Visit The Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia

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It Was Fun To Visit The Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg In Nova Scotia

On a day trip from our stay in Halifax, we visited the Ovens Natural Park from Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. There was much to do at the Ovens Natural Park. But on our visit we hiked the Sea Caves Trail for amazing views of the caves and the pounding surf.

Finding The Ovens Natural Park

We started our day trip from Halifax with stops at Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg. From Lunenburg, we headed south along the coast.

The Ovens Natural Park was a privately owned 180 acre forest area on the coast. At one time, most of the land was once owned by the shipping magnate Cunard family. This park was named for the famous sea caves that were also known as “ovens”. The Ovens offered us interesting coastal geology along with a fascinating gold rush past.

The Ovens was marked on our offline maps. As we often did when we drove around Nova Scotia, we got a bit distracted by the sights as we drove. We easily found the NS-332W road that headed south along the coast. But we totally missed the turn onto Feltzen South Road. We almost reached Rose Bay before we realized we missed the turn. So we backtracked.

Bayport Pub.jpg

We found Feltzen South Road. And made a note that the Bayport Pub is the landmark to look for! It was a short drive before we turned not the rough dirt Ovens Road. But the sign was clear and we knew we had reached the spot.

When we arrived at the park gates, we were happy. It was late in the day but we still were prepared to pay for admission for our hike on the Sea Caves Trail. But we had no time to explore the other attractions that the Ovens Natural Park offered.

Check In Gate.jpg

Hiking Along The Sea Caves Trail

The Sea Caves Trail ran along the top of the cliffs in one direction. In the the other direction was Cunard’s Beach. At the time we visited, the path around the Sea Caves Trail was in one direction only.

Sea Cave Trail.jpg

Sea Cave Trail - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

We started along the trail and stopped for the view along the coast. There was a reef off the coast. Down the shoreline we saw the Ovens Point and off in the distance Rose Head.

Sea Cave Trail View - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

When we looked down the sides of the cliff we saw the metamorphic slate with seams of quartz. These rock formations at one time yielded gold and fuelled a brief gold rush in the area.

Sea Cave Trail View.jpg

Starting At Tuckers Tunnel

We came to a sign for Tuckers Tunnel. Like many of the other signs along the path, we were warned to “Enter At Your Own Risk”.

Sea Cave Trail Tuckers Tunnel.jpg

Going down the steep stairs down we got a view into a cave and out to sea. We saw a gold shine on the rock faces. We could understand how this site might spark a gold rush.

Sea Cave Trail Tuckers Tunnel - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Tuckers Tunnel.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Tuckers Tunnel - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Tuckers Tunnel.jpg

The next stop we made was at the viewpoint over the Indian Cave. There was an old legend that talked about an Mi’kmaq brave who took the tunnel along a subterranean tunnel through Nova Scotia to Annapolis on the other side.

Sea Cave Trail Indian Cave Viewpoint - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Indian Cave Viewpoint.jpg

As we moved along the coast we next came to the Blowhole. The structure of the rocks caused water to shoot up to 80 feet in the air. But that required the wind and waves to be just right. And late in the day we found the waves too gentle and we got no blowhole view.

On a visit to the Ovens Natural Park from Lunenburg, each new geologic feature drew us along the Sea Caves Trail.

Stunning Formations At Thunder Cave And Cannon Cave

We stopped and enjoyed the view at the Thunder Cave Look Off. We looked down and saw Thunder Cave. Steep shale-like rocks were at a steep angle. We wondered about the stability of this shoreline.

Sea Cave Trail Thunder Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Thunder Cave.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Thunder Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

We stood at the Young’s Cave Look Off for a view along the shore. From that point, in the distance we saw the stairwell that led down to Cannon Cave.

Sea Cave Trail Youngs Cave.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

We made our way to the stairs and took our turn heading down. We got another look back at the sheer rock walls.

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

There was not much room in the cave so we waited for the small group ahead to finish. We looked along the shore and could just see inside Cannon Cave.

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave.jpg

Once the group ahead of us left, we went in and saw the Cannon Cave. The waves moved in and out. The gentle flow we saw did not create much action. But when the waves were high, there was a boom when the waves hit the cavern.

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Cannon Cave - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

On a visit to the Ovens Natural Park from Lunenburg, we were enthralled with the cave formations.

Heading To The End Of The Sea Caves Trail

We followed the path and reached the Top of the Rock Look Off. The drop off was steep here. We looked down the cliff side but really could not make out the caves below this point. The unstable cliff edge reminded us of our exploration of the Scarborough Bluffs close to home.

Sea Cave Trail Top of Rock.jpg

Sea Cave Trail Top of Rock - Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia.jpg

We finally reached the end of the trail. It was well marked that this was the turn-around point. The trail went inland on the way back. From this point we had a view out over Lunenburg Bay.

Sea Cave Trail End of Trail.jpg

We were sure we planned a to Ovens Natural Park from Lunenburg. Hiking the Sea Caves Trail was definitely a treat.

Other Things We Found Visiting Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg Nova Scotia

We had only enough time at the Ovens Natural Park for a hike along the Sea Caves Trail. But there were lots of other things we found to do when we visited.


The site includes spots for picnics and a restaurant on-site. Sea kayaking tours provided a great view of the caves from another perspective. There are camping spots and even small cabins to rent if you want to spend a little more time.

Gold was found on this spot during the 1861 Gold Rush. 82 shore claims were worked over a period of about six years. The small Gold Rush Museum was filled with artifacts from that time. And we could even rent a pan and try our hand at gold panning on Cunard’s Beach.

A Fun Visit To The Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg In Nova Scotia

It definitely worth a detour on our day trip from Halifax. We took about an hour to hike along the Sea Caves Trail on our visit to Ovens Natural Park from Lunenburg.

On a return visit, we would plan to visit when the sun was in right spot and the waves were high. That would give the greatest show for these stunning caves. And would plan enough time to take in some of the other activities on-site. The Ovens Natural Park was a great discovery on our road trip around Atlantic Canada.

Have you visited the Ovens Natural Park From Lunenburg in Nova Scotia? Was the sea high for crashing wave views?

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  1. And yet another beatiful spot in Canada. You are such a great embassador, luring me into the country, I must say. The cave looks just wonderful, I absolutely would love to visit there – although you do make it sound a bit scary, especially after my hiking accident last year – well, I definitely would not go there by myself 🙂

    • I am happy to tease you with new views of Canada! We were sorry we got to the Ovens so late in the day. Not the best time for high water flow or shadows. But happy we found this gem as we day tripped around Nova Scotia.

  2. I am actually considering taking a trip to Halifax in October, and I am looking for things to do there. Ovens Natural Park looks like a great day trip from Halifax. I like hiking so following those trails would be a highlight of my trip, especially that there are caves along the way as well.

    • I have a few Nova Scotia posts coming up. But this was a new and unusual spot so I published this early in the series. Don’t go later in the day and check the tides first for the best cave views. Hope you get to visit.

  3. What a beautiful park to visit, and with such awesome views too. It’s nice to read about a Canadian natural park, it’s very new to me. I love the names of the caves and tunnels, it makes it even more unique to the visit!

    • This was a fun discovery for us. We loved the relatively short hike and the great views. Lots of other things to do so worth a longer visit than we had.

  4. The cliffs and caves of Ovens Natural Park look quite stunning. The path offers such amazing views on the blue sea. I think coastal hikes are always very charming. We had actually planned a summer trip to the east of Canada. But with the high prices for flights and the chaotic situation at the airports in Europe, we think about postponing.

  5. Ovens Natural Park looks a beautiful park to visit with such awesome views. Love the thought of visiting the caves and the tunnels as there is always a feel of uncertainty. Canada is so beautiful but we are yet to visit and the more I am reading through your blogs the more I am getting attracted. Certainly would visit sometime soon with the added advantage of having many friends settled there in multiple cities.

    • Having friends in multiple cities in Canada would certainly ensure that you saw a lot of my country. So many great spots to visit. We were happy we found the Ovens Natural Park as we wandered around Nova Scotia.

  6. Ovens Natural Park looks beautiful – especially the Sea Caves Trail that you took. I love the water and cliff views. Kind of reminds me of Hong Kong actually. The turquoise water in the caves was stunning!

  7. Ovens Natural Park is an absolutely beautiful area! I love to experience the sea caves, particularly Cannon Cave. The photographs you uploaded look refreshing, and they make me want to schedule a future vacation here. I’m looking forward to trying out their other exciting activities as well.

    • We too will plan to go back the next time we get to Nova Scotia. We arrived too late to do many of the fun activities. Gives us something to drive a future return visit.

  8. Wow! This place is beautiful. The rock formations are fascinating and the view is wonderful. We would love to explore the caves as well. Looking forward to visiting soon.

  9. The colors of the water are so vivid! Canada was never on my bucket list, but the more I read and see about it, the more interest I have in visiting there.

  10. Ovens Natural Park from Lunenburg in Nova Scotia Sounds and looks like my kind of place! I would love to explore this area and hike the Sea Caves Trail. So beautiful!

  11. This looks like such an incredible adventure! There are so many beautiful spots to stop at – I’d probably take forever to go through them all! 🤩

  12. I am thinking about heading to the east coast this fall, and so this place intrigued me to visit if we find ourselves near Lunenburg area. You’re right to try and time visiting with the weather as this makes for a great photo op! I loved the cliff views with the metamorphic slate with seams of quartz. It must glisten in the right light. The tunnels and caves would be interesting to check out too. Do you know if this park is dog friendly, as this would be a road trip holiday.

    • You are going to love a fall trip the east coast. We were glad we headed out on day trips from Halifax and found the gems around Lunenburg. Hope you do get to see the Ovens Natural Park.

  13. I hadn’t heard of this spot in Nova Scotia before! It looks beautiful to visit, so I’ll definitely be adding this to my list.

  14. Haha this first part made me chuckle. I always do that and go past my turn off when there is beautiful scenery around. I hadn’t heard of the Ovens before, this is definitely one to add to my list for exploring the Maritimes. Great post as always 🙂 I’m planning my Canadian stops and experiences using your posts

    • There was so much to see as we drove around Nova Scotia. You are going to love the Maritimes. I was glad we persevered and went back and found the Ovens. Worth a much longer visit.

  15. I haven’t heard about Ovens Natural Park before, but now I have added it to my bucket list. I hope to visit this place while in Halifax. The Sea Caves Trail is exciting, and the caves and geologic features are spectacular!

    • Agnes, I do hope you guys get to Nova Scotia and get to explore all the gems from Halifax. The Ovens has camping if you are camping. And well worth a few days.

  16. What interesting geology! I love seeing to jagged-y edges against the sea! They don’t look much like ovens to me- but they DO look like fun to explore! The Nova Scotia coastline is simply gorgeous!

  17. I have yet to explore the other side of Canada, but it looks beautiful! I haven’t heard of Ovens Natural Park before, but I do love caves. The hikes you did look like a lot of fun with great scenery.

  18. This looks breathtaking! I’ve only been to Halifax on a cruise, so I didn’t get to explore the surrounding areas. Definitely sounds like this is worth a visit!!

  19. Nova Scotia is such a beautiful country. My father’s family came from Antigonish, so we get back to the part every few year to see family and enjoy the sites in that area. We are planning a trip this fall and hope to fully explore Lunenburg and the southwestern coast, so this article is very helpful. We will definitely visit “The Ovens”! I really appreciate these tips and a glimpse of what to expect.

  20. I absolutely love a coastal route and this one looks so pretty, the seascape is incredible and the colours of the sheer rocks are amazing. I have never been to Canada although Nova Scotia is probably the shortest flight from the UK and so may just make it onto my travel itinerary in the near future.

    • I am sure you would love a visit to the Atlantic coast in Canada. We loved the coast views on our drives around Nova Scotia. And it was a treat to find the Ovens Natural Park.

  21. This looks like a really lovely hike & I’ve never been to Nova Scotia. The sea kayaking there sounds fun though. I have never heard of this hike before sp thanks for highlighting.

  22. Wow, the Ovens Natural Park is gorgeous! The rock formations that you captured in your photos are extraordinary. I have ancestral roots in Nova Scotia, and hope to visit one day. I’m adding this to my list of adventures once we are there!

  23. What an amazing looking spot! Haven’t heard of this park before but I love the look of that Sea Caves Trail. Added to my Canada bucket list.

  24. always enjoy reading about your adventures and your photos are so good, especially in this post it really highlights the beauty of the region.

  25. I’ve never heard of this place but it looks so beautiful! Natural sea caves are so cool, I definitely want to explore this area one day!

  26. This looks beautiful! We’ve been to many parts of Nova Scotia, but not here. Next time we’re in the area, we’ll be sure to see this. Thanks for your guide, it will make our visit easier to navigate. 🙂

  27. The trail looks beautiful, especially the views! And Tuckers Tunnel looks like a fun little adventure, glad it wasn’t TOO risky!

    • We were happy we made it down to the water level and saw some of the caves up close. We had wished for higher water levels. But I am sure it might have been a bit more risky then. But fun!

  28. I love the ocean and caves, so would love to spend a whole day here when I make it to Nova Scotia. The area reminds me a bit of the cave park in Door County, Wisconsin.

  29. This sounds like such a great place to visit! I love the sound of walking along those trails, so close to the ocean, and of seeing where there was a gold rush. It must have be fascinating to see rocks glinting with gold!

  30. Wow! This park is so beautiful and unique! Love all the colors and the fun views into sea caves. Definitely adding this to my Canada wish list.

  31. I love the ocean and caves, so would love to spend a whole day here when I make it to Nova Scotia. Thanks for sharing this amazing information.

  32. Nova Scotia in Canada always intrigued me. Learnt about Ovens Natural park from your post. This is such a dreamy place to hike. Beautifully captured pictures. Would love to visit someday.

  33. These caves and cliffs along the sea are so beautiful! And the water looks super blue. I’d love to spend a day hiking around here.

  34. Ovens Natural Park looks incredible! I love the sheer cliffs and beautiful water. I’d love to visit here!

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