Ambitious Travel Plans For 2020

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Some Great Travel Plans Booked For 2020

When we entered 2019, we had no travel plans booked. Although it did not take us long before we filled the calendar! For our travel plans for 2020, several trips are already booked. And we have some thoughts for other travel plans for the year. We will hit our 100th country visited in 2020.

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It was a very busy travel year in 2019. We barely arrive home from our trip to the west coast in December 2019 before we head off on our first travels of 2020. And we have the back end of 2020 scheduled. It was a bit hard to think of travel planning for the rest of 2020. But we do have some early ideas to share.

Let’s see what 2020 might look like for travel ….

We Start 2020 Cruising Around South America

Oceania Cruises has a great set of back-to-back cruises for South America. We thought about booking these for several years. But always looked at the cruises too late. And availability was poor. Over the 3 different segments of the South America cruise, we would have had to move from bad to worse to horrid cabins!

When we cruised to Cuba for this holidays in 2018, we sat down with the cruise planner onboard and actually found great availability for South America for 2020. So we put our deposit down and started planning.

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We start the South America cruise in January from Miami. Starting a cruise in Miami always gives us an excuse to head down early and escape the Toronto winter weather.

Cruise Port Miami - Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

Cruise Port Miami.jpg

We finish the South America cruise in Lima, Peru after 53 days onboard. Being in Lima, we considered two additional trips – Machu Picchu and/or Galapagos. Ultimately we figured that after almost 10 weeks away, we would want to head home. So those trips will wait for another year.

We have a busy start to our travel plans for 2020.

Excursions Booked For South America

Our cruise to South America has about 35 port days. We booked a great variety of excursions and will travel by fast boat, 4 wheel drive jeep and by cable car. There will be city tours, winery visits and snorkelling trips. One day we will see pink dolphins and on another do a penguin safari. The ship will cruise through the Chilean fjords for 2 days. A great reminder of our trip through the Norway fjords in 2019.

On this trip to South America, we will cruise the Amazon River for 7 days. It will remind us of our trip cruising the Yangtze River in China.

In Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, we have two days in each port. We are doing our research to look for things to do on our own. Both ports have a lot of things to see and do.

There are 18 sea days on our South America cruise. This will give us time to relax and enjoy the luxury cruise ship. We know we will find lots to do – cooking demonstrations, wine tasting and ship entertainment will keep us busy.

Cruise Activity - Cooking Demonstrations.jpg

Cruise Activity - Wine Tasting and Pairing.jpg

The South American cruise will provide us with a variety of things to do. A great start to our travel plans for 2020.

Finish The Year In Australia

In 2020, we will finally reap the rewards of loyalty to Oceania Cruises. After South America, our next cruise is number 20. At that cruise loyalty milestone, we get a “free” 14 day cruise. And the plan is to use that 14 days towards a cruise in 2020.  We are currently looking at a cruise in the Mediterranean in the summer or around Australia in December 2020.

Australia - Sydney - Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

On our first visit to Australia, we spent a week in Sydney. And then headed up to Cairns to snorkel and scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef. But we did not see much else. A cruise around Australia will let us see most of the major cities in Australia.

It will be great to return to Australia on our travels in 2020.

Before Or After Our Trip To Australia

Australia is a long trip from Toronto. Long flights are great for building airline status miles. But if we go that far, we will try to add on some destinations before or after the trip.

One option we are toying with would be to add on New Zealand. This has been on our travel wish list for awhile. And it is an easy trip from Sydney.

The other option is to do more travelling in SE Asia. On our first visit to SE Asia, we spent a relaxing week in Bali. Toured around Thailand for 2 weeks. And got a taste of Singapore. We are considering a return to Bali. Or maybe to other parts of Indonesia for scuba diving.

Our travel plans in 2020 will try to maximize the things we do when we fly longer distances.

Summer Plans For Travel In 2020

We normally stay home in Toronto for the summer. And do smaller trips. Last year we did something different with our cruise around the Norway Fjords and tour trip up to the Nordic countries.

Summer Travel - Norway Fjords.jpg

But that trip also included a small taste test of the UK countries. We would love to plan a road trip around UK. And summer would be the ideal time to do it. But we are not sure that this would make the 2020 summer plans.

Our road trip to New England in 2019 was a great taste test. And we really would love to go back and see more. Maybe even plan to do a sailing ship adventure.

Summer Travel - New England.jpg

David has been pushing to explore more of Canada. Our first trip together to Nova Scotia was a fun break. So maybe we need to head back to see more of Eastern Canada. Maybe we travel along the eastern shore from New England? We be happy to stop again in Quebec City on our way home.

Summer Travel - Nova Scotia - Travel Plans For 2020

Summer Travel - Quebec City - Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

We don’t have firm plans booked for the summer of 2020. But we know it will see us doing smaller trips.

A Sponsored Trip To Idaho In The Fall

In the fall of 2019, we did an amazing trip to Utah and Arizona. It was a great look at a new part of the U.S. While we were travelling, we were contacted about doing a sponsored trip to Idaho in 2020.

We spent some time researching southern Idaho. And realized there was so much to see and do. It was really an undiscovered part of the U.S. for us. We are still finalizing our plans to visit Idaho. But will provide an update when this is firm.

A sponsored trip in the fall would send us back road tripping in the fall.

Fallback Plans For The Fall

Until our plans are all firm, we are also looking at other options for fall travel. Other than our cruise in Northern Europe in 2019, we never made it back to Europe. So we still have several European ideas.

Many options continue to draw our interest for a return visit to the Greek Islands. We would love to take the ferry from island to island.

Fall Travel - Greek Islands - Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

It has been too long since we were last in Italy. Our 10 week tour of the Adriatic Coast was a few years ago. And even our visits to the Amalfi Coast have faded in our memories. It is time to head back to Italy. We want to visit the Italian Island of Sicily. And maybe add in Sardinia or Malta once we start travel planning.

Fall Travel - Capri Italy - Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

We also realized that we have not spent any time in Germany. We did a great river cruise in China with Viking Cruises. So a Viking Cruises trip through the rivers in Germany has been drawing our interest.

Fall Travel - River Cruise.jpg

Or we may head back to Portugal. Our first 4 weeks in Portugal was not really enough time. And Portugal is still very high on the list of places we may want to live one day. So we figure at some point we need to head to Portugal in off season in the late fall. It may not be a tropical escape. But it may still be much better than freezing temperatures in Toronto.

Fall Travel - Algarve Coast Portugal - Travel Plans For 2020.jpg

We have many options for fall travel plans for 2020.

Good To Start The Year With Booked Travel Plans For 2020

It was good to start 2020 with some travel plans firmly booked. Our Oceania Cruises trip to South America will start the year off well.

We have lots of ideas about other travel plans for 2020. We even have one sponsored trip we are working on. But you can be guaranteed that we will fill in the travel calendar for 2020.

Watch the blog and social media as our travel plans get firmed up.

What is on your travel plans for 2020? Do you have any suggestions for us?

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  1. Wow. It sounds like you already have a pretty good idea of what your 2020 travel plans will look like- what a great way to start a new decade! Cruising around South America sounds amazing. South America is one place I’ve been dying to explore more, so I’m very jealous of your trip! Ending the year in Australia sounds amazing as well. Hopefully you’ll be able to add on a trip to New Zealand as well. It is high on my to-visit list as well, and it would be a shame to be so close and not visit!

    • Erica, We are so excited to be starting our year in South America. We really would like to add New Zealand to our Australia travels. Will have to see when we get closer to actually booking! Linda

  2. So many plans…I have only thought about up to May so far in 2020! 😀 And I really got to try a cruise. One day. If you hit up London, UK, give me a shout if you like. Always forever meeting up bloggers and travelers from all around the world and having tea. 😀

  3. Thanks for all the great travel messages. We love Croatia and Slovenia and will be taking a small ship(38 people) around the Adriatic islands stopping and staying overnight in Sept 2020.
    Love SA too heading to Ecuador on Jan 20- my new daughter in law was born there. We hope to visit her grandmother and uncle. We loved Peru and find the travel inexpensive. In October 2019 we spent 2 wks in Puglia and fell in love w that area of Italy. (Used some of your ideas)
    Still not as crowded as other areas.And our new favorite island in the Caribbean,having visited many, is Curacao.Great snorkeling right off the beach in many places. Willemstad is a lovely capital town. We will definitely go back. The weather was perfection Dec.
    Now are you on Twitter?
    Happy travels and thanks for sharing all the info and photos.?

    • Mary Ellen, I am so glad that you have had a great year travelling. And that some of our tips helped. We are excited for the coming year. We are indeed on Twitter at “travelatwill”. Let me know if you can’t find us. Linda

  4. Your starting out 2020 with a South American cruise sounds fabulous, and I love the idea of Chilean fjords, this was new to me. Can’t wait to follow along on your journey. And ending the year cruising around Australia and possibly visiting New Zealand will be lovely. I certainly hear you about the distance to travel there and wanting to maximize it. New Zealand and Australia are high on my bucket list, but I do hate looooong flights. 😉

    • Cynthia, I am excited about our 2020 travel plans. Although I am a bit stressed about how soon South America is approaching. Looking forward to sharing all of our adventures. Linda

  5. I would love to visit all the stops on this South America cruise and CAN NOT wait until I am retired and can take a 53 day cruise. That needs to happen soon… like next week. Australia was my first DIY international trip. I did pretty good organizing it but have learned so much since then. The entire country is beautiful. You are motivating me to buy some plane tickets!

    • I was going through your plans for this year and South America and Australia seemed so exciting. We too had some planned places for summer with some bit of planning done but now everything seems so uncertain. Let’s hope we come out of this situation soon.

      • It is amazing how many things have changed just a few months into the year. We were so glad we did our South America cruise – even if we have no idea when and where we might get off this cruise ship! The rest of our plans for the year are now cancelled. Who knows what it will look like when travel restarts! Linda

  6. Oh wow! That looks like a very busy year for you. You had a busy 2019 and I am sure 2020 will be even greater. For us, we haven’t yet figured out anything. But yes, a cruise trip through the Amazon rain forests is also in our wishlist. Have a great year full of travel.

    • Amrita, We are excited to be heading into 2020 with some travel plans booked. We are quite excited to see the Amazon this year. Hope you have a great travel year coming too. Linda

  7. 53 days on a cruise across South America!!! Now that makes me green with envy. I would love to give this one a shot. And then all the way to Australia. You sure sound like your 2020 is all planned. Reading about your 2019 journeys was quite interesting. Looks like you are going to beat that year with your plans for this one. All the best to you and will wait to see your updates.

  8. What an incredible year to look back on, and great plans ahead! I would have to agree with you about the Amalfi Coast–I would go back in a heartbeat! And, I too, would be looking to head over to Sicily since I missed it last time I was there. I also love Nova Scotia, since I have family there and consider it “coming home.” Looking forward to hearing more about your 2020 journeys! I am still formulating my plans for the upcoming year. Definitely traveling stateside and thinking of one trip to Europe and another to someplace beach-y, like the Caribbean.

  9. Wow 100th country this year, that is pretty exciting! I’m happy for you that you will finally get to cruise in South America. It’s one of my favorite places to travel (I know it is a huge continent!), but I love the cultures and the natural beauty. I love travel hacking and loyalty programs. I should look into Oceania Cruises. That’s pretty cool you get a free 14 day cruise! Can’t wait to read more about your travels this year!

    • Elizabeth, We are so excited to finally be headed to South America. This trip was on the drawing board for some time. We are also excited to finally earn our free cruise. A great year coming. Linda

  10. Yippee.. I was eagerly looking forward for this post, after I read your earlier post on the wrap-up of 2019 travels. Cruising around South America is indeed a perfect way to start off a year! And ofcourse, ending the year with Australian cruise, is just perfect!!!
    Road trip in UK sounds fun, esp., you should consider Ireland around Kerry. Its just gorgeous. Portugal and Greek islands are high up in my list too. Hope I’ll get to visit some more in 2020 as well. Wishing you a travel filled, healthy and happy year ahead!

    • Bhushavali, It will be interesting to see what materializes in 2020. We are already juggling a little with timings on some trips. Look forward to more travels in 2020. Linda

    • Samantha, We are quite excited about our 2020 travels. Although even early in the year we are shifting and changing some travel plans. Hope you have a great 2020. Linda

  11. You certainly have some great cruises lined up this year. For the Australia one, I would totally opt to hop on over to New Zealand. So close! Loved hearing you went to Idaho this year! Love it there and am thrilled to be included in their new visitor guide. Did you visit any wineries?

    • Lara, We are excited about our coming year of travel. New Zealand is definitely something we want to see. Idaho should be a fun road trip for 2020. We definitely have wineries on our list to visit. Linda

  12. Your plan sound awesome! I am originally from Toronto too so totally hear you about escaping the winter weather. And ending the year in Australia sounds incredible. Hope you get to tick a bunch of these places off the list in 2020 – and congrats on country #100!

  13. I haven’t started planning yet and here is one great plan of yours. I simple feel like following you   Especially the Cruise around South America. Europe destinations too sound good. Haven’t been to Sicily yet. Australia towards the end of the year sounds great , it will be perfect weatherwise too. Have a great safe trip!

  14. Yes, whoever has the choice is spoiled for choice. But we are no different.
    As a tip, I’ll throw Montenegro into the race. A really great country, which we have already visited twice (blog post is only available in German so far). We fell in love with the country!

  15. I’m so excited to hear that you’re coming to my homeland Australia in 2020! A cruise around to the capital cities sounds like a great way to do it, being such a vast country. I would absolutely love to cruise the fjords of Norway – that is now right up there on my bucket list!

  16. Like you, I usually start January off without travel plans and then they just fill in amazingly fast. This year for 2020, I already have several either booked or in the works. The first 6 months are already going to be crazy. I’m hoping to end the year in Australia as well! I want to go back to South America as I was there last year and in 2017 and I LOVE it there, particularly Perú. I saw the pink Amazon River dolphins and they are incredible! You have some fantastic trips coming up!

    • Heather, Great to know you have a full calendar for the first half of the year. I am sure interesting things will fill the rest of the year. We are indeed looking forward to South America. Linda

  17. Wow it is great to see that you had your future plans ready in the very first week of new Year. You are so fast and travel loving. Cruising around the South America would be great thing to do. Finishing the year at Australia is also charming.

  18. How exciting to have two major trips already booked. I was in South America last year and absolutely love it. It looks like an amazing trip with so many ports. I love how you have so many ideas floating around for the rest of the year. You just never know ….! I like leaving some unscheduled time open to serendipity.

  19. Wow! You’ve been to so many places and your 2020 destinations are awesome!! We visited Peru and Bolivia two years ago and loved it! Last year we also traveled quite a lot, and the highlight was of course our trip along the Ancient Silk Road in China. It feels good to have booked some trips ahead for the new year, doesn’t it? Last November we booked our cruise along the Nile in Egypt for next April and we’re really looking forward to it! We wanted to book our summer 2020 trip too, as we usually book our summer trips or at least the flights before Xmas. But this time we were so busy and couldn’t decide how long we should travel next summer nor where exactly and now we’re still in the process of planning! But we’ll most probably go to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize to visit the Mayan archaeological sites.

    • Mei and Kerstin, A cruise along the Nile should be an exciting one for you in 2020. Belize is on our list to return to. Our last trip was not long enough. Hope you have a great 2020. Linda

  20. What an amazing travel plans for 2020! It’s very thoughtful of you to have choosen destinations that are ideal to visit in a specific season. I really liked the idea of starting your trip from South America. Going on a cruise, taking the off roads, enjoying the landscape with a cable car ride, relishing wines, and exploring the underwater life is a great way to roll into a New Year. Had I been in your place, I would have started with Australia since it’s my favorite country. Then I would have explored the Norway Fjords. But as of now, I feel you guys are the luckiest people on earth since you have travel plans ready for the entire 2020.

  21. Great list!! I haven’t made my list of the places I might travel to for 2020 and I needed some inspiration anyway so I found your guide really helpful. I think I have to take south America more seriously and maybe add some of them in my list.

    • Daniel, I am glad our plans for 2020 got you thinking too about what you wanted to do. Always interesting to do my list at the beginning of the year. And see what changes over the year. We are already making changes. Linda

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