Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast

Explore Robert’s Creek, Cliff Gilker Park, Burnett Falls and Hidden Grove

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So Many Great Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast

On our fall visit to British Columbia (BC), we stayed in Sechelt and enjoyed the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast.

We found so many great outdoor adventures around Sechelt when we visited. On our stays we split our time between days lazily enjoying the water or hiking in the many parks we found. Our hike to the Skookumchuck Rapids was filled with excitement.

On day trips we explored the waterfalls at Robert’s Creek, Cliff Gilker Park and Burnett Falls. Our hike at Hidden Grove got us no waterfalls but we enjoyed a great walk in the woods.

Some of the waterfall hikes were easy to find. Others required some research to find the best path!

Adding More Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt To Our Fall West Coast Trip

Our fall visit to the west coast might be sub-titled as chasing waterfalls. We started our trip with a view of the waterfalls in Northern Ontario. And did not miss a visit to the awesome Kakabaka Falls on our return trip.

When we entered British Columbia, we stopped for a few days in Revelstoke. We loved the chance to find many of the waterfalls around Revelstoke on that visit.

After our stay in Vancouver, we headed north to Whistler for a long weekend. And even though it rained for most of our visit, we hiked in Whistler and found some amazing waterfalls. Even when we visited Vancouver Island, we found some waterfalls on our outdoor adventures in the Comox Valley.

So when we settled into a long stay on the Sunshine Coast, we searched out all the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt for day trips.

Finding The Secret Waterfall on Robert’s Creek

Our research gave us some idea of the path to follow. We even found a map on a piece of wood at the site. There was a path that led straight off the road but we turned right and followed the path along the fence.

Roberts Creek Map.jpg

When we found the first trail to the right we went that way. The path later crossed the main trail and we turned left to get on this trail. When we looked behind us, we saw a sign high on the tree that pointed back to Day Road. The path to this point was a pretty easy to walk.

Roberts Creek Hike.jpg

From there, the trail headed uphill. We watched for the second trail that branched off to the right and took that. We went a bit down the path and made sure we headed to water.

The path narrowed at this point and was strewn with roots. It went up and down as it meandered closer to Robert’s Creek. But soon we knew we were close.

Roberts Creek Hike.jpg

Rewarded With A Waterfall View

We continued to head down and got closer to the water at Robert’s Creek. And were rewarded with great views of the rapids and smaller waterfalls.

Roberts Creek Waterfall - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg

But we knew there was more to find. We turned back and stayed low and closer to the water level. We got a glimpse of the larger waterfall through the trees. And found the waterfall we searched for.

Roberts Creek Waterfall - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Roberts Creek Waterfall - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Roberts Creek Waterfall - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg

Climbing back up the hill side, we got back on the main path. On the hike back, we saw that high up on the trees there were signs that pointed to the waterfalls. Much easier than counting hiking paths for direction!

Roberts Creek Waterfall Sign.jpg

Searching for parks and waterfalls around Sechelt, we were glad we found the waterfalls at Robert’s Creek.

Heading To Cliff Gilker Park For More Waterfalls

Next we headed to the much better marked paths at Cliff Gilker Park for more waterfall views on Robert’s Creek. We parked in the lot and checked out the trail map. There were several different paths that cut back and forth across the water.

Cliff Gilker Park Sign.jpg

We took the red path from the parking lot and headed for the first bridge crossing. The water flowed under the bridge and over the rounded rocks. A bench was positioned for great views of the flowing waters.

Cliff Gilker Park.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park.jpg

From here we followed the red path and then crossed the next bridge and got on the yellow path. The water drop at this point was far more dramatic.

Cliff Gilker Park Bridge - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park Hike.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park.jpg

We found the last bridge as we kept walking. The views from both sides of the bridge were interesting. Another bench was positioned for great views of the water as it cascaded over the rocks.

Cliff Gilker Park Bridge - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Cliff Gilker Park Bench - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg

When we had our fill of rushing waters, we took the path that took us back to the park access road. From there we walked back up the road to the parking lot. We were so glad we got this second view of Robert’s Creek on our day enjoying parks and waterfalls around Sechelt.

A Hike In To Burnett Falls

There was one more waterfall on our list for this visit to Sechelt. We headed up the south side of the Sechelt Inlet and turned on Burnett Road. There was a sign to Burnett Falls tacked high on the hydro pole. When we hit the end of the road, the path was clearly marked.

Burnett Falls Park Sign.jpg

The path went high above the river and we got glimpses down the gorge as we walked. Again we found benches placed along the path. In a spot or two we found paths that took us safely down to the creek. But there was no view of the waterfall from here.

Burnett Falls Park Hike.jpg
Burnett Falls Park Creek.jpg
Burnett Falls Park Creek - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Burnett Falls Park Creek.jpg

We kept climbing the steep path and soon heard the rush of water. And then we got our first glimpse of the Burnett Falls as it fell from a 30m (~100 feet) point. Another bench was placed for perfect views.

Burnett Falls Park Bench - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Burnett Falls Park - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Burnett Falls Park - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg

We did a second visit to Burnett Falls with our son Nick and the great Gypsy dog. Gypsy sure enjoyed the view of the falls!

Burnett Falls Park.jpg

Compared to our other hikes, this was a shorter path for waterfall views. But another fun outing for parks and waterfalls around Sechelt.

Hiking At Hidden Grove

One day we went out for a family hike. There was a new hiking spot at Hidden Grove they wanted to share with us.

The trail map showed a large number of trails at Hidden Grove. We should have clued in when the trail map was shown on a topographic mark that not all trails would be the same level of difficulty. As we walked along we saw the coloured arrows that showed which trails went which way. Having hiked this park many times, Nick took us along his favourite route.

Hidden Grove Sign.jpg
Hidden Grove Family.jpg

As we walked along we enjoyed the park scenery. We were often drawn in my interesting mushrooms. And interesting trees like the nurse log were pointed out. This was a fallen tree which provided water and nutrients to new growing trees.

Hidden Grove Hike - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg
Hidden Grove Hike Nurse Log.jpg
Hidden Grove Hike Mushroom - Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast.jpg

We stopped at the Lonely Giant tree. This Douglas fir was more than 500 years old! This was just one of the marked spots on a hike in the Hidden Grove.

Hidden Grove Hike Lonely Tree.jpg

It was great to spend some time hiking the Hidden Grove with family when we enjoyed the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt.

We Enjoyed Parks And Waterfalls Around Sechelt On The Sunshine Coast

We enjoyed our exploration of parks and waterfalls around Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. Great hikes and cascading waterfalls ensured we enjoyed the natural beauty of this area.

We saw a lot on this trip even if we did miss a few of the waterfall sites we had marked on our offline maps. The hike to the multi-tiered Chapman Creek Falls was definitely high on our list for a return visit. There were also hikes at Kinnikinnick Park that we missed on this trip. All great reasons to head back for more outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast.

Have you enjoyed the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast? Have you found another spot for our return visit?

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  1. I love British Columbia, but never visited Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. I’m not surprised to see there are so many parks and waterfalls in this area. British Columbia is THE place to go if you want to see beautiful nature. I love that they allow dogs at Burnett Falls. Here, in the US, they don’t allow dogs in any of the national parks.

  2. I would love to teleport myself to any of these waterfalls right now, as we are having a proper heatwave here in the UK. Just looking at the photos makes me imagine how cool and lovely it would be to walk on those trails. The secret falls at Roberts Creek look so pretty and refreshing. I would also love to do either the red or the yellow trail (or both) at Cliff Gilker Park. You were pretty brave to hold your camera above the rapids on that fallen tree, haha.

  3. What a lush and wonderful adventure! I love all the greenery and water features around Sechelt – it’s my kinda place. There is nothing more restorative than a walk in the woods, but these go way beyond simple ‘forest bathing”! So cool to see the nurse tree and mushrooms hosted on the trees, as well as the incredible water falls and rivers. The hand-drawn map was quite a find, too! The benches make it appealing to anyone who want to stop and take it all in – that would definitely be me!

  4. The Secret Waterfall on Robert’s Creek is very intriguing. Not on map and the hand drawn map on the wooden piece looks like a treasure hunt! The hike is totally worth it and the waterfalls in the middle of nowhere is absolutely delightful. While the way-marked trails are nice, this is awesome!
    Cliff Gilker Park looks wow. Did you walk on those fallen trees? Is it allowed to do that?
    I love those benches with the views of the waterfalls. Picnic lunch here would be perfect.

    • We loved the variety in the parks and waterfalls we found around Sechelt. It was quite wet when we visited so we had to be careful. But lots of good spots to stop for views.

  5. What an adventure of waterfall chasing and hiking in beautiful BC. I love that you ventured to find the “secret” trail and someone sharing it on a fence post. The offline trails are the best, as you really have to rely on locals to give up their secret locations and share them with you. And it looks like you visited some great ones too!

  6. These waterfalls look amazing! The flora in the hiking trails reminds me a lot to the one in North Spain where I am from. Robert Creek’s waterfall looks amazing. Relying on local people to get to know the hidden places seems like a pretty good advice to follow when traveling this area. Thanks for sharing this amazing article and gorgeous pics here.

    • We were definitely glad we got some local advice when we visited the parks and waterfalls near Sechelt. It was great to see some spots that are not typical tourist stops.

  7. First time I read about Sechelt and the waterfalls around. To be honest I found the nature more impressive than the waterfall. All this moss-covered trees and small creeks and bridges look like straight out of a fairytale. I would love to explore the area sometimes in the future.

  8. I do so love reading your posts. You are really helping me put together a trip to Canada for hopefully 2023. Do love discovering hikes like these.

    • I am glad to help you build your trip to Canada. It is great to add in some spots like Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast to see a very different view of the country.

  9. Well it looks like I have to add Sechelt to my travel bucket list! All of these spots look gorgeous, but especially love the photos you captured at Burnett Falls.

  10. Well, that is a perfect combination with a gorgeous forest hike and waterfalls to enjoy on the hike. Love seeing all the fantastic ferns, mushrooms and those giant trees, looks like an amazing area to visit and the secret waterfalls, i can understand locals not wanting that leaked out.

    • We were glad we had some local insight and company to explore the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt. A great spot on the Sunshine Coast in BC to explore.

  11. This post is torture! It’s been so hot the last days and I can actually feel how cool the woods are – especially around those beautiful waterfalls. I can feel the water spray onto my skin while I enjoy looking at them. By the way, I love your pix of those waterfalls – some of the falls look like vails.
    Finally, I love how the dog is looking at the camera – so cute!
    And now – back to sweating 😉

    • I hate to tease you with such cooling park and waterfall shots from Sechelt. We sure enjoyed our wanders around the Sunshine Coast. There was always another spot to discover. The heat wave is heading west in Canada. So I am sure these spots will be much busier soon.

  12. My list of places worth seeing in BC is already so long that I will need at least two months for my trip. Still learn about other fascinating places and gems in BC. I love waterfalls, so I add the ones you present in waterfalls around Sechelt to my plan. Cliff Gilker Park looks great. Also, the hike to Burnett Falls seems fantastic!

    • I would not be surprised if you need many months to see all the great spots to visit in BC. A few days on the Sunshine Coast are definitely worth it for the parks and waterfalls.

  13. I cant get enough of the drawn map on the wood! Its great 😍 Something I would love to come accross while checking out parks & waterfalls. You wonder.. can I trust it? Beautiful waterfall photos as well, I felt and heard peaceful vibes.

    • We were glad we found all the great local spots – complete with hand drawn maps – when we wandered around Sechelt. The map actually confirmed the directions we had researched before we got there. Lots of lovely peaceful spots.

  14. Canada’s west coast is such a fantastic place with SO many hiking trails. I’ve only been in B.C. 3 times but I definitely would love to go back for a few weeks to do some more hiking. I want to find the secret waterfalls.

    • I am sure you could fill 3 more weeks in BC with some great hiking. Every visit we make we find more great spots. The area around Sechelt was a fun one for sure.

    • It was wonderful to have a long stay in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast to explore all the great local spots. We were surprised at all the waterfalls we found.

  15. My husband would LOVE this!! He loves nature and this looks unlike any place we have explored. I would to go waterfall hunting and hiking with my boys.

  16. I’m kinda a waterfall nerd. I love the power of a good waterfall. This looks beautiful, and so similar to my home state of Washington. I love bc and hope to get back up there really soon.

  17. This looks so gorgeous! I love waterfalls and enjoyed all of the detail about how you found these falls. Lovely photos as always and Gypsy dog looks so happy! I could imagine sitting on one of those benches just drinking in that scenery.

  18. I’m a sucker for any hike that ends with a waterfall. I especially loved your long-exposure photos of that silky water cascading down the rocks. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I love chasing waterfalls & it’s especially fun when you find a secret one that nobody else is at! I love the directions written on a piece of wood too. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharin!

  20. Such lovely walks in nature with beautiful waterfalls as great rewards after your efforts. I would definitely enjoy strolling around there.

  21. I loved that secret waterfall and after reading it, I feel like I have been there already haha. Thank you for such a detailed and useful guide!

  22. I love that someone helped with the log map! I would always search for waterfalls as well and it makes getting exercise all the better with a waterfall reward from a hike!

  23. I am LOVING the photos, especially the map on the fence board and the one where you’re trying to get the shot from atop a fallen tree, LOL! This is a beautiful area, and I never realized there were so many waterfalls in that area of BC – making plans to spend some time exploring on my next Canada trip.

    • I sure hope you do get to the Sunshine Coast in BC when you take your trip to Canada. It was a great spot for outdoor fun with lots of great hikes and waterfalls. Even if some photos took some effort!

  24. I have never been to British Columbia, nor have I heard of Sechelt or the Sunshine Coast before reading this article. I love how closer to nature Canada is. I love seeing all these waterfalls and having these benches facing them is such a great idea!

  25. British Columbia looks beautiful and so many waterfalls just inviting you to jump in!! Your photos remind me of some hikes I did in the Blue Mountains in Australia which ended with a waterfall reward.

    • It was always fun when we got a waterfall reward for our hikes. We will definitely have to hike in the Blue Mountains when we get back to Australia. And hope to find the waterfalls too.

  26. What a beautiful hike. I love hikes like these where the wilderness and lush green landscape are all around. Having a waterfall to see is part of the fun too!

  27. I love seeing waterfalls! Will have to check out a few of these when I travel out that way 🙂

    • I hope you do get to visit the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt if you make it to the Sunshine Coast. They were a great way to enjoy the outdoors on our visit.

  28. I would definitely appreciate a sign that said, “You are facing North.” I am so directionally challenged. Good thing my husband is skilled at reading a map and gets us to the awesome waterfalls and hikes. This is another place we could add to our list!

  29. Wow, Linda!! These hikes and waterfalls are incredible! I love the mossy trees, too. I would love to check this place out when I get to British Columbia.

  30. What a beautiful place! It seems nature has been more generous on showering this place with plenty of greenery and stunning sceneries. It’s obvious that you and your family had such a good time exploring the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt on the sunshine coast. I can envision myself sitting on the bench and taking in the beautiful view of the flowing waters and breathing lots and lots of fresh oxygen thereby doing too many good things for my lungs.

  31. I hate to say it but perhaps Canadians behave better with or without their dogs which is why we Americans can’t bring our dogs into our National Parks. Just a guess based on other situations I’ve seen. What impressed me most about your photos was the height of those Trees! Are they really as tall as they seem?

    • Most of the parks require dogs to stay on leashes and most Canadians are pretty good about following that. We sure never ran into out of control dogs on any of our visits to the parks and waterfalls around Sechelt. The trees on the Sunshine Coast in BC were awesome. And yes, they were as big as they seemed. But not the biggest we saw in BC!

  32. Those are some really pretty waterfall hikes and pictures that you got of them! That trail map on the piece of wood stuck to a fence really got a laugh out of me. Not often you see something like that!

    • We were glad we got to see so many parks and waterfalls on our visit to the Sunshine Coast. And it was great to see the local gems and find the local maps!

  33. What an awesome trip chasing waterfalls! We too love waterfalls and make it a point to hike or walk to them as long as it is not a very challenging hike. We have plans to explore more of British Columbia and Canada in general. It’s difficult to decide which waterfall is more beautiful but I certainly like the Burnett falls.:-)

    • It was indeed difficult to pick a favourite waterfall. Each offered an interesting different perspective. But all the outdoor spots around Sechelt were great to discover. Hope you get to visit one day.

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