A Short Stay In Montreal

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We Started Our East Coast Trip With A Short Stay In Montreal

On our road trip to Eastern Canada, we started with a short stay in Montreal.  For our anniversary, we even booked a luxury pampering stay at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal.  

The weather was great for our visit and we enjoyed wandering around the city.  On a visit to the Old Port, we took a harbour cruise and saw the city from another perspective.  

Montreal was the first Quebec stop on our month long trip. But we had several more stops planned in Quebec before and after we visited the Atlantic provinces.

A Great Return Visit To The Ritz-Carlton Montreal

On our first stay at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal we celebrated David’s birthday with a pampering treat.  On that visit, it was so cold we barely left the hotel.  But we sure enjoyed the hotel property.  So when we planned our east coast adventure, it was an easy decision to start our trip in Montreal.  It was the perfect spot to celebrate our anniversary.

The customer service at this hotel was always the best.  A last minute cancellation meant we were upgraded at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal to an executive suite.  A special treat waited for us in the room.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal Suite Treat - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
Ritz-Carlton Montreal Suite Treat.jpg
Ritz-Carlton Montreal Suite Treat.jpg

When we booked our stay, we planned to enjoy the pool and the spa at the hotel.  But with nice weather, most of the days we wandered in the city.  

Outdoor Art Was Everywhere

The hotel was close to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  When we went past, we were drawn in by a Chihuly glass art piece.  When we visited Seattle we spent an afternoon at the Chihuly Garden and Glass and loved the work of this artist.  But sadly there was just this one piece outside in Montreal.

Museum of Fine Art Chihuly Sun - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg

But when we wandered around the building we found many pieces of outdoor art.  We slowly walked the street and admired the pieces.  

Museum of Fine Art Adrift.jpg
Museum of Fine Art Salle Bougie Altmejd - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg

We saw a statue of a man made out of silver letters.  This Plensa sculpture was similar to a piece we found when we visited the New Orleans Museum of Modern Art Outdoor Statue Garden (NOMA).  Later when we headed to the Old Port, we walked down the green space along Robert-Bourassa Boulevard and saw a similar outline of a man made with white swirling lines (called “Source”).  

Museum of Fine Art Plensa Shadows - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
Plensa Source.jpg

Montreal was a city known for its street art.  As we wandered around the city, we found many interesting pieces.  But we were sorry we were not visiting when the Mural Festival was on.

Street Art.jpg
Street Art.jpg

On a short stay in Montreal, we got a glimpse of outdoor art in the city.

Wandering Along The Waterfront At The Port

From our hotel we walked and enjoyed some of the sights in the city.  We found more art in the parks.  And history everywhere.

City Buildings and Parks - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
City Buildings and Parks - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
City Buildings and Parks Sir Wilfred Laurier.jpg

We walked to the Old Port area and wandered along the waterfront.  There were lots of things to see and do.  If we wanted to relax, there was even a floating spa.  And for fun, there was even a zipline!

Old Montreal Zipline.jpg
Old Montreal Zipline.jpg

The large ferris wheel, La Grande Roue de Montreal, was visible everywhere we walked along the waterfront.  We crossed over and went past the ferris wheel to the water and got a view down to the Sailor Tribute Clock.  Across the water, we saw the biosphere dome from EXPO ’67, the 1967 World Fair on Il e Saint-Helene.

Old Port La Grande Roue.jpg
Old Port La Grande Roue - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg

We found much to keep us amused at the Old Port.

Wandering In Old Town

After we wandered along the waterfront, we strolled along the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal.  Shops and restaurants lined the streets.  We saw musicians set up to entertain the people as they strolled or sat for lunch.

Old Montreal Streets.jpg
Old Montreal Streets - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg

Old Montreal was always an interesting spot to wander.

A Harbour Boat Tour

The tickets for our whale watching excursion in Tadoussac included a Montreal harbour cruise.  The boat went slowly along the waterfront area.   And we got a close up view of the La Ronde amusement park.  

Old Quai River Cruise.jpg
River Cruise Water View La Ronde - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
River Cruise Water View La Ronde - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg

We cruised for about an hour and then turned back towards downtown.  Everywhere we looked there was something to discover.

River Cruise Water View.jpg

We loved when we got a different perspective on a city view.   A water cruise was certainly a fun activity on our visit.

Of Course We Ate Well On A Stay In Montreal

We always ate well when we visited Montreal.  On our previous stay, we enjoyed many great meals at Maison Boulud on-site at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal.  On this visit, we enjoyed the breakfast treats in our large suite.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal Breakfast.jpg

One night we stopped in for drinks at the Ritz-Carlton bar.  And on our anniversary, we enjoyed a tasty meal on the large outdoor patio.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal Bar.jpg
Ritz-Carlton Montreal Patio Dinner - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
Ritz-Carlton Montreal Patio Dinner.jpg

As we wandered around we saw that many restaurants expanded their patio space out to the streets.  We even found a few streets closed off for pedestrians and expanded patio areas.  One night we enjoyed an Italian dinner at W&G on the upper patio.

Food and Drink Terrasse Crescent - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg
Food and Drink Terrasse Crescent WG Salad.jpg
Food and Drink Terrasse Crescent WG Pasta - Short Stay In Montreal Quebec.jpg

When we visited Old Montreal, we found many more great spots with patios.  We chose the Jardin Nelson and enjoyed the street music as we ate outside.

Old Montreal Le Jardin Restaurant.jpg

It was never hard to find great food and drink when we travelled.

Much To See And Do On A Short Stay In Montreal

We had a busy few days on our short stay in Montreal.  It was always tempting to stay and enjoy the luxury and great customer service at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal.  But with nice weather, we wandered further afield and enjoyed the city in summer.  

Outdoor art and great food and drink were plentiful.  When we visited the Old Port area, we found lots to see and do.  And we enjoyed the view of the city from a water perspective.

Sadly we departed Montreal early for the long drive to visit the Saguenay area of Quebec.  But we left with more fond memories.  A great first stop as we headed to Atlantic Canada.  

Have you enjoyed a short stay in Montreal?  What was your favourite thing to do?

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  1. I really love outdoor art and what you have shown is quite spectacular and staying at the Ritz makes it all sweeter a visit. I haven’t been to Montreal in over 40 years so i need to visit and check out all these amazing places and outdoor activities, it all looks amazing.

  2. I’ve heard so many good things about Montreal and want to visit even more now! The old town is my favourite as it reminds me of our European towns here. A cruise would be a must, and exploring the harbour and waterfront too. The food looks delicious and my tummy is rumbling now lol!

  3. I love street art and Montreal seems to have plenty of it. The food you enjoyed at the Ritz hotel look delicious. It must have been such a pleasant stay. A visit to the Old Port area looks pretty interesting as well.

  4. Your visit to Montreal looks quite a memorable one with your luxurious stay at Ritz Carlton with all the yummy treats. The wonderful art scene of Montreal like the Chuhily glass art, the silver lines man and the colorful murals all across the street walls bring the city into spotlight. The historic buildings, the ferris wheel at the waterfront brings Montreal on my bucket list of places for sure.

  5. Montreal looks just the type of European city we have always loved visiting.The harbor, the waterfront and the cruise options are all our favorites. The food options look so amazing. Would love to have the Italian dinner you have talked about. Spending some time in Ritz Bar would also be a top pick for us.

  6. Montreal looks fantastic – much better than expected. The food looks great, but the most alluring feature for me would be the street art. I really need to make it to Canada – and then, Montreal would be on top of my list. Thanks for this amazing inspiration 🙂

  7. It sounds like you had an successful journey. Celebrating anniversary and David’s birthday. The hotel worth the visit for sure. The amazing street art can surely grab anyone’s attention. The food looks delicious, too. I have never been to Canada, but now I have a good idea about it.

  8. I’ve definitely had Montreal on my list for a while and this sounds like such a fun road trip! The outdoor art exhibits and the food looks like it would be right up my alley. Definitely will be saving this post to inspire a future trip!

  9. Your post brought back some great memories! I’m originally from Montreal but moved to Prince Edward Island with my mom and brother in 1984 when I was just 11 years old. La Ronde and Montreal Expos baseball games at the Olympic Stadium make up some of my favourite memories of living there. I haven’t been back in several years, but a trip might be in order in the near future.

  10. i loved reading about your short stay! it sounds like such a wonderful recharge and you definitely out the short time to really good use!

  11. Oooooh. I love the Ritz Carlton upgrade and the little surprise in the room. So romantic!!! I love that Chihuly chandelier. I’ve seen some of his works in London and they are quite something. The series of sculptures of men looks intriguing. Getting the see the view from atop the Ferris Wheel is something I wouldn’t miss.

  12. I’ve been wanting to get to Montreal for many years now – and since I live in New England, I’m a little embarrassed to say I haven’t taken this road trip! Seeing how much art and history there is to enjoy here (I had no idea there was a Chihuly garden!) reminds me that Montreal needs to move up on my bucket list. Plus, staying at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal would be my kind of experience. I just love to be pampered!

  13. I would love to visit Montreal. The outdoor sculptures look fantastic. What a treat to see a Chihuly. I love his work, as well, and also visited his Glass Garden in Seattle. Old Montreal looks like a delightful place to stroll or ‘people-watch’ while sipping on a cocktail. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Montreal is so much fun, and the food scene is fantastic! I loved seeing some of your meals from the trip, along with the beautiful photos you included.

  15. The stay in the Ritz-Carlton Montreal looks incredible, so many nice touches, and so close to Montreal Museum of Fine Arts would be perfect for me. I just LOVE all the outdoor art in the city! What a wonderful trip to Montreal.

  16. The statues around Montreal Museum of Fine Arts are so beautiful! I also like the waterfront and who would have thought there is a zipline there? And of course, you had the best food as always. That seafood pasta makes me mouthwatering.

  17. Fantastic guide to visit Montreal, the city looks full of life and very vibrant! also, the architecture looks interesting! I hope I can visit one day!

  18. Love!! I really want to return to Montreal and am looking at next summer. I’d love to stay at the Ritz Carlton too. Such a great city for food and fun. I’m saving for reference next year!

    • You would love a stay at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. We were happy we planned a return stay for a special occasion. Lots to see close by and a good spot to use as a base to explore.

  19. I love all the public art. I can definitely understand the slight disappointment with only one of Chuly’s work We are also big fans. But clearly there was so many other great works. Thanks for putting Montreal on our list.

  20. I loveee a hotel upgrade and what nice touches to make you feel extra welcome! Montreal is somewhere I’d really love to visit. I think i’d take so much enjoyment from just wandering around looking at that stunning architecture!

  21. This post brought back happy memories. My partner and I stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Montreal for a birthday treat. I remember how the toilet seat going up and down by itself kept me fascinated for hours, lol.

  22. Such a great post Linda – packed with detail, as always. I love the street art and the “source” sculpture, and would definitely want to visit some of those restaurants in old Montreal! The food looks incredible!

  23. Your visit to Montreal and stay at the Ritz Carlton is giving me travel envy. I love the art scene and street art, I would love exploring them. I hope I can visit one day!

  24. It looks like you have had an awesome stay in Montreal. Food looks mouthwatering. I loved pictures of outdoor art. Amazing. And for sure I would love to take a harbour cruise! Thanks for sharing!

  25. I’m hoping to visit Canada next year so found this post really useful as Montreal is on the list of cities I’m planning to visit – I love how creative and colourful it is and how much there is to see and do even on a short stay

    Laura x

  26. I always love your posts! The Ritz is somewhere I am dying to stay in! This was certainly inspiration to travel to Montreal for a romantic getaway. Planning my vacation now!

  27. I had no idea there was so much to see and do in Montreal! The artwork is amazing. I’ve seen some of Chihuly’s glasswork before and it’s so impressive. All that food looks amazing too. I can’t wait to visit Montreal.

  28. Visiting Montreal and staying at the Ritz-Carlton Montreal sounds like a perfect pampering for a bday! Mine is Thursday and I think I need to kick it up a notch!

  29. I’m hoping to revisit Montreal next year so this is a great post to keep in mind. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend a few days here at least.

  30. I’ve heard that Montreal is a great city, and now I see why. I love all the art here – and it’s awesome that you’ve been to the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle! Even if there was only one piece outside in Montreal, his work is so distinctive and recognizable. The food you had looks amazing, especially that seafood pasta!

  31. The Ritz always exceeds customer expectations, and what a wonderful gesture they did for you both to make it extra special for your husband’s birthday. I adore strolling the streets of Montreal- the midtown museums and public art are incredible but especially enjoy Old Montreal, it’s like a little piece of Europe in Canada.

    • We love being pampered at the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal. A great spot for our celebrations for sure. Always hard to leave the hotel and head out to discover all the great sights in Montreal. But out we did go!

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