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Your 2015 Blog Favourites – What Did You Want To See In 2015?

It was a busy blogging year for us as we travelled for over 33 weeks in 2015. Our blog moved from a casual endeavour to a serious venture – we spent time increasing our social media presence and we moved our blog to a self hosted WP site. Throughout this year of transition, we saw growth in our blog visits and at the year end we looked back to see your 2015 blog favourites!

Water based blogs were a big hit – whether they were about scuba diving, swimming with the pigs or our 26 day Caribbean cruise. The tides of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and the eagles of B.C. were a big draw. Our 10 week trip to Italy in 2014 continued to be a big draw for visitors – whether it was about cooking, unusual out of the way spots or starting our trip in London. And the large U.S. base that follow us on Twitter continue to be drawn to tales of our 4 week trip down the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH).

Come let us see your 2015 blog favourites ….

You Wanted To Explore the Sea With Us

For our 26 week Caribbean cruise, you were interested in both the islands of the Eastern Caribbean and the Caribbean ports in Central and South America. We taste tested a large number of spots and got to do some pretty wild excursions.

Beaches down south - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Cruising Central America - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Our blog on scuba diving in Mexico drew a lot of attention even though the diving was just “ok”. Much more interesting was the snorkelling we did on the Ocean Atlas statue off the shore in Nassau, Bahamas.

Scuba and Snorkel Underwater - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Scuba and Snorkel Underwater - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

And many of you laughed with me as I talked about the “treat” of getting into scuba gear!

Scuba and Snorkel Underwater - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

When looking for silly fun, your 2015 blog favourites included our excursion in Exuma to see the swimming pigs. While the pigs were funny, that same trip saw us on a island of iguanas and snorkelling in the crystal clear waters around Exuma.

Swim With PIgs - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Iguana Island - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Adventures in Canada

We road tripped from Toronto to Eastern Canada in May and then to Vancouver in the fall. While we saw a lot on the road trips and when we stopped, there were two 2015 blog favourites. In Atlantic Canada, you were as fascinated as we were with the extreme fluctuation of the tides of the Bay of Fundy.

Bay of Fundy Tides - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Bay of Fundy Tides - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

When we hit the west coast, our day trip to Harrison to see eagles and hot springs drew your interest. Maybe it was because you were trying to figure out how we saw a Sasquatch?

Harrison Eagles and Sasqatch - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Harrison Eagles and Sasqatch - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Italy Remains A Favourite

We travelled to Italy for 10 weeks in 2014 and these blogs continued to be 2015 blog favourites. We started our trip in London and many of you were interested in why we would ride the London Eye in the day and again at night.

Food was a draw. Our southern Italian cooking course blog continues to bring in new visitors. Maybe it is the cooking tips or maybe it is because I tell you that making home made pasta really is easy!

Italian Cooking - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

On our Italy trip we wandered far off the tourist trail. In so doing, we found many jewels that we continue to share. Our trip into the hills of Abruzzo took us to the place where confetti candy originated. When I share the pictures of the “art” created with this almond covered candy, most people don’t believe it is candy!

Confetti in Sulmona - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Rome is often the inbound or outbound gateway for any trip to Italy. Each time we visit we pick 2 or 3 things to see, knowing that we will always be back! It seems that many of you are looking to add to your Rome list.

Spanish Stairs - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Travelling the PCH

Whether you live in the U.S. or are visiting, one of the favourite road trips is to travel along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). We started in Vancouver Canada and travelled all the way down the Pacific coast for 4 weeks finishing up in San Diego. Many people are looking for stops to plan their PCH trip and have looked to our 2015 blog favourites for input.

Oregon Coast - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Seattle seemed to draw a lot of attention as a starting point for a PCH trip. As a quick hop from Vancouver in B.C., Seattle is one town we could test a small bit at a time.

Seattle - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

The biggest surprise for us in the places we planned to stop was Santa Barbara. While we only stayed for 2 nights, we loved this quiet town right on the water and had some of the best seafood of our trip on this stop. This seemed to be a favourite of yours too!

Santa Barbara - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

Planning Geeks

Probably the most favourite blog of all time is our blog on our approach to travel planning, the tools we use for planning and the electronics load we cart around with us. There is no use in denying that we are planning geeks!
Planning Geek - 2015 Blog Favourites.jpg

We thank you sincerely for your interest in our blog and will take note of your 2015 blog favourites as we think about our content calendar for 2016. We hope you will keep coming back and browsing through the site. Enjoy!

Did I miss one of your favourite blogs that you found on our site? What do you want to see more of in 2016?

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