Experiences At Penha Longa Resort Near Sintra

A Ritz-Carlton Destination Experience

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So Many Enjoyable Experiences At Penha Longa Resort

We found such a variety of enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort.

There were so many great restaurants around the property at the Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort outside of Sintra in Portugal. One day we enjoyed a Gin Tasting session and another afternoon we relaxed with a tasty Afternoon Tea treat. We tried some local Portuguese wines.  But ran out of time to enjoy the Wine Tasting session offered by the resort.

With all of the eating we did, it was perfect that there was much to discover as we explored the property. We found many different paths to hike. Along the paths there were many interesting discoveries. And a tour of the former Monastery of São Jerónimo de Penha Longa provided a fascinating look into the history of this spot.

We sure loved our stay at the Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort!

Tasty Food At The Many Restaurants Around The Property

The resort offered many different choices for dining around the resort. Even with a 6 day stay we ran out of time to check them all out.

Every day started with a wonderful breakfast selection at the Mercatto Restaurant. We were delighted with the variety of Portuguese treats we found on the buffet. And Nuno and his attentive team always had a surprise at our table!

Mercatto Restaurant Breakfast - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg
Mercatto Restaurant Breakfast.jpg

Lunch was available in several different venues. When we wanted a quick lunch, we got our favourite tapas and enjoyed the best octopus salad at the B Lounge. For something different one day, we visited the Arola Restaurant and got a great recommendation for a tapas selection.

B Lounge Lunch.jpg
Arola Lunch.jpg

We visited the Penha Longa Resort on the weekend and could choose from two different buffet extravaganzas. We enjoyed the huge Italian buffet at Mercatto one night. And tried the new octopus carpaccio being introduced at by the chef. But we missed on the Asian buffet at Spices.

Mercatto Restaurant Italian Buffet - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

One night we tasted our way through a great selection of Asian delicacies on the a la carte menu at Spices. While the buffet may have had more choice, we loved the chance to enjoy our Spices meal as we picked delicacies for several courses.

Spices Asian Dinner.jpg
Spices Asian Dinner - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

We enjoyed so many great meals as we ate our way around the resort. Just one of the tasty and enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort.

Book A Dinner In One Of Two Michelin Restaurants

We were very interested to discover that the Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort had not one but two Michelin rated restaurants on site. Chef Sergi Arola is a Spanish chef who brought his culinary expertise to outstanding restaurants around the world.

Michelin Restaurants.jpg

Midori was co-located in the same area as the Spices restaurant. This was the only Asian restaurant in Portugal with a Michelin rating. It offered a fascinating set of dishes with a unique mix of Portuguese and Japanese taste and style.

Chef Sergi Arola’s namesake restaurant was the Arola restaurant. The LAB Michelin Star Restaurant was co-located with Arola. This space offered only 22 seats and provided a view of the amazing glass-block wine cellar. The menu for LAB mixed Arola’s Mediterranean roots with local Portuguese ingredients.

Michelin Restaurants - LAB and Arola.jpg

We had very busy days on our stay and never found the time to schedule a lovely slow dinner at either of the two Michelin restaurants. We know these would be extravagant and enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort on a return visit.

Take A Break At Afternoon Tea

We loved to splurge on Afternoon Tea when we travelled. For our Afternoon Tea at Penha Longa Resort, we booked in advance and got a lovely spot by the fireplace.

Afternoon Tea - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Of course we started by checking out the selection of sweet treats. They were displayed with cacao bean nibs so the chocoholic made sure there was chocolate on the tray.

Afternoon Tea - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

We then opened the special box and found the scones. The note on top told us the legend of “Pedpedo dos Ovos”. The tale said there was an enchanted treasure for anyone who could knock over the Penha Longa.  The Penha Longa was the “long rock” visible all around the resort. An old woman gathered a collection of eggs and threw them at the rock. But the rock never toppled. The yellow moss on the rock was said to be the remnants of the rock washed with eggs.  After reading this tale we planned a hike up to the Penha Longa!

Afternoon Tea - Scones.jpg

Afternoon Tea - Scones.jpg

Lastly we checked out the savoury treats and started our Afternoon Tea tasting there. I picked a lovely berry tea while David went with mint. My tea came in a custom tea bag. But David’s mint leaves brewed right in the pot.

Afternoon Tea - Savoury - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Afternoon Tea.jpg

No Afternoon Tea was really complete unless we added a little bubbly. It was the perfect way to finish our relaxing Afternoon Tea. But for David, the real treat came when another box was delivered to the table. We opened it and found yet more of the custom chocolates created by the talented Chef Francisco Siopa and his team.

Afternoon Tea - Chocolate and Champagne - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

We sure loved our Afternoon Tea as one of the indulgent and enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort.

Gin Tasting Experiences At Penha Longa Resort

We got our first taste of some interesting gins when we stayed in the Hyde Park area in London. So when we learned that the Penha Longa Resort had about 150 different brands of gin, we knew we were in for a new gin treat. We settled in at the bar for our session with Fernando.

We were taken through the history of gin. The story started with the Bols gin. This had a very sharp taste and it was easy to understand why this was originally treated as a medicine.

From there we went on to a traditional gin and tonic with Gordon’s gin and Schweppes tonic water in a tall glass. Fernando then presented the same gin and tonic in a newer way with a balloon glass and some oranges for garnish. It was interesting that just that slight change took away some of the sharp citrus taste of the traditional gin and tonic.

Gin Tasting - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

From this traditional start we moved to the new botanicals. Fernando made a drink with Brockmans gin and then added just a small amount of Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic water. This was garnished with two raspberries and a slice of orange. And I immediately knew I found a new favourite gin and tonic!

Gin Tasting.jpg

Before we were done we tasted a few of the gins made in Portugal. We learned how little tonic water was needed for a perfect drink.

Gin Tasting - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

A gin tasting session was one of the educational and enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort that we really liked.

Taste The Local Wines Of Portugal

When we stayed at great resorts, we often enjoyed wine tasting sessions. Penha Longa offered a full wine tasting session with a charcuterie board. Sadly we never managed to book time for this treat. But as we enjoyed the different restaurants around the resort, we tried a few interesting Portuguese wines with our meals.

David always looked for sweet wines. At home in Canada, we collected a good variety of ice wines. So when he wanted something for after dinner, he was introduced to the Moscatel Roxo de Setubal. It was a good alternative to some of the port wines from Portugal we enjoyed on previous visits.

When we dined at Spices we wondered what a perfect pairing might be. On our trip to Japan, we did a sake tasting and knew Sake was a good option. We tried our first green wine (“Vinho Verde”) when we visited the Azores Island of Pico. But for our Spices dinner it was suggested we try a sweeter version of green wine (“Soalheiro 9% Alvarinho 2020”). And that sure turned out to be a good choice.

Spices Asian Restaurant Wine.jpg

We were sorry we missed the Portuguese wine tasting session. It was one of the enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort that we would plan on a return visit.

Discover The Art Around The Property

As we wandered around the inside of the Penha Longa Resort, we found some very interesting art pieces. Much of the art was very modern and some pieces were quite unusual. All were all marked with a price and available for sale.

Art - Adalia Alberto.jpg

Art - Adalia Alberto.jpg

In one spot by the boutiques we even found a fun display of designer fire extinguishers.

Art - Fire Extinguishers.jpg

When we wandered the halls, the art pieces added another of the enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort.

Outdoor Experiences At Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa was situated in the heart of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The resort property covered 220-hectarex and included 27 golf course holes. Around the property there were many different hiking paths. There were also bike paths for even more exercise.

Hiking Trails.jpg

On one day we followed the path that took us up to the observation tower. We were fascinated with the trees that looked at first like they lost all their lower bark. But when we looked closely we discovered that they were in fact cork trees that were harvested.

Trail to Observation Tower.jpg

Cork Tree Harvested - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

We were a bit surprised when the observation tower was a newer wooden structure. And not an old stone tower!

Trail to Observation Tower - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

There were ten historical monuments around the property. On our walk we stopped at the Nuncio’s Garden and looked around. And off in the distance we saw another ruin in the valley. It was always interesting when we came across new discoveries on our walk.

Trails Jardim do Nuncio.jpg

Trails Jardim do Nuncio - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Trails Jardim S Concalo.jpg

The “Penha Longa” was visible from everywhere we walked on the resort. A path went up through the woods to the bottom of the rocks. Narrow paths went between the rocks. On the windy day we visited, the trees played a plaintive song. Close up we easily saw the yellow moss and recalled the story of “Pedpedo dos Ovos”.

Rock - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Rock Close.jpg

With all the great food we ate at the resort, we were glad there were lots of paths to hike. Definitely many great outdoor experiences at Penha Longa Resort.

Tour The Monastery of São Jerónimo de Penha Longa

The Penha Longa property was first developed in 1355 when the St. Jerome Order built a monastery. The monastery operated on the property for five centuries. When the monastery operated, various Kings and Princes often stayed for long periods. And in the 16th century, King Manuel built a weekend house on the property.

The monastery was ultimately sold to a private family. And when we toured we saw the tomb for the last family member buried in the church in 1966. There was always an interesting link between the monks of the monastery and the Japanese. So in the 1990s, a Japanese family purchased the property and began to restore it. The property was finally sold and turned into the lovely Penha Longa Resort.

Parts of the monastery buildings were destroyed over the years. But much has been re-built and the buildings inside and outside were fascinating to tour. Luckily we were the only guests when Maria took us around for 2 hours and put up with all of our questions!

We started outside in the Ladies Garden which was now used as a playground area for children. And then we moved down to several different green spaces. From the outside we saw the dome of the church and the courtyard areas.

Monastery Buildings - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Monastery Buildings and Gardens.jpg

Wandering Inside The Monastery

We walked in through the archway and stopped to look at the colourful tiles. We saw the mixing of design styles immediately. The walls were decorated in beautiful Portuguese tiles in traditional blue, white and yellow. But the floor tiles were very different and of Arabic design. It was the first view we got of this Arabic design style that King Manuel did for his daughter who loved all things Moroccan.

Monastery Entrance Tiles.jpg

As we moved through the Monastery we were fascinated by the interesting mix of monastic simplicity and grandeur. But that was easily explained when we learned about how much time the royal family spent on the property. We moved through several “Sala” rooms that were used today to host large private gatherings.

Monestery Tour - Noble Room - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Monestery Tour - Arches Room.jpg

Maria was delighted when her favourite room was open and not in use. The Sala Arabe was the King’s library and was totally decorated in Moroccan style as a tribute to his daughter. Colourful tiles went up the walls and over the ceiling. We found delicate arches and colourful glass in the windows that were perfectly showcased by the sun when we visited.

Monestery Tour - Sala Arabe - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Our path took us around the open inner cloister. We saw four very typical Portuguese tile displays on the wall in blue and white. They were similar to what we saw in so many buildings on our Porto visit. These tiles represented the four seasons.

Monastery Cloister - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Monastery Cloister.jpg

Finishing Up At the Monastery Church

As we walked along, we looked up and often saw ceiling tiles that represented the emblem of the current Portuguese flag. And we knew we entered the religious area when we saw the angel tile on the ceiling.

Monastery Cloister Ceiling.jpg

When we finally went into the church we found it much more decorative than we expected. But when local residents and the royal family were in residence they worshipped at the church. We wandered around and looked at the displays. Maria pointed out the statues of the disciples. But Judas was missing to punish him!

Monestery Tour - Church - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Monestery Tour - Church.jpg

Our tour around the Monastery was a unique and enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort that provided an amazing historical look back.

Visit The Falcon Tower

From the front of the Penha Longa Resort we saw a tower. When we wandered over, the courtyard around the tower provided a loverly panoramic view over the golf course.

Falconry Tower - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

The Falcon Tower had educational information on the outside walls of the tower.  When we went inside, we found a whole series of displays on the Dovecote and pigeons!

Falconry Tower.jpg

Falconry Tower.jpg

A simple ladder was in the centre. But David soon learned it could not be climbed for a view from the top. The Falcon Tower was just one of the educational experiences at the Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort.

Other Experiences At Penha Longa Resort

We had a very busy schedule for our 6 day stay and we did not get to try all the enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort.

There were several pools around the property for a relaxing day.  If we were golfers, we surely would have had even less time. The golf course looked like a great spot to spend many days.

Outdoor Pool - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

Golf Course - Experiences At Penha Longa Ritz Carlton Sintra.jpg

There was a lovely spa on the property. But even after we walked almost 20,000 steps on our visit to the palaces of Sintra, we did not relax at the spa.

There was a large outdoor playground for children. And it even had a mini-putt course we wanted to try. And different children’s activities were scheduled around the resort.


There were so many things to see and do on a stay.

So Many Enjoyable Experiences At Penha Longa Resort Near Sintra

We had many enjoyable experiences at Penha Longa Resort on our 6 day stay. It was a great way to start our return visit to Portugal. We could have spent several more days tasting our way around the resort. There were so many ways to get outside and enjoy the resort property. And many more hiking paths to explore.

We loved to leave a place wanting more. And that was certainly true on our stay at the Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort.

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Ritz-Carlton Experiences At Penha Longa Resort Near Sintra.jpg

Ritz-Carlton Experiences At Penha Longa Resort Near Sintra.jpg

Ritz-Carlton Experiences At Penha Longa Resort Near Sintra.jpg

Ritz-Carlton Experiences At Penha Longa Resort Near Sintra.jpg


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    • We too were sad we missed Sintra on our first visits to Portugal. The Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort offered so many great reasons to stay on the property and enjoy the experiences. Great good and outdoor adventures too. Hard to leave the resort!

  12. ….and I thought Sintra was all about castles and culture – and now this! Everything looks fantastic, however, the octopus carpaccio takes the cake! It looks mysterious but in a very good way. Obviously, the way they arrange the food helps making you drool. I had very good food in Portugal, but nothing this fancy. Maybe I should focus less on culture and more on grub, after all 😉

    • The Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa Resort was definitely the perfect spot to focus on food. We had so many great meals. And great food and drink experiences too. A great surprise on our visit for sure.

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    • We were glad we planned a longer stay in the Sintra area. But the Ritz-Carlton Penha Longa had so many great experiences for us to enjoy that it was hard to leave the resort. But we did get to see the palaces of Sintra. A great treat for sure.

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    • We were very surprised with the Monastery on our visit to Penha Longa Resort. It was great that it was restored and they have found a way to use it. So many amazing experiences on our stay.

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    • We booked several days at the Penha Longa Resort and even with that we did not get to enjoy all the experiences the resort had to offer. But it sure was tasty fun!

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  32. Is my first comment here and just want to say thank you very much for such great content ! I found your blog not so long ago and became a fan immediately! Greetings from Vancouver.

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