Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City

Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

Some Great Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City

We managed to get some great views of Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City even on a short visit.

At the end of our east coast road trip, we had only a one night stop in Quebec City. It was a long drive from Quebec City to our final stop in Kingston. But we set an alarm and visited the Montmorency Falls just as they opened.

We got some great views from above on the suspension bridge. And then climbed down the stairs for another perspective on the falls. We found several fun adventurous ways to enjoy Montmorency Falls. But those would wait for another visit.

Planning Our Visit

The Montmorency Falls (la Chute‑Montmorency) were located just outside of Quebec City (Quebec Cité) on the east side. At home in Toronto, we visited Niagara Falls regularly. At 83m (~272 feet) the Montmorency Falls were about 30m higher than Niagara Falls but not as wide. So these falls have been our list to visit for some time.

We missed the Montmorency Falls on our first visit to Quebec City. And we got just a quick look at them from the car as we drove past Quebec City when we started this road trip to the Maritime provinces.

View From the Car.jpg

We arrived late in the afternoon to Quebec City and checked into our hotel. The skies were overcast. We considered visiting the falls in the evening as the skies cleared. But with a sunny forecast for the next morning, we planned an early morning visit. The sun was in the perfect spot and lit up the falls.

There were several different parking lots. We decided to park at the top of the falls at Manoir Montmorency. This parking lot opened earlier than the lot at the bottom of the falls. If you get there before the park opens there was no barrier and we were not sure if you even needed to pay.

Sight Map Sign.jpg

We Started At The Top At Manoir Montmorency

We arrived just as the park opened and parked at Manoir Montmorency. The Manoir was a beautiful building with colourful flowers all in bloom around the outside. It was not yet open when we arrived. But we figured this was a great spot for something to eat before or after a visit.

Manoir Building Garden - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

Manoir Building Garden.jpg

Manoir Building Garden - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

We also saw several other eating options at the top of the falls. Le 1759 was a food truck with a varied menu. The Le Pain De Sucre Dairy Bar offered a range of tasty sweet treats. Neither was open yet when we visited so early in the day.

Manoir Building Food Trucks.jpg

From the Manoir we walked to the lookout. From this spot we got our first views of the Montmorency Falls. We were excited to see them closer from the suspension bridge.

Manoir Viewing Platform - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

Manoir Viewing Platform.jpg

Manoir Viewing Platform View.jpg

Our first views of Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City left us wanting more.

The Views From The Suspension Bridge

Some of the walkways were closed when we visited. So we made our way to the main path to the suspension bridge located behind the Manoir. We wandered along the shaded paths and heard the sound of the rushing water increase.

Park Paths.jpg

At the beginning of the day, there was almost nobody around. We wandered onto the suspension bridge and had lots of time as we enjoyed the views up the river before the falls. And then looked down at the falls as they cascaded below us.

Suspension Bridge.jpg

Suspension Bridge - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

Suspension Bridge View From Above - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

We looked out and saw the St Lawrence River and the bridge (Pont De L’Ile D’Orleans) . This suspension bridge crossed the Saint Lawrence River between Quebec City and Île d’Orléan.

Suspension Bridge View From Above St Lawrence - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

We looked back towards the observation platform where we started. We saw Manoir Montmorency and one end of the zipline platforms. Beside falls, we saw the stairs that went to the bottom (Escalier Panoramique).

Suspension Bridge View From Above Manoir and Baronness Lookout.jpg

Suspension Bridge View of Stairs.jpg

We got some great views of the Montmorency Falls when we started at the top.

Heading Down The Stairs

From the suspension bridge we continued our walk along the shaded paths. A one way bridge crossed over the rocks but there was no real view of the falls at this point. But as we walked along we heard the falls. And when we peeked through the trees we got our first front on view of Montmorency Falls from this side.


Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

We kept walking along the grass and found the top of the stairs that led to the bottom. There were awesome views of the Montmorency Falls from this vantage point. We moved down several levels on the stairs and saw the falls from a different perspective. We got a great view of the suspension bridge we crossed. From this vantage point we also saw the smaller Chute de la Dame Blanch.

Stairs - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

Stairs View - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg


From this point, we looked out and saw the Manoir Montmorency and the observation platform where we started. Off on the horizon we just saw the outline of Quebec City.

Stairs View Quebec City - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

The stairs provided a great vantage point for views of the Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City.

Finishing Our View Of Montmorency Falls

At this point we needed to make a decision. We could continue down the stairs for a view from the very bottom. From there we either walked back up the stairs and re-traced our path. Or we headed to the cable car and took that back up to the top by the Manoir Montmorency where we started.

Cable Car Top Station - Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City Canada.jpg

Cable Car Bottom Station.jpg

Cable Car Moving.jpg

We had a long travel day and this visit to the Montmorency Falls needed to be quick. So we went part way down the stairs. Then we walked back up and went back the way we came.

Other Ways For Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City

But as we wandered on the site, we saw many other ways to enjoy the park and Montmorency Falls. A large group was suited in harness and helmet when we were there and headed off to climb the rock face along the Boischatel crevasse. The climbs were led by a professional guide and at all times they were connected to a continuous cable. We never saw them get onto the rock face before we left. As their poster below stated, the cost to climb the Via Ferrata started at about $35 for adults.

Via Ferrata Rock Climbing.jpg

The other adrenaline option was to take a zipline across the face of the Montmornency Falls. We saw the platforms on either side of the falls. But this adventure was not in operation when we visited.

We definitely want to return and try one of the more exciting adventures one day.

We Enjoyed Our Short Visit For Views Of Montmorency Falls Outside Quebec City

It was great to get views of the Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City even on a short visit. Because we visited so early in the day, there were no crowds and we easily saw everything we wanted in about 90 minutes.

If we were not rushed, it would have been great to go all the way to the bottom for a different perspective on the falls. The cable car ride up would have been fun. And there was lots of green space in the park to enjoy.

One day we would like to try the zipline across the falls. Although the rock climbing might be a pass. And a return visit in the winter when the falls were partially frozen was apparently quite stunning.

A great way to finish up our stops in Quebec as our east coast road trip drew to a close.

Did you see many views of the Montmorency Falls outside Quebec City? What was your favourite spot?

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  1. Oh wow! Such a beautiful place – definitely worth getting up early and making time to visit. I love that there are so many ways to see it from different vantage points, too. That suspension bridge looks fun!

  2. I’ve never been to Quebec, but it looks beautiful. I will have to add it to my bucket list. Of course, it was a lot closer when I lived in NY.

  3. Oh wow, Montmorency Falls looks amazing and beautiful! I have never heard of it before but it was interesting to learn that it is actually higher than Niagara. There is something about waterfalls, you just can’t miss them if you are close by.I would definitely stop here.

  4. The Montmorency Falls looks like a twin Niagara falls. The view from the suspension bridge is awesome ❤️.And it seems like a place worth visiting if you’re in Quebec city.

  5. I love waterfalls and always search them out when I travel. The amount and power of Montmorency Falls is incredible. The staircase was under repair so I was not able to walk down to the bottom, bummer. Your image looking back at the city is great. I used Uber to get to Montmorency Falls from Quebec City but then did not have cell service to order an Uber back, that was a little stressful.

  6. Since I haven’t visited Canada yet, I haven’t heard of these falls. They look great – and on the first pic, it looks like they are flooding the parking lot 😀 Once I make it to Canada, I absolutely want to visit also the francophone part – hence, I’ll have the chance to visit the Montmorency Falls 🙂

  7. Wow! Montmorency Falls are just gorgeous, and so big! I would love to see them! I also love that there is a cable car, I love riding those – always so fun. Adding this to my Canada bucket list!

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  9. I’ll definitely be camera-ready for the waterfalls that await my viewing pleasure.
    Just by looking at the photos, I can feel the rush of water flowing down and listen to the sound that accompanies it. I love the food truck concept!

  10. What a lovely place to visit! It’s great that the have a few options for the adrenaline junkies. I love waterfalls so I’ll have to try to get back to Quebec one day to see this one!

  11. Walking on the suspension bridge looks fun and a bit scary at the same time. But I think we’ll do everything to get a beautiful views of the Montmorency Falls. Thankful for the cable car though.

  12. Montmorency Falls looks stunning. I am surprised that this is not that popular and I have never heard of it. I will definitely visit the Mainor that looks amazing as well. The flowers and the architecture is very pretty. I will also take that cable car ride when I visit the falls.

  13. Quebec and Eastern Canada are very much in our bucket list. We love waterfalls and suspension bridges. This one is definitely for us. Your images have captured the falls beautifully! It’s great that they have the stairs and cable car options. Food trucks are always so inviting with their yummy hot food! 🙂

  14. Wow! Montmorency Falls looks just magnificent. The suspension bridge looks beautiful and I can understand what a great view of the falls we can get from there. The Manoir also looks quite elegant. I would have loved to go ziplining in front of the falls. Just imagine the adrenaline rush!! This is surely a great place to visit from Quebec city.

  15. Great article, and perfect timing as I am heading to Quebec City this fall. These falls look gorgeous and I just might have to add them to the itinerary. Thanks for sharing!

  16. This looks exactly the type of place I’d love to visit. I love the picture from the car park it gives an eery perspective… almost looks like the waterfall is going to come gushing through any minute. So powerful. We are slowly building up an epic road trip of eastern Canada with your articles as inspiration.

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  23. Wow! the falls are just stunning! Cable cars are always a great way to get some beautiful panoramic views and relax at the same time so they are always on our list when they are available. We can only imagine how beautiful the views would be early in morning or even at sunset. Another reason for us to get to Canada 🙂

  24. Woooowza! I looove waterfalls, but Montmorency Falls looks incredible! Was this in the springtime, or is the waterflow just always that epic!?

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