Things To Do On A Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia

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Keep Busy On A Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia

We found a lot to see and do in a short stay in Halifax.  The waterfront offered so many options for the whole family.  We found historical sites and maritime tradition as we explored the city.  And we took several day trips from Halifax and explored more of Nova Scotia.   

Halifax was a great stop on our road trip around Atlantic Canada.

We Started In Sydney, Nova Scotia

When we finished our visit to New Brunswick, we drove straight to Sydney on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.  The weather was grey and unlike most travel days, we did not meander along the way.  We arrived at our waterfront hotel and settled in for two days. 

The first night was cloudy but dry so we wandered out and enjoyed a great patio dinner at the Governors Pub.  A local band entertained us through the seafood meal.

Cape Breton Nova Scotia Governors Pub.jpg
Cape Breton Nova Scotia Governors Pub.jpg

We wandered along the waterfront and enjoyed the variety of outdoor art we found.  The Merchant Mariners Memorial was a tribute to the sailors on merchant ships that brought equipment and supplies to the Allied forces in Europe during WWII.  The Big Fiddle at the Cruise Ship Terminal was a tribute to the folk music and traditions of the province’s Celtic community.  

Cape Breton Nova Scotia Art.jpg
Cape Breton Nova Scotia Art Merchant Navy Memorial.jpg
Cape Breton Nova Scotia Art Big Fiddle.jpg

On our second day, we abandoned our plans to drive around the Cabot Trail.  Early in the day fog covered the coast and later in the day the rain pounded down.  We hoped to do the Cabot Trail drive later on our trip around Eastern Canada.  

Our ferry to Newfoundland left and arrived back at North Sydney.  When we came back from our stay in Newfoundland, we were off the ferry early in the morning.  We planned to drive the coastal route into Halifax.  But felt we had time to drive along the Cabot Trail from Cape Breton.  Unfortunately the weather was rainy and we sadly passed again on this iconic drive in Nova Scotia.

Coastal Route Into Halifax

Even with the rain we did not abandon our plans to do the coastal route to Halifax.  A short stop in Antigonish at the Tall and Small Cafe warmed us up with coffee and a snack.

Antigonish Tall and Small Cafe.jpg

As we drove along the shore, we wished for the idyllic views out to sea.  But mostly we saw fog.  We finally found a covered picnic table at Moses River and we stopped for a quick lunch in the rain.

Moses River Picnic.jpg

Our route took us into Dartmouth.  We crossed the Angus L MacDonald Bridge and got our first view of Halifax across the inlet.  Later on our visit we saw a ferry that crossed between the two cities.  We planned to return to Dartmouth to explore more.  But we ran out of time on this stay in Halifax.

Dartmouth Angus L MacDonald Bridge.jpg
Dartmouth Ferry - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

We saw out hotel right on the waterfront as we crossed.  We were excited when we checked in to explore Halifax for several days.

A Great Harbourfront Stay In Halifax

We were booked into the Halifax Marriott Harbourfront.  Our elite status with Marriott got us an upgraded room on a higher floor.  We again booked a travel package and made good use of the gas card that came with the package.  

Marriott Harbourfront Room - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

The elite breakfast at the hotel offered a great menu with lots of choices.  The hotel restaurant provided great good options for all meals and an outdoor patio too.  We were always well fuelled up during our stay in Halifax.

Marriott Harbourfront Food.jpg
Marriott Harbourfront Food - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

Wander Along The Halifax Waterfront

From out hotel we strolled out along the boardwalk on the waterfront.  We stopped at the colourful signs that showed us where we were.  Along the boardwalk we found patios and seating areas set up for a view of the water.

Waterfront Sign at Marriott Waterfront - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg
Waterfront View.jpg
Waterfront View - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

We loved all the activities to keep families entertained.  And a wide variety of ways to tour the city and the water.  If we got hungry, there were always spots along the waterfront to stop.  We got our first taste of Cows Ice Cream.  But found so much more of this great brand when we visited Prince Edward Island (PEI).

Waterfront Family Fun.jpg
Waterfront Family Fun - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg
Waterfront Food Cows Ice Cream.jpg

When we toured new cities, we were always on the lookout for colourful outdoor art.  In many places along the waterfront and in town we were not disappointed.

Waterfront Street Art - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg
Street Art.jpg
Street Art.jpg
Waterfront Street Art.jpg

We loved wandering along the waterfront on our short stay in Halifax.

Learn About The History Of Halifax

As a port town, Halifax played significant roles throughout the history of Canada.  We got our first view of the Citadel on the hill on our walk along the waterfront.  On another day we drove up and got a closer view.  

Fort George Citadel.jpg
Fort George Citadel.jpg

This National Historic Site was founded by the English in 1749 and was originally called Fort George.  Four fortifications protected the city and the harbour.  Today the 78th Highlanders guard the Citadel’s entrance and conduct marching and band drills on the parade grounds.  The firing of the noon gun has been a local tradition since 1857.

When we walked along the waterfront we saw the Georges Island Memorial.  This memorial was installed in 2005 on the 250th anniversary of the Deportation of the Acadians (or the Great Upheaval).  The monument was a tribute to the  thousands of Acadians that were imprisoned on Georges Island following the British Order of Deportation of 1755.  Out in the harbour we saw Georges Island.

George's Island Memorial - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

The history of Nova Scotia included many other interesting points.  On our walk on the waterfront we saw the memorial to the submarine lines across the Atlantic Ocean between America and Europe.  It was a reminder of the role that Canada played in telecommunications.

Submarine Telegraph History.jpg

As a major Canadian city, there was a lot of history to explore on a stay in Halifax.  

Explore Nova Scotia’s Maritime History

On our harbour walk we saw the Halifax Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  This large museum covered the broad contribution of Nova Scotia to maritime history.  Outside we saw some of the bigger displays.  As a former naval lieutenant David was always interested in maritime museums.   But we ran out of time on this visit. Luckily we did not miss the large sailor statue as we walked.  

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.jpg
Sailor Statue.jpg

One of the big draws in the harbour was the interesting collection of large ships.  We admired the Tall Ship Silva at the Cable Wharf.

Cable Wharf - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg
Tall Ship Silva.jpg

The white hull of the CSS Acadia brought back another era in maritime history.  It was launched in 1913 and was the first vessel specifically designed and built to survey Canada’s northern waters.  Acadia was also the only surviving ship that served the Royal Canadian Navy during both world wars. 

CSS Acadia.jpg

The HMCS SACKVILLE drew most of the crowds.  This was the last Flower-class corvette that served in the Royal Canadian Navy.  It later served as a civilian research vessel.  Today this Naval Memorial and National Historic Site served as a floating museum.  

HMCS Sackville - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

Halifax is the eastern home port of the Royal Canadian Navy.  So it was no surprise that the the Maritime history and tradition of Nova Scotia was on display during our stay in Halifax.

Find A Local Market

When we travelled we loved to explore the local markets.  On our walk along the waterfront on the Saturday we searched out the Halifax Brewery Market.  Local farmers and artisans brought their goods into the city.  We were not surprised that the Halifax Brewery Market had an area for Alexander Keith’s brewery.  Although we did not stop for a sample.

Brewery Market.jpg
Brewery Market Alexander Keith Brewery - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

We were a bit late in the day and much of the fresh produce was picked through.  But we sure found some tasty treats. The wide variety of local products drew us in.  It was always fun to see the creativity. And have the chance to purchase more local fare.

Brewery Market.jpg
Brewery Market.jpg

We were happy our stay in Halifax was over a weekend and we got the chance to explore the market.

Visit The Iconic Sites In Nova Scotia

There were many great day trips from Halifax for the iconic sites around Nova Scotia.  No trip to Nova Scotia was really complete without enjoying the fishing village of Peggy’s Cove and the lighthouse on the rock.

Peggys Cove.jpg
Peggys Cove Lighthouse - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

The high tide fluctuations in the Bay of Fundy are truly a sight to see.  Vast expanses of red mud and ships sitting out of the water on their hulls amazed us.

Bay of Fundy Grande Pre.jpg
Bay of Fundy Halls Harbour - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

On day trips from Halifax, we enjoyed all the great coastal towns we visited. Mahone Bay was a charming spot.  And the harbour in Lunenburg drew us back many times.  

Lunenburg Horse and Carriage tour.jpg
Lunenburg Harbour Seymour Fogg.jpg

With so much coastline, it was not hard to find great water views in Nova Scotia.  We were delighted when we visited the Ovens Natural Park and found a stunning coast with caves.  

Ovens Natural Park.jpg
The Ovens Natural Park Caves - Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia.jpg

While there was much to do on a stay in Halifax, we found so many interesting spots to visit on day trips out of the city.  

So Many Things To Do On A Short Stay In Halifax Nova Scotia

It was a busy short stay in Halifax in Nova Scotia on our road trip in Eastern Canada.  We found lots to see and do as we explored the city.  And discovered even more great spots on our day trips from Halifax.  

From Halifax we headed for a longer stay in Charlottetown on the charming island of Prince Edward Island.  

What did you find to do on a stay in Halifax?  Is there something we must see on a return visit?

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  1. I have heard of Nova Scotia before. I know, it sounded familiar. It seems like you have had an amazing trip roaming around the island and Halifax. I am totally impressed. I bet the local cow ice cream was delicious.

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    • Thank you for your comments on our food pics. Sometimes I get annoyed at how long it takes us to get our food pics before we eat. But almost always worth it since food is a great treat when we travel. We too were surprised at how interesting it was in Halifax when we wandered around. Yet another spot for your long growing Canada list!

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    • We found Halifax to be a great base to explore and find things to do around you. If you are living in NB, it is an easy day trip to some spots or a longer stay in Halifax. I am sure you are going to love living in NB.

  12. Your visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia looks a wonderful one with loads of sight seeing. The outdoor art at the board walk, the merchant mariner s memorial and the Big Fiddle at the terminal are so appealing.The Halifax waterfront has a colorful seating area with fun activities for kids. Also your stay at Marriott Harbor front is an exotic one with scrumptious meals. I would love to visit Halifax Nova Scotia with a stop over to George Island memorial, Citadel on Hill and its rich maritime history with collection of ships.

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