures are great. Definitely a place to visit – not only for the name 😉

  6. Wow it looks like there is so much to do and see there!! This seems like the perfect destination you could spend more than just a day at because of how much there is to do. All of the street art and architecture is so unique! Hoping I get the chance to go here one day.

  7. There is so much to see in Winnipeg! The dam at the Seven Sisters Falls looks impressive. We just spent about two hours in Winnipeg during our Canada VIA rail ride and saw the Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge. I must make another visit and explore this beautiful city. Bookmarking your blog post for future reference. 🙂

  8. Great to hear about that human rights museum, Linda. Here in the UK the government have successfully, for many people, turned ‘human rights’ into a dirty word, associated with foreigners and other difficult people. No better artist than Ai Weiwei for a sculpture there.

    Love the idea of a restaurant in the middle of a bridge. Also, Canada does grand hotels so well..!!

  9. To be honest, I haven’t seen this blue a sky since the lockdown in 2020. The place looks so clean and green. I would love to do the river walk and laze around the waterfalls. The murals also add so much colour to the area.

  10. We loved our short stop in Winnipeg! It was so unexpected. Not sure what I was expecting but not such a vibrant and interesting place. I would definitely like to go back with more time.

  11. Winnipeg looks like the ideal place for a short stop! I especially love the sculpture Forever Bicycles. It looks incredible! Thanks for the great guide!

  12. I’ve never been to that part of Canada. It looks like there are a lot of things to see and do. I love the Forever Bicycles sculpture.

  13. Goodness you were so lucky with the weather! Winnipeg in Manitoba looks beautiful when you visit on such a pretty sunny day. I love the art and all those pretty green outdoor areas. It must be so, so different in the wintertime!

  14. The River walk along the Assiniboine River looks fabulous. I would also enjoy the Neon ice cream place with the 4 flights of ice cream. So yummy! I also loved the Bicycle sculpture by Ai Wei Wei. Very, very cool!

  15. The architecture photos are so varied. And it looks as though you found plenty to keep you busy. I don’t think I have even been asked for my vaccination card while traveling.

  16. I had no idea they had so many museums! I personally am never that interested in visiting a dam, but you gave a great range of different activities!

  17. Gosh, there’s so much to see and do if I ever set foot in America! Winnipeg looks like a great place to explore with plenty to offer.

  18. Now I understand why they say Winnipeg is a hidden gem in North America. It seems like there’s something unique for everyone in there and it is close to some great attractions. Indeed, with all those stops you managed to do, the trip served as a good short stop. I got fascinated by the Path of Time!

  19. I can’t imagine how beautiful it will be the Center of Canada area when the sunflowers are blooming. The river walk along the Assiniboine River looks and sounds relaxing and who doesn’t want to end the walk with a scoop of ice cream. I think the boat cruise would be a relaxing trip also while learning about the history of Manitoba.

  20. Interesting to know that the road wasn’t really good to begin with, that’s always a surprise in certain areas. Too bad your new car lost its lustre thanks to that dirt track. The dam looks picturesque. The welcome snack at your hotels looks yummy! The food at Stella’s cafe also looks delicious. Walking along Assiniboine River is perhaps my favourite thing to do.

  21. I took a double take when I read Seven Sisters falls. I thought for a moment you were in India as we have one here too 😀 . You did visit some interesting places with all that contemporary art. I like the sound of the Human Rights museum – something that of late has been on my mind. Ai Weiwei with bicycles is stunning. Truly a spectacular sight and you have captured it so well.

    • Always fun when you run into something with a name you have close to you. Sadly India is not on our travel plans yet. But we loved he variety of things to see and do on our short stop in Winnipeg.

  22. I love stopping at the geographic points. I recently visited the three state stop at Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. I also love the idea of a ice cream flight! I love trying different flavors.

  23. Wow! I did not realize there is so much to see in Winnipeg. I would love to visit the Assiniboine Park and see the gardens and the sculptures around it. It’s nice that they have a small zoo too.

  24. I’ve been to Winnipeg several times for work and absolutely love the city. Each time I visit the CHRM and think it’s my favourite museum. I love touring the Forks, the trails along the river past the legislature buildings and of course some of the great restaurants.

  25. What a fun stop at The Longitudinal Centre Of Canada. I love how big and bright the sign is. These type of stops on road trips are so fun as it’s something you never really hear about unless you road trip. I bet the fields of sunflowers were amazing to see in person.

  26. Oh my goodness, the good old GPS directions. I’ve ended up on dirt tracks, rather than bitumen roads too many times to count, thanks to the trusty GPS! Anyways, you still got there, which is good. It’s a shame that the walkway was closed at the dam, so you couldn’t see the waterfall. There are so many cool sculptures and buildings to see in Manitoba. I particularly love the The Pavilion at Assiniboine Park.

  27. I had no idea that Winnipeg, Manitoba, is so interesting and has so many attractions. I added it to my must-see list. The architecture is gorgeous, especially the Canadian Museum Of Human Rights.

  28. Didn’t realise how much there is to see! Such a variety of architecture, plus the river walk. The Manitoba Legislature Building, sculptures and street art looked particularly fun.

  29. Winnipeg has been on my list for a road trip through Canada. The Assiniboine Park sounds like the perfect place to stop with my daughter. I would enjoy a relaxing stroll through the gardens and the playground and small zoo would keep her busy!

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