Heading To The Summit Of Mt Revelstoke

Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

We Were Glad We Got To the Summit Of Mt Revelstoke

When we stayed in Revelstoke on our road trip from Toronto to Vancouver, we were happy we got to the summit of Mt Revelstoke. There were so many great views from the mountain top.

Our visit to Revelstoke started with amazing views of the waterfalls of Revelstoke. We watched the skies clear and headed up Mt Revelstoke. There were amazing views on the way up. And then we got blinded by a snow storm. But when the snow cleared we continued and explored the summit of Mt Revelstoke. And even got sunset views and a new moon on the way back down.

These mountain views were a great tease for our visit to British Columbia (BC).

Our First View Of Mountains

After we left Calgary, we got our first views of the Rocky Mountains. The sun shone on the great mountain vistas.

Alberta Mountain Views To Banff.jpg
Alberta Mountain Views To Banff.jpg
Alberta Mountain Views To Banff.jpg

We stopped in Banff for our coffee stop. The town was as beautiful as we remembered, ringed with mountain views. We wandered in town for a bit before we headed back on the road.

Banff Town Views.jpg
Banff Town Views.jpg
Banff Town Views.jpg
Banff Good Earth Coffee

There was one more stop planned for the mountains in Alberta. We took the exit to Lake Louise and planned to hike around the lake. But every parking lot was full. So there was no way to stop and experience this outdoor beauty on our drive through Alberta.

We hoped to spend more time in Banff and Lake Louise on our return trip from Vancouver to Toronto.

Driving Into The Mountains In British Columbia

After we left Lake Louise, we continued on the Trans Canada Highway and entered the mountains in British Columbia. We enjoyed more mountain views. And then passed over the summit at Rogers Pass. With higher avalanche-prone mountains, we went through several large tunnels (or sheds) that protected the highway from damage.

BC Border.jpg
BC Border Mountain Drive.jpg
BC Border Mountain Drive.jpg
BC Border Mountain Drive.jpg

As we drove along, we saw many construction spots that impacted our road trip travel times. A major project was underway to expand the highway over the mountains. The Drive BC site provided up-to-date road status. We did not check the road closures in advance of planning our BC entry date. But luckily the main highway was open. On our return trip from Vancouver to BC, we again missed checking the site in advance. And ended up with a major detour on our road home!

BC Border Mountain Drive.jpg

We did our first drive through the Rocky Mountains when the roads were open and traffic moved well. But this stretch of our road trip between Toronto and Vancouver required a little more attention.

A Quick Stop At The Golden Skybridge

On our drive into Revelstoke, we passed through the town of Golden. When we saw the sign on the road for the Golden Skybridge we wanted to check it out. We thought it was a suspension bridge we could walk across. But when we pulled into the large parking lot, we knew it was much more.

Golden Sky Bridge Attraction.jpg

When we entered the building, we saw that this experience needed far more than the short stop we had on a long road trip day. We wandered outside and got a view of the suspension bridge in the distance. And even further out we saw the zipline. If we also wanted to enjoy the hiking paths, we needed at least a half a day.

Golden Sky Bridge Attraction.jpg
Golden Sky Bridge Attraction.jpg

We left disappointed that we missed the Golden Skybridge experience. But we put it on a list for another visit to BC

Staying In Revelstoke

Our 2 night hotel stop at the Fairfield Inn and Suites in Revelstoke gave us a great view of Mt Revelstoke. But it was also located right next to the train tracks. Our room literally shook when the train passed by. And we were warned they went past once an hour or more!

Revelstoke Fairfield Hotel View.jpg
Revelstoke Fairfield Hotel View.jpg

We found a good local spot for dinner and had a tasty bison burger at the Chubby Funsters Kitchen. And a homemade apple pie with more apple than we ever saw. We were now in British Columbia and we provided proof of vaccination when we ate inside.

Revelstoke Chubby Funsters Food.jpg
Revelstoke Chubby Funsters Food.jpg

It rained the first night in Revelstoke and was grey again in the morning. But when the sky cleared at noon, we packed our day bag and headed out to explore.

Heading To Mt Revelstoke National Park

As we visited the waterfalls in Revelstoke, we watched the weather closely. When the grey skies cleared, we knew we had the chance to go up to the summit of Mt Revelstoke. We headed to the Meadows In The Sky Parkway.

When we entered the Mt Revelstoke National Park, we had to make a decision about the park cost. There were a couple of options. One option provided us with entry to only Mt Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks. The other option was to buy a broad National Park Pass that covered all parks across the country. We ultimately decided that we would make good use of the much broader pass.

National Park Pass

Viewpoints On The Way To The Summit

The road up the mountain was a twisty one filled with hair pin turns. We drove slowly up through the trees. There were several viewpoints as we climbed. We stopped and looked out over the town of Revelstoke and the winding Columbia River. Across the river we saw the area where we enjoyed the waterfalls of Revelstoke.

Drive Up Views Columbia River Revelstoke - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Drive Up Views Columbia River Revelstoke.jpg

Other viewpoints gave us a view of the other mountains that surrounded Revelstoke. The skies were largely blue but some clouds moved in.

Drive Up Views Mountain Peaks - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Drive Up Views Mountain Peaks - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

There were so many great views as we headed up to the summit of Mt Revelstoke.

We Drove Into Snow

As we climbed higher we first lost the blue skies. Then rain started and as the temperature dropped to freezing, the rain turned to snow. And the snow became a blinding wall.

Drive Up Snow.jpg
Drive Up Snow - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

We made it to the summit parking lot and the snow continued to fall. We stopped briefly but decided we were not dressed to tackle a snow storm.

Drive Up Snow.jpg

So we headed back down to the next viewpoint. And were surprised when the snow slowed and then stopped. So we turned around and headed back up to the summit. By the time we hit the parking lot at the summit, the snow storm had passed but the ground remained snow covered.

A Walk In The Snow To The Summit Of Mt Revelstoke

We headed out for the walk along the Upper Summit Trail. The sign said the hike was only 1km. But we did not expect it to be uphill all the way on a rough path covered in snow.

Snow Walk Up - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Snow Walk Up.jpg
Snow Walk Up - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

But we trudged on and finally came out at the summit trail network. We saw there were still several hiking paths to different points on the summit!

Snow Walk Up.jpg

Following the Koo Koo Sint Trail, we continued higher. We found a lookout point with bright red chairs and a clear view out. Different spots gave us different perspectives.

Koo Koo Sint Path - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Koo Koo Sint Path - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Koo Koo Sint Path
Koo Koo Sint Path View - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Koo Koo Sint Path View - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

From this point we kept climbing to the panoramic viewpoint. The sun was moving down and we got great reflections on a small pond. And as we climbed we saw mountains in the distance.

Walk To Summit Lookout - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Walk To Summit Lookout - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

We hit the summit of Mt Revelstoke at the Fire Lookout at an elevation of 6360 feet (~2000 m). There were paths from here to the North Parapet and the South Parapet. But we had our views from the summit and it was time to head back down.

Walk To Summit Lookout - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Walk To Summit Lookout.jpg
Walk To Summit Fire Lookout - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

We were so glad the snow cleared and we made it to the summit of Mt Revelstoke. The views were most definitely worth the climb.

Heading Back Down As The Sun Set

From the summit, we walked back to start of the summit trails. We had the choice to go back along the hiking path or to walk down the road used by the shuttle bus. It was getting dark so we decided that the road was a safer choice.

Walk Down.jpg

We arrived at the parking lot and got in the car. We were amused when we saw that all the snow had melted on the car. But the temperature was still right at the freezing point so we drove down with caution. As we headed down Mt Revelstoke, the sky filled with colour. At each turn in the road, we got a different view of the setting sun on the mountains.

Drive Down Sunset and New Moon - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

When we hit the lower viewpoints, we pulled in and caught the last sunset views. We were delighted when we saw the new moon rising at the same time.

Drive Down Sunset and New Moon - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg
Drive Down Sunset and New Moon - Summit Of Mt Revelstoke BC Canada.jpg

Our last views from Mt Revelstoke were stunning.

A Great Day Heading Up To The Summit Of Mt Revelstoke

On our road trip from Toronto to Vancouver, we were so happy we planned a two night stop in Revelstoke.

We started our full day in Revelstoke with amazing views of the waterfalls of Revelstoke. When the skies cleared, we headed up to the summit at Mt Revelstoke. So many great views on the way up. And even a snow storm did not stop us from hiking to the summit.

We were excited by all of our outdoor adventures in Revelstoke and looked forward to more great fall adventures on this visit to BC.

Have you headed up to the summit of Mt Revelstoke? Did you get amazing views on your visit?

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  1. Really amazing views! I love that alpine village too. The architecture reminds me of Bavaria. I would have to visit in the summer though, I have had enough snow in my younger years to last a life time.

    • It was strange to catch snow when we went up. But when we visited Revelstoke on the way back snow was a much bigger risk. A lovely stop in summer for sure.

  2. These are such amazing views! The mountains are just so majestic…I can see why you were happy you made it to the summit of Mt. Revelstoke. I’m sorry to hear you hit a few unexpected obstacles along the trip, though – from the full parking lot at Lake Louise to construction traffic to hearing the trains pass by on the hour at your hotel. But then, it’s all the more realistic for what to expect on any road trip. They always comes with a few setbacks, but in the end, well worth it!

    • We generally have pretty realistic expectations for road trips. And even with some bumps Revelstoke was a great stop on our road trip to Western Canada.

  3. The Canadian mountains always look so spectacular! Mount Revelstoke is no exception. Good that it is possible to drive up the mountain and kudos to you that you hiked on despite of the challenging weather conditions!

  4. Firstly, sorry for the tough times you had during the trip, but how lucky that you actually made it to the top. The view is amazing. Mount Revelstoke is gorgeous.

  5. Wow oh my goodness Mt Revelstoke National Park looks so beautiful! Those viewpoints are just stunning and I especially love the amazing sunset shots!

  6. Revelstoke looks like an incredible site to visit. I think it’s so cool that it started to snow while you were making your way up the summit too! It’s a part of Canada I’d love to see, the nature is magnificent here.

  7. This is making me miss home sooooo much! Luckily we’ll be visiting Canada this summer for the first time after the craziness of the last few years. And we want to make a point of heading into the mountains! Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. We will hopefully be doing a BC road trip either next year or the year after. We have been to Kootenay and fell in love! Mount Revelstoke looks fabulous!

  9. This is a trip of a lifetime! But it looks like you need to plan a return trip to do that suspension bridge. Good to know about planning at least half a day due to the others activities while there. I too would be itching to continue to drive, and the destination is worth the journey – Mt. Revel stone is worth the drive.

  10. We have passed Revelstoke many times on the way to and from Calgary, where my daughter lives, to Vancouver. We never stopped to see. I am missing a lot with those waterfalls, the summit, and the whole national park!

  11. Your journey to the summit of Mount Revelstoke is truly magnificent! Driving across the winding road zigzagging through the alpine trees is an enriching experience and the views of the crimson skies during sunset peeking through the trees and looking at rain turning into snowfall is truly amazing!

    • Sometimes we are really glad we just stick with our plan. We would have truly missed some amazing sights if we did not turn back around. Definitely a great spot to see.

  12. You inspired me a lot! We plan to visit friends in BC in July, and we will have a few days to explore the area. I was just wondering which direction to go. So far, I have not seen any pictures of Mount Revelstoke. The place seems delightful, even in the snow 🙂 I didn’t even know it was a national park. Maybe we can get there and get to the summit. I would also like to see the waterfalls of Revelstoke.

  13. It looks absolutely beautiful there! I would love to these same road trips someday. Too bad you had to take a detour on your way back home. I would have also climbed up the Summit Trail even though it was snowing and it was hard. It sounds too good to pass.

  14. Dam, I wish I had made it out to revelstoke. Such stunning views and looks like a wonderful time of year with the light snow cover and that sunset as you head down. Although sounds like a risky drive down, you caught just the right time. I could only imagine it would be worse going down in the dark.

    • We were glad we got to the summit at Mt Revelstoke and got the views even with a little snow. A great drive to plan – with some contingency planning!

  15. This is BEAUTIFUL. I especially love you how stopped at the Sky Bridge and how you were driving into snow the further up you got. I have not yet been in this area, but this looks list a must-visit attraction.

  16. Oh wow, these views are stunning! I would certainly hunt for all those viewpoints and try some of that food. Seems like you had a great time. And always topped with the best tips! Thank you for putting this together!

  17. I’m glad you decided to turn around and went back to Mt. Revelstoke! The views on your hike to the summit of Mt. Revelstoke are amazing! And I agree that you should go back to Golden Skybridge for a longer visit. It looks like that place needs at least a day of your time to explore and experience.

  18. Well I learned something new! I’m a Washingtonian and have spent a lot of time in BC but have not been to this mountain or this NP. So putting on the list! Looks beautiful!

  19. I first heard of Revelstoke when a friend went skiing there. I’m glad to get a look at the summer season and all of the things there are to do. It looks beautiful!

  20. I would love to get to the mountains of BC. I think you made the right decision getting the pass as it seems like you will make good use of it.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing this post – I might be headed here this summer, so I’m bookmarking for later. This is a great guide!

  22. I’m sorry your journey wasn’t the smoothest but it looks like it was worth all the trouble! Look at the photos! Plus, it make everything more memorable. Mount Revelstoke is sure breathtaking. I have to say that Canada’s landscapes is one of the best. the mountains offer such spectacular views.

  23. I stayed in Revelstoke on a road trip from Vancouver to Banff and I was wishing I knew beforehand how beautiful Revelstoke was as I would have liked to explore it more. Next time I’m in Western Canada, I’ll be staying in Revelstoke longer.

    • I was glad we did some research before we landed in Revelstoke. We would have hated to miss both the waterfalls and the trip up to the summit on Mt Revelstoke. Definitely worth a few days if your road trip through BC.

  24. I’m so glad I read your post. I had never heard of Mt Revelstoke before, but all the places you mentioned including Banff and Lake Louise are places that I have been wanting to visit for some time. Now, I can add Mt. Revelstoke to the list. And, that apple pie looked heavenly.

  25. The whole area looks absolutely stunning. Then the views on the way up and at the top are beautiful. I love being at the top of a mountain, but always forget just how different going 1 km on flat is to going uphill. It is always worth it with amazing views! Also – that apple pie is the biggest I have ever seem!

    • We were indeed so glad we persevered and got to the summit on Mt Revelstoke. The views were stunning at the top and all the way back down. That apple pie was definitely well deserved when we finally made it back to town.

  26. You’ve definitely inspired me to visit Mt. Revelstoke with those amazing views which look like an absolute dream. The weather seems unpredictable, but worth the experience. I tried a bison burger for the first time when I visited Toronto and it was amazing! I’ll save your post for later.

    • I hope you do get to visit Revelstoke one day. The mountain weather can often be unpredictable but often worth a little perseverance. We do love wild game so it was awesome to find it in the local spot in the town.

  27. Wow! The views going up and at the top of Revelstoke are breathtaking! It’s crazy how the weather changed so much from the bottom to the top. I would definitely want to visit and experience for myself. I’d love to include time to visit the Golden Skybridge too!

  28. Those views are SPECTACULAR. i would LOVE to hike in that area. Even the drive to Revelstoke looks amazing. Also, the Apple pie was likely to die for.

  29. What an incredible view, especially covered in snow! And that apple pie looks incredible! This sounds like a really fun road trip.

  30. Truly incredible! The drive to Revelstoke looked beautiful and I’d love to stop in Banff and around Lake Louise. The view of the Sunset on the way down from the summit is absolutely beautiful!

  31. I have never driven or hiked up Revelstoke, but I have skied there and the views were amazing. It is one of my favourite resorts in Canada. Looks like you had a few disappointments on the trip what with no parking a Lake Louise (it gets so busy!), the road works and then not being able experience the bridge in Golden, but I think Revelstoke made up for it. Great that the snow storm passed and you could see those great views.

    • Revelstoke certainly did make up for everything. We were so glad we planned two days to stay there. Although we could probably do longer! One day we will have to go back in the winter.

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