Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

Such Variety In The Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

We found so many great Fall experiences in BC (British Columbia).  The Autumn colours with the changing of the leaves bathed each scene with beauty.  We found so many ways to enjoy the water and waterfalls around BC.  Outdoor adventures were everywhere.  Local attractions kept us entertained.  And we sure enjoyed some lovely stays and great food.

We enjoyed visiting British Columbia at all times of year.  But Fall offered so many treats when our long road trip took us to Western Canada.

Changing Colours Of Autumn

Fall was a colourful time in BC.  Whether we wandered in the city or headed out of town we always found the changing of the leaves added delightful sights.

Vancouver Fall Colours - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

When we headed north of Vancouver to Whistler, we found the small town engulfed in Autumn colours.  We loved wandering the town and nearby parks.

Whistler Fall Colours

But we were blown away when we were engulfed in a riot of colour at Butchart Gardens.  Flowers were still in bloom.  But it was the deep colours of Fall in Butchart Gardens that entranced us.

Butchart Gardens Fall Colours - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

We sure found some colourful Fall experiences in BC.

Look For Salmon In The Rushing Waters

Fall was the perfect time of year for the salmon run.  From the end of September to mid-October in BC, millions of salmon swam upstream to spawn and lay their eggs.  

Most Pacific Salmon died after spawning.  After the effort to fight upstream they generally did not have the energy to return to the sea.  But when we visited Grand Falls in Newfoundland, we were surprised when we learned that Atlantic Salmon did not all die after spawning.

During the salmon run, we wanted the iconic sights of bears fishing in the salmon-filled waters or eagles swooping down for the easy pickings.  So one of the top Fall experiences in BC we chased was to see the salmon run.  We started our search on our stay on the Sunshine Coast.  But it was a bit early.

We arrived for our road trip on Vancouver Island and enjoyed lots of water adventures in the Comox Valley.  We visited the Puntledge River Salmon Hatchery and the Big Qualicum Salmon Hatchery.  Occasionally we caught sight of a salmon but we found no great salmon rush upstream.

Salmon Puntledge Hatchery - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

When we went south and explored around the Malahat we were optimistic.  We were sure we would find teeming rivers of salmon and some iconic views in the Goldstream Provincial Park.  But we were again disappointed.

Salmon Goldstream Provincial Park

Even though we were not successful, we knew the salmon run was one of the Fall experiences in BC we wanted to enjoy one year.

Hike In The Parks

On a short stay in Revelstoke, we were delighted when we explored the summit of Mt Revelstoke.  We drove high into the Mt Revelstoke National Park and got amazing views at every stop.  The snow falling at higher altitudes surprised us.  But did not stop us from hiking at the summit.

Hikes Revelstoke Summit - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

When we explored the outdoor spots around Northern Vancouver, we were amazed at all the park space we found.  We returned to the Lynn Canyon Valley and hiked the paths.  A walk around Rice Lake gave us a relaxing morning with family.  Having seen Lighthouse Park from the water, we enjoyed a few hours taking in the park from the land side.

Hike Lynn Canyon
Hike Lighthouse Park - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

On day trips we explored the parks in the Sechelt area at Robert’s Creek, Cliff Gilker Park, Burnett Falls and Hidden Grove.  It was great to enjoy the outdoors with family on our visit.

Hike Sunshine Coast Cliff Gilker

Enjoying the outdoors and exploring the parks was always one of the great Fall experiences in BC.

Many Ways To Enjoy Water Fall Experiences In BC

The entire coast of BC is on the water.  So it was easy to enjoy the water on every stop.  In Vancouver we stayed in the False Creek area with views out over the water and the boats.  The False Creek ferries were a great way to explore both sides of the inlet.

False Creek BC Place - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

One day we even rented a speed boat at Granville Island.  We headed up Howe Sound towards Horseshoe Bay and enjoyed the great views from the water.  We passed the Point Atkinson Lighthouse and one day returned to explore Lighthouse Park from the land.

False Creek Boating

North on the Sunshine Coast, our hike to the Skookumchuck Rapids was filled with excitement.  We planned our visit when the rapids were high and were amazed at how much fun was had in the rushing waters.

Skookumchuck Rapids

Heading north from Vancouver, we loved visiting the small town of Deep Cove.  Kayak rentals offered a relaxing way to get out on the water.

Deep Cove Kayak - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

Every visit to BC provided a chance to travel around the province with BC Ferries.  We needed a ferry to visit the Sunshine Coast.  And when we travelled north on the Sunshine Coast to Powell River we took the small ferry at Earl’s Cove and then enjoyed the trip across the Inner Passage to Comox on Vancouver Island.  We had other options for the trip back to the mainland from Vancouver Island at either Nanaimo or Victoria.  Every ferry trip was an amazing one of the Fall experiences in BC.

BC Ferries Mount Baker - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)
BC Ferries Powell River Salish Orca - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

Chase The Waterfalls

Where we found water in BC, we often found amazing waterfalls.  We started our visit to BC with a stay in Revelstoke.  We wandered to the local parks and explored some of the great waterfalls in the Revelstoke area.  On this first visit Moses Falls, Sutherland Falls and Begbie Falls provided us with stunning waterfall views.  And we even snuck in another waterfall when we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls on our way to Vancouver.

Waterfalls Revelstoke Sutherland Falls - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

On our stay in Whistler, we headed out in the rain and on our hikes we found some of the stunning waterfalls in the area.  Shannon Falls, Nairn Falls, Brandywine Falls and Alexander Falls each provided a different watery view.

Waterfalls Whistler Alexander Falls

When we looked for outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast, we were delighted with the waterfalls we found at Robert’s Creek, Cliff Gilker Park and Burnett Falls.  

Waterfalls Sunshine Coast Cliff Gilker

But we were not yet done with waterfall sightings for our Fall experiences in BC.  Browns River Falls and the Nymph Falls were delightful stops on our visit to the Comox Valley when we reached Vancouver Island.  

Waterfalls Comox Browns Falls - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

And we even found Niagara Falls in the Goldstream Provincial Park when we wandered around the Malahat in southern Vancouver Island.  It was not the mighty Niagara Falls we visited close to home in Toronto.  But it was still a nice find after we followed a dry, leaf-filled stream bed.

Waterfalls Goldstream Niagara Falls

Chasing waterfalls was always one of our favourite Fall adventures in British Columbia.

Find Interesting Local Attractions

We found interesting local attractions when we visited BC.  Each trip we added more sites to our list.

Our first treat came on our travels on Vancouver Island when we re-visited the fun goats on the roof of the Old Country Market in Coombs outside of Parksville.

Coombs Goats on Roof

When we headed south on Vancouver Island, we stopped and enjoyed the murals in Chemainus.  There was such a colourful variety and we learned much about the local history.

Chemainus Murals - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

On another day trip around the Malahat, we had a fun adventure at the Malahat Skywalk.  We walked to the top of the tower for panoramic views.  And then took the giant slide down.

Malahat Skywalk - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

On this visit, we found a new local attraction when we returned to Vancouver.   In the Queen Elizabeth Park on the top of Little Mountain we enjoyed several hours wandering in the Bloedel Conservatory.  We learned much about the different gardens containing 500 varieties of exotic plants and flowers.  But the colourful birds were the big draw for us.

Bloedel Conservatory Blue Parrot

We always enjoyed local attractions on our day trips.  A great way to find new Fall adventures in British Columbia.

Eat Well To Fuel Fall Adventures In BC

It was not hard to eat and drink well when we visited BC in the Fall.  On our hotel stays, we enjoyed our Marriott Ambassador Elite benefits and started our days with great free breakfasts.  There was always such variety that we never got bored with the choice.

Food JW Marriott Le Parq - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)
Food Westin Bear Mountain

Many of the hotels had great on-site restaurants.  So when we wanted to stay close, we enjoyed some tasty gourmet meals at the JW Marriott Parq in Vancouver, the Westin Whistler Resort and Spa, at the Old House Hotel on the river in Courtenay and at the Westin Bear Mountain Resort outside of Victoria.  

Food JW Marriott Le Parq - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)
Food Westin Whistler
Food Old House Locals - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

We enjoyed seasonal treats when we visited the Fraser Valley outside of Vancouver.  In cranberry season there was no shortage of ways to enjoy one of our favourite treats.  Local markets always provided tasty foods.  And the Granville Island market was a regular stop on our visits to Vancouver.

Food Fraser Valley Market Krause
Food Fraser Valley Market
Food Granville Market - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

When we explored Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, we stayed in different Airbnbs.  There were limited hotel options.  And we wanted extra space for some family time.  It was nice to have a son who was a great cook and he fed us fresh seafood regularly.

Sechelt Mussels

We had many Fall adventures in British Columbia and we made sure we were well-fuelled to enjoy them all.

Enjoy Some Great Places To Stay

We stayed in a great variety of places on our visit to BC in the Fall.  

We enjoyed being right downtown when we stayed twice at the JW Marriott Parq in Vancouver.  There were so many fun things to do on the water in False Creek

Room JW Marriott Le Parq - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)
Room JW Marriott Le Parq

When we went north of Vancouver to Whistler, we had a large suite with a kitchen for our stay at Westin Whistler Resort and Spa.  The hotel was located right in the Whistler Village and everything was close by.  And the hotel was the perfect base to explore the Whistler hike and waterfalls spots.

Food Westin Whistler - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

On the Sunshine Coast we always found great Airbnb properties.  We stayed in places that were well equipped.  And the hosts provided awesome local knowledge.  We always got great tips for new things to see and do on the Sunshine Coast.  We generally chose properties that had great parks nearby and were within walking distance to the water.  Many hours were spent just enjoying those views.

Room Sechelt Beach View

When we headed to Vancouver Island, we booked a boutique Old House Hotel and enjoyed the spot right on the river.  We had a larger suite with a full kitchen.  Without our Marriott Ambassador Elite benefits, we had the option of breakfast in the room or in the hotel.  From our base in Courtney it was easy to explore the outdoor attractions in the Comox Valley.

Room Old House Locals - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

As we moved south on our visit to Vancouver Island, we spent a few relaxing nights at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort .  We enjoyed the tidal view from our balcony.  And explored the local attractions.

Room Tigh-Na-Mara

Our final stop on Vancouver Island took us back to the lovely Westin Bear Mountain Resort.  We got a nice upgraded suite and enjoyed the large resort property.  A perfect base to discover new spots around the Malahat on Saanich Inlet.

Room Westin Bear Mountain
Room Westin Bear Mountain - Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

We enjoyed some great stays while we chased our Fall adventures in British Columbia.  It was great to have a nice spot to stay after a busy day.

We Enjoyed So Many Fall Experiences In BC (British Columbia)

On our road trip to Western Canada, we enjoyed a long stay in British Columbia.  And on our visit we found so many great Fall experiences in BC.  

It was a colourful time of year to be outside.  We explored the waterways, parks and waterfalls every chance we could.  It was alway fun to check out the local attractions on each stop.  

British Columbia was a favourite spot for us to visit at all times of year.  Visits in the Fall added some reasons to plan a return visit when the summer turned to Autumn.  

Did you enjoy the varied Fall experiences in BC (British Columbia)?  Did we miss something we need to plan for another Autumn visit?

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  1. Ooh! I went to Butchart Gardens in the summer. I can’t believe it’s even prettier during fall. I bet spring is awesome, too with the cherry blossoms!

    I’m jealous about the having a son that could cook! That seafood pasta and steak just made me hungry 🙁

    I haven’t been in Vancouver in so long, JW Marriot looks like a nice place to stay.

  2. What a beautiful place to enjoy autumn. I never been to this part of Canada and I think I would really enjoy this season. Butchart Gardens are amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen colours like this before. The waterfalls are in abundance in this region, the nature here clearly thrives. And the food, just wow! Seeing the photos made me so hungry. I hope to visit BC on our next visit.

  3. Canada in fall is a dream! Couldn’t imagine a better thing to do than chasing waterfalls in BC during this season!

  4. Is it fall yet?! But summer got here only a couple of days ago! Howsoever, the red and golden leaves are absolutely gorgeous. I always wanted to experience the Indian Summer in the US – guess it’s as beautiful in Canada. Also, I love roaming in woods especially in autumn with the lovely smell of leaves and mushrooms and moss – the epitome of nature!

  5. I had hoped to hop up to BC this summer but it didn’t happen…now it will have to wait until next year. But fall is a perfect time to go, fewer people and still great weather. As always your photos are awesome. I really want to visit Chemanus and have been saying that for about twenty years. LOL. I’m inspired now!

  6. All these places look stunning in autumn. I’d love to see the fall foliage in BC. I’d probably take loads of photos If I visited these places. Thanks for sharing all your recommendations! I’ll be saving this for a future trip here.

  7. What’s the physical level to hike in the park? And is fishing allowed there or you can only observe? We love fishing but would like to know environmental regulations in areas like this. Thanks, Linda!

    • Generally there are seasons for different types of fishing, some restricted areas and licenses required for different types of fish. So best to check when you know your travel dates.

  8. I had never cared much about Autumn until I started seeing those astonishing pictures of yellow, orange and red trees on the internet. British Columbia looks beautiful and the surrounding nature, top-notch.

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