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A Work In Progress – 8 Weeks In Asia

We had the most amazing time visiting China and Japan in the fall. But we came home with 46 draft blog posts and over 25,000 photos. It will take us some time to get this all posted. But we will share it all!

The below table shows what has been completed and posted. And what is still to come! The ✅ shows posts that are on the blog now!  The ⏰ shows blogs that are scheduled to post and will be coming soon!


Posted Blog Link
    ✅ Shanghai – Bund River Area
    ✅ Shanghai – Old Shanghai and Yu Garden
    ✅ Shanghai – Visit For A Week
    ✅ Yangtze River – Wuhan
    ✅ Yangtze River – Three Gorges
    ✅ Yangtze River – Three Gorges Dam
    ✅ Yangtze River – Cruise The Yangtze
Lijiang Under The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Short Stop in Chongqing
    ✅ Dazu Stone Carvings
    ✅ Cute Panda Bears
    ✅ Variety of Things To Do In Chengdu
    ✅ Terra Cotta Warriors
    ✅ Great Things To Do In Xian
    ✅ Beijing – Walk The Great Wall Of China
Beijing – Imperial Palaces
Beijing – Explore The History
Guilin Cruise the Li River
Finish In Hong Hong Kong
Explore China With Viking River Cruises
China For 4 Weeks
Tokyo – Buddhist Temples
Tokyo – Tokyo Tower Panoramic Views
Tokyo – Edo Castle
Tokyo – Cruise the Waterways
Tokyo – Visit For A Week
Shimizu – Gateway to Mt Fuji
Osaka – Aquarium
Osaka – Day Trip to Kyoto
Osaka – A Two Day Stop
Okayama From The Tamano Port
Hiroshima – Miyajima Island
Hiroshima – Hiroshima Monument
Hiroshima – Beauty and History
South Korea – Touring Busan
South Korea – Seoul For The Day
Karatsu – Final Japan Stop
Sake Tasting At Sea
Japan For 2 Weeks With Windstar Cruises
Japan for 3 Weeks
    ✅ Our Plan For 8 Weeks In Asia
Exemplary First Class Service in Asia
So Many First Class Stays In China and Japan
Our First Viking Cruises Experience
An Amazing 8 Weeks In Asia

Check Back Regularly

Please check back regularly as the posts are published. Follow us on Instagram to see the photos we have already shared. More will be posted as the blogs are posted.

We are so happy to have you following our adventures!

Thank you!      Linda and David

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