What We Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic Shutdown

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A Long List Of What We Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic

We often reflected on the long list of things we miss about cruising during the pandemic shutdown. We cruised a lot over the years. And found it a great way to taste test new locations before we returned for a longer stay.

Many people are avid anti-cruisers. Covid-19 has not increased the popularity of cruising. During the pandemic, there were many reasons why we did not travel beyond our local area. So cruising was definitely not on the planning board yet! But we will cruise again one day.

When we planned 2020 travel, we thought it would be a big cruising year. But you know what happened to that plan! We even got stranded by the pandemic on our South America cruise at the beginning of 2020! We miss so many things about the cruising experience – new destinations, learning about so many things, making new friends, food and pushing our boundaries. But there were also other things we don’t miss at all!

Thinking about and planning for future travel kept us going some days. But that made us think about the long list of things we miss about cruising during the pandemic.

We Thought 2020 Would Be An Awesome Cruising Year

We started the year with two months cruising around South America. When we boarded in Miami early in January 2020, Covid-19 was just a forming risk. As we cruised through three back-to-back cruise segments, the news and risk increased. The cruise company implemented tighter controls for new passengers and staff that boarded in Rio de Janeiro and then Buenos Aires. And new procedures were put in place onboard.

The new practices stopped Covid-19 from getting onboard. And at that time South America had virtually no cases, so port stops posed little risk. It was the most amazing cruise experience. We made it to two days before our final port stop in Peru and then the pandemic stranded us at sea. We ultimately cruised back to Miami with a great trip through the Panama Canal. With no infections on board, nobody felt sorry for us stranded on a luxury cruise ship! And we ultimately made it safe back to Canada for our 14 day quarantine.

But we had other cruises booked for 2020 that got cancelled. We planned to cruise in Europe in the fall. And for Christmas we planned to cruise for 26 days around Australia. We knew in March when we headed back home from South America that those cruises would not happen.

Reminded Of Cruising Regularly

During the pandemic we continued to work on the backlog of travel posts created by travelling almost 6 months a year. We connected with many fellow cruisers and cruise ship staff on social media. And our photos streamed to our AppleTV. So we were reminded of cruising regularly.

One day we picked up a delivery box and were delighted when we opened the package. Oceania Cruises had implemented a promotion called “Remember The Future”. And we got an early view of the treats in the Oceania picnic basket.

Oceania Cruises Remember The Future - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Oceania Cruises Remember The Future.jpg

The cooking supplies and Jacque Pepin cookbook brought back memories of so many of our favourite meals cruising. And we were reminded why Oceania was so often voted the “Finest Cuisine At Sea”. Even if the package did not include some of Oceania’s amazing dark chocolate!

The picnic basket was the perfect gift as we travelled locally in this pandemic year. The package sure made us recall all the things we miss about cruising during the pandemic shutdown.

Just Some Of The Things We Miss About Cruising

Most of the things we miss about cruising during the pandemic shutdown apply equally to larger trips and international travel. But some aspects of cruising are quite unique.

1) A New Destination Every Day

Such excitement when we pushed open the curtains and started a day as we headed into a new port. The cruise in and out of a new port offered views of the area that we often missed on our day in port. We joined the crowds on the upper decks and moved from side to side and took it all in. There were people who lived on cruise ships who said this new view every day was what kept them onboard.

 Water Views Seattle Goodbye.jpg

When we had no firm plans made for the day, the entry to a new port often gave us an overview of the area and helped us plan our visit. When we cruised into Alesund in the Norway fjords, we knew that one of us would climb the hill to the observation deck. Church steeples seen from the ship drew us to explore. And the sight of a city close by meant we could take our own tour.

 Water Views Miami Goodbye - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Water Views Cape Town - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Water Views Alesund.jpg

Water Views Bodo.jpg

Every port offered so much to discover. There were often so many choices of things to do as either tours or local exploration. During the course of a cruise we tried to do a mix of different activities – active, educational, foodie or just picturesque.

Cruise Excursions St Barts ATV.jpg

Cruise Excursion Mt Teide Volcano.jpg

Cruise Excursion Kinkaku-Ji Golden Pavilion Japan - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

A new port every day was one of the reasons why people often don’t cruise. Some ports we visited we were glad we had only one day. But for most ports our cruise visit gave us a taste test and we saw if we wanted to return for a longer stay.

2) Seeing Amazing Scenery From The Water

We loved to see new places from different perspectives. And that view from the water was one we constantly craved. There were places where we cruised through stunning natural beauty like the glaciers in Alaska, the fjords in Norway or the awesome sights in Patagonia. And when we cruised on the Yangtze River, so many cities put on the most amazing night light shows. The water was really the best spot to be!

Water Views Amalia Glacier Chile - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Water Views Flam Norway Fjord - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Water Views Yunyang Night Bridge Lights - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Cruising through canals and dams were always a major treat. We cruised through the Suez Canal and then through the Panama Canal. Everyone was on deck as we moved through the series of locks at the Three Gorges Dam.

Water Views Suez Canal - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Water Views Panama Canal - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Water Views Three Gorges Dam.jpg

We watched the seas from our cabin as the waters sprayed up the deck. And spent hours amazed at the absolute flat seas in the North Atlantic. These views kept us content for hours.

Water Views Calm Seas.jpg

And there was something special to be said about sunrises and sunsets from sea. We just loved to catch the glow of the sun at the horizon. Even if it took hours to set when we cruised in the Nordic Countries.

Water Views Sunset.jpg

3) Learning So Many New Things

There was so much to learn about each new destinations on a cruise. We often did much research during the planning stage for a new trip. During the cruises, there were enrichment lectures and we learned even more. And of course, there were new languages to pick up too. Often the multicultural staff on the cruise ship suffered as we butchered their native tongue!

But we learned more than just about the destinations. On many trips, we learned about naval traditions. We crossed the equator many times. And each time we got a different version of the ritual.

Education - Naval Traditions - Crossing the Equator - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Education - Naval Traditions - Crossing the Equator - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

We also enjoyed the various educational sessions onboard that were also entertainment. Cooking demonstrations were always a favourite as chefs showed us their specialties and put on a show. David loved the magic lessons. And was dragged to the dancing lessons. There were long cruises where we even learned a little about needlepoint. Even if we never learned to play bridge.

Education - Cooking Demonstrations - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Every cruise we learned a little something new.

4) Making New Friends

As introverts, we were not the life of any party onboard. But when we travelled with others who loved travelling as we did, it was easy to meet interesting people. We always travelled on smaller cruise ships and on our longer cruises it was hard not to make new friends. Many we have stayed in contact with. And we have even met up on our land-based travels.

New Friends - Hong Kong China.jpg

We did over 17 Oceania Cruises trips, spent about 270 days onboard, visited more than 160 unique ports in 68 countries and cruised on every one of their ships. So it never surprised us when we got onboard and were met with smiles from those we sailed with before. We spent a lot of time talking with staff about the places we visited together, their families at home and life on the ship. Everyone liked to think we were all part of one big family onboard!

Oceania Cruises Insignia Staff.jpg

Even when we were not cruising, we stayed in contact through social media. That was particularly true during the pandemic. When we all need to believe we will meet again on the seas!

5) Food, Food and Food

We must caveat this section by noting that we often travel with Oceania Cruises and as noted above, they are known for great food. But when we cruised with other cruise lines, the food was exceptional too.

Cruising Food and Drink.jpg

Cruising Food and Drink.jpg

Cruising Food and Drink.jpg

Cruising Food and Drink - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

There was always an amazing variety of food. Different dining venues offered something for everyone. And often with an amazing view! We often joked that we never had to go more than 90 minutes between food. And even then, there was also the great cappuccino bar for food in between.

Cruising Food and Drink Venues - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Cruising Food and Drink Venues.jpg

Cruising Food and Drink Venues.jpg

We loved the ritual of Afternoon Tea. Whether we cruised or travelled by land, we planned Afternoon Tea treats on a regular basis. Onboard the ship, Afternoon Tea provided a wide array of food. We loved when there was a themed Afternoon Tea – like chocolate, eclairs, cheesecake or strudel.

Cruising Food and Drink - Afternoon Tea.jpg

Cruising Food and Drink - Afternoon Tea - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

Eating out and making menu selections was always hard on any trip where we were away a long time. But we sure miss not cooking and cleaning!

6) Celebrating Holidays At Sea

Many people would never book a cruise over a big holiday and be away from family. But we had a small family that was spread out. So there were rarely big family gatherings for holidays.

Over the course of many years travelling we celebrated Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and both of our birthdays at sea. We were at sea and watched the final game of the Super Bowl one year. And we even were cruising when U.S. presidential election results came in. The staff always did an amazing job at decorating and celebrating the holidays with grand spirit. A treat for both staff and guests away from home.

Cruising Holidays and Celebrations - Christmas.jpg

Cruising Holidays and Celebrations - Christmas.jpg

Cruising Holidays and Celebrations - Super Bowl.jpg

This year with pandemic shutdowns, we have been home alone through all of the major holidays. We have not even seen our children due to travel restrictions and the risk of infection since nobody lives at home anymore. So we definitely are recalling holidays at sea.

7) Far More Active When We Travel

For much of this year, even getting outside for exercise was a challenge. We moved to a small condo which was awesome when we travelled 6 months a year. Not so great for getting outside during a pandemic. Even after strict lockdowns were lifted, we struggled to find open spaces on the very crowded parks in the city of Toronto. Local trips helped to get us out into nature. Some weeks, these outings were the only thing that saved our sanity.

When we travelled, even in normal years we were much more active than at home. We needed to walk somewhere to get anything on a ship and many trips were easier and faster when we used the stairs. Even on sea days, we met our step count with no trouble at all! The pool provided both exercise and our daily dose of sunshine!

Cruise Pool - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

It was often a balance between the great food onboard a cruise ship and the extra activity. We did not gain our “Covid 20” extra pounds during the lockdown. But that just meant we ate less food and were less active. Not the way we want to be.

8) Pushing Our Personal Boundaries

Both David and I lived quite adventurous lives. David was in the Canadian Navy for 25 years. I got my thrills from skydiving over 150 times and then as a private pilot. When we met, scuba diving became our leisure activity in warm climates. And we challenged ourselves with new locations and the occasional scuba dive with a shark!

Stretching Boundaries - Shark Kiss - Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic.jpg

When we travelled, we looked for activities that took us just a bit out of our comfort zone. We rented boats, took helicopter tours, hiked up volcanoes and scuba dived down into a blue hole. While we still found things that challenged us at home, it is sometimes hard to find the same thrills.

Stretching Boundaries - Guidance Air Helicopter.jpg

Things We Don’t Miss

The list of things we miss about cruising during the pandemic shutdown was long. Local travel helped provide us with a little of what we missed.

But to be fair, there were many things we don’t miss at all. We won’t talk about the new restrictions that will likely be in place when cruising returns – masks, testing, distancing and more. It was still too soon to know what things might take the shine off of cruising before the pandemic is truly over.

But we know some of the things we like least about travelling will remain and may even get worse!

1) Travelling To And From The Ship

We loved the views from an airplane and the excitement as we headed away. But much of the rest of the travel experience was far less glamorous. Busy airports, long security lines, long waits in the airport, lines for cabs and drives to cruise terminals all were necessary evils when we started or finished a cruise vacation. And this will all get worse when new Covid-19 protocols are put in place. We don’t expect many of the precautions to be lifted for many years.

We have the time and flexibility to take longer vacations than many people. So we often plan to arrive in our departure city early. Often it let us acclimatize to the local weather or time zone. Similarly, we extend our vacation when we can at the final port destination.

We rarely took one week cruises and have done cruises that are months long. This all helped us to spend a greater percentage of our vacation on break and not in transit.

2) Being Disconnected

There are many times when being disconnected from communication and the internet was not such a bad thing. We certainly spent more time lazily with a book when we were away!

We wrote many times about getting connected when travelling. And connectivity when cruising was often a challenge. As travel bloggers this lack of connectivity often backed up work so that we worked much harder when we finally were home. For those still actively working, the situation was much the same.

3) Moving At Our Pace

Life on a cruise was not strictly regimented. But there were still schedules for many of the things onboard. We sometimes made it harder on ourselves when we wanted to do everything! Tours booked on the ship or as independent tour groups marched to the agreed-to itinerary. And I won’t even start on how much I don’t miss 50 person bus tours! Or line ups for almost everything onboard a ship.

We travelled on our own for many long trips – ten weeks living in Italy, five weeks around British Columbia, a month as we explored the Utah and Arizona, 4 weeks around Portugal and so many more. We planned out these trips in detail. But we also left room for changes and allowed for spontaneity. This was how we travelled locally this year.

So Many Things We Miss About Cruising During The Pandemic Shutdown

We were delighted when we started our year with a long cruise around South America. Even if it got disrupted at the end by the pandemic. We at least got an extended cruising fix this year!

But even with that long cruise, as the weeks moved to months, we often thought about the things we miss about cruising during the pandemic shutdown.

We were glad we managed the risk of local travel. And we enjoyed some aspects of travel on much shorter local travel. But we were worried it would be some time before we cruised again.  A long list of concerns kept us close to home for awhile.  When a chance to cruise again safely came with a Caribbean cruise at the end of 2021, we were ready!

Canada Travel Advisory.jpg

Are there other things you miss about cruising during the pandemic?

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  1. Oddly enough I have never been on a cruise. I’ve always wanted to try the experience, more for being on the ship than the destinations you discover, but I feel like you can’t get the full local experience when limited to the port cities. However, I found what you mentioned a good idea about cruising being a way to test out countries that you would want to visit for longer stays in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    • Chloe, Cruising has been good for us to start with in some destinations. Helps to add variety in some areas too like the Caribbean where you can see a lot of islands on one trip. Linda

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise & don’t think it would be my thing, so I was interested to read this & see if I could be sold! I have to say the food is very tempting & I would never have considered that you are forced to walk everywhere & therefore more active. You clearly have had some amazing experiences on the ships & made some great friends along the way. Bet you can’t wait until you are able to go again. I would certainly consider it more now having read your post.

    • Sue, I am glad to have provided a new insight into cruising for you. It is not for everyone. And each cruise line offers very different experiences. The small ships have been great for us – very destination intensive, less people, great food and we are ok with less entertainment. Linda

  3. I can totally relate to all of this (even though I never done a cruise before) as a keen flyer. I havent been on a flight this year! That must be the first time since 2002 that has happened. I have only managed to do about four weeks worth of road trippin’ in Europe back in July and August, apart from that, I have done nothing. I miss the traveling, meeting people, making new friends, seeing different cultures, I am really hoping that 2021 is gonna to be a better year.

  4. I’ve only been on a cruise once for 3 nights with my partner. While we both enjoyed that very much, I’m not sure how I’d feel on a longer cruise. I liked the abundance of food choices, the feeling of being taken care of on board, and the new destination each day brought, but I didn’t like the lack of connectivity and the lack of freedom. Anyway, I’m sorry that your trips got cancelled. Being stranded at sea during pandemic sounds like a nigtmare to me. Lucky nobody was infected.

    • Ummi, The cruising experience varies by destination and cruise line. So no two are ever alike. Maybe one day you will try it again. We were so glad we escaped Covid issues on our South America cruise. But it is tempering our decision to get back onboard early. Linda

  5. It is pretty sad that all your plans had to be stalled but am glad you made it back in time to avoid the whole pandemic scenario. The picnic basket seems like a good memory of the same and definitely a useful gift. I loved your reasons and quite relate with them. I sure would love to wake up to a new destination everyday, make friends and push my boundaries. And yes, oceans definitely have a different view of the land. I would have loved to capture that.

    • Ami, We had an amazing cruise around South America so I am really glad we sailed for almost 2 months before our trip ended = with no virus onboard! We love to cruise and to do land trips too. Missing it all right now. Linda

  6. Darcee & I had taken our last cruise over the New Year on a Viking on the Rhine for our honeymoon. It was amazing for all the things you mention, like the food food food. But we also loved making new friends, seeing different ports, and doing all kinds of random activities in different places. People always think it is weird when I say I love cruising since I am a bit of a wild outdoorsy fly by the seat of my pants adventurer. But sometimes I want the pampering coupled with samples of adventure like the perfect buffet of travel….Oh yeah, that reminds me, I miss the Buffets too!!

    • Eric, We like to mix up our travel – a little cruising and then long land trips to dig into destinations more. But cruising has filled a niche for us. Many of the things we miss about cruising can be said for travel in general. Although we probably have access to less buffets on land trips! Linda

  7. Hi there, first of all I am totally jealous! Two months on one cruise? When I am not longer in the rat race I see myself taking long cruises as they are an economcal way to get around. And, I seriously love sea days which for me translate to total relaxation days. I live in Florida so we cruise a fair bit and I really miss the ability to just snag a deal and go. Nikki

    • Nikola, It was an amazing spot for a long cruise. We put it off for many years so we could do the full trip and were so glad we did. I am sure there are some great deals on last minute cruises from Florida. Sure missing those Caribbean jaunts this year. Linda

  8. My one cruise was on a mid-size ship and it was perfect for me. I was part of a group so I had the option of satisfying both my extravert and introvert side. I think – if you like sailing on water – that there is a cruise for everyone (I have a friend who actually Likes those large, crowded Disney cruises, which make me shudder). Just pick carefully. Loved hearing about all the plusses and minuses of your cruising experience. I always learn a lot and have a lot of fun in the process.

    • Chloe, I agree with you. If one cruise experience is not great, that does not mean you won’t find another. After our first cruise we never thought we would go back. Then our second cruise on a smaller ship totally changed our mind. Hope you get to cruise again when it is safe. Linda

    • Zoe, We are still waiting to see what 2021 will bring. We currently have travel booked for the spring of 2022 but sure hope by late in 2021 to be able to head further afield again. Linda

  9. I’ve never done a cruise but would like to do one someday to Alaska or Antarctica. Hopefully we’ll all get back to traveling soon!

  10. It must have been frustrating to be deprived of your favourite way of seeing the world… not to mention being stranded on a cruise ship. It’s so nice (and clever) that Oceania Cruises kept front of mind by sending you a gift… The picnic basket and cookbook are perfect gifts when you can’t travel! Hopefully you can go cruising again next year!

    • Delphine, We were delighted with our reminder of Oceania. The picnic basket will come in handy for outdoor adventures while we are still stuck at home. We are booked on a cruise in March 2022 but will have to see what 2021 brings for travel. Linda

  11. This brought back so many memories! I’m not a cruising addict like you guys, lol, but over the years I’ve done a few of them – 6 weeks across the Pacific from SanFrancisco to Sydney, 8 days in Galapagos, 3 days on the Nile, and 3 days on the Yangtze. I absolutely loved all of them! And miss a lot of what you wrote about here – watching the sea go by, the fun and excitement of the various stops, the food! I dream of cruising the Danube. So I really enjoyed this post, except it made me want to start travelling again. Now! On a cruise lol!

    • Alison, I am glad this post brought back good memories. We like to mix in cruising with long land trips. Many of the things about cruising we love apply to many of our travels. The Galapagos is definitely on our travel wish list. And we would love to do the Pacific Islands. Right now we have only one cruise booking for March 2022. We will see! Seems like a long way out. Linda

  12. I can see you absolutely love cruising! I have only ever been on one to the Norwegian Fjords. Loved the destination but disliked the whole cruising scene. We went with P and O from the Uk and it was a brand new ship so whether it just had teething problems I will never know but I didn’t like the “school dinner” style dining, the palaver to get off the ship in the ports and the small amount of time you got on land. I guess as someone who really loves exploring a destination I felt I just didn’t get long enough to enjoy it. I have vowed to do another cruise one day with a different company just so I don’t write cruising off forever!

    • Angela, We hated our first cruise experience and thought we would never take to it. But after we started on smaller ships, it changed our view. Certainly dining is a much better experience with easy access to the specialty restaurants on smaller ships. But the ship excursion routine is still my least favourite part of cruising. Maybe one day you will find that cruise line for you! Linda

  13. I can totally relate to this and just like you we also miss cruising. #2 on the list is so on point — I love the scenery from the water. Breathtaking and beautiful. It is one thing I really love whenever I am in a cruise.

    The holidays at sea is love. We were actually planning to join a Disney cruise this Christmas but unfortunately 2020 has other plans for us.

    • Clarice, I am glad to bring back good memories of cruising. Sad that you are not able to do the Christmas cruise this year. But I don’t think anyone is yet ready for that. Linda

  14. Ug! It’s definitely such a shame that cruising has taken such a hit this year. I love it, too. The way it’s like a mobile hotel room and you wake up in a new place every day is such a fun experience. Hopefully things will return to normal sometime soon!

    • Jennifer, I do like the unpack only once convenience. Every day is a new discovery without the travel challenges between destinations. We are definitely missing cruising and will be happy when it is safe to go back. Linda

  15. I do remember following your blog closely as you were chased by Corona while you are in a cruise. It was nothing less than a nail-biting thriller! I was so happy when you finally reached the main land headed back home. Its been so long since that happened, but it feels like time just doesn’t move! It must be really sad for a regular cruiser like you to be stuck in one place for so long. I can’t imagine how much you’d be missing being in water, seeing those beautiful sights, meeting new people and more!

    • Bhushavali, We were so glad we had a great long cruise to start the year. So we really should not be complaining. But we sure would love a Caribbean cruise as the winter sets in at home. Linda

  16. I’ve only been on one cruise, and Ioved it. I always wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska and see the Fjords. We miss meeting new people too. It has been a great disappointment this year not getting to hit the road.

    • Donna, We are sad to have cancelled all of our travel for 2020. But we are not prepared to take the risk. And cruising may be a little out there for us. But there is so much to love that we will definitely head back out to sea one day. Linda

  17. I totally understand you – I miss cruising too. We have taken 5 or 6 Caribbean cruises and one Alaska cruise so far and we really enjoyed every one of them. For us, cruising has been an inexpensive way to experiencing new islands. The places we liked most, we visited on a regular 2 week vacation one or more years later.

    • Rudy, We too love that we can check out different places and then return for long stays. The challenge is that the list of places we want to re-visit keeps growing! But not a bad problem to have. Linda

  18. I have never been on a cruise and can only imagine how much you miss it. Being able to explore a new destination daily and having all the yummy food easily accessible sounds like it would be something many people would miss. I’m sure one of these days I’ll be on a cruise enjoying all the things you currently miss.

    • Candy, I hope you do get to cruise one day. Each cruise company is so different – and your needs may change over time – that you may have to try more than one. But I am sure there is a cruise experience for you! Linda

  19. It must be tough for those like you that love cruising. It’s not only a loss of travelling but how you travel. I’ve never been on a cruise, it’s just not for me. But I can image the view and perspective of seeing the water and nearby landscapes from a cruise ship has its benefits. Fingers crossed for you that you’ll be able to return to this soon.

    • Renee, We do love to mix up our travel – cruising and land travel. So we have missed doing both far from home this year. We still have lots of new destinations on our travel wish list for cruising and some long road trips planned. I just hope to be able to leave my home province in 2021! Linda

  20. I’m in two minds about cruising. I prefer the smaller ships and like the thought of a new destination every day. But I live by the Grand Harbour in Malta and although it’s fascinating to watch the ships enter and leave the harbour, I have to say this year without the cruise ships, the air has felt so much cleaner, dolphins have been seen once more in the harbour and there’s been a record number of turtle nestings.

    • Sarah, I certainly understand your concern about cruise ship volume. We spend a lot of time in Nassau Bahamas and we never go downtown before checking how many passengers will be ashore. And I am sure waterways around the world are cleaner with no cruise ships. We do prefer the smaller ships and will likely go even smaller when we return to cruising. But for us cruising adds a way to taste test destinations before we head there for longer trips. But one Malta is definitely on our list for a long land trip. I am sure a one day port visit would never be enough! Linda

  21. I’m not travelling on cruises – however, I miss travelling badly. I could imagine that travelling on cruise liners will be one of the last kinds of travel that goes back to normal – because of the hardly avoidable proximity. I keep my fingers cross for all of us – no matter how we like to explore the world 😉

    • Renata, I am with you for wishing for all travel to return to some form of normal. And agree that cruising may be the last kind of travel to fully recover. It will likely not be our first trip either when we start to travel again. Linda

  22. I think many if not most of these points apply to traveling in general. We are as well more active while traveling, just simply the fact of traveling! We are big on outdoor activities, so hiking, biking and all are part of our travel experiences. And right now, the horizon is limited. But fingers’ crossed, that’ll expand again soon, and we can all resume our travel adventures, be it on a cruise, on a public bus, on a 4WD, or on a donkey!

    • Patricia, I agree that so many of these points apply to all kinds of travel. And we are definitely missing heading out for strange new destinations even though we have loved our local travels. We too would be happy to travel on a bus, train or donkey! Linda

  23. While we prefer traveling by train or by air during our travels, I do feel that cruising offers a perfect combination of relaxation and of being active once you reach the port – plus it is a great learning experience as well. I can relate to this post when you talk about all the things that you miss about cruising. I particularly miss spending the hours on the deck watching those beautiful sights from the water as we head to the next destination. I’ve never experienced holidays at the sea though so that would definitely be something that I would love to add for a future trip.

  24. You have had such beautiful adventures and such wonderful cruises that it is no wonder that you miss them. The pandemic has been going on so long that everyone longs to travel. You had a great time and very active during your cruises. Great to know that you enjoyed the various educational sessions. I had no idea that they also offer cooking demonstrations, which is great! I wish you the next cruises asap!

    • Agnes, We indeed have had some great cruising experiences. We don’t take advantage of all that ship life offers but there is much to keep us engaged when we are touring the great ports or watching the view from the ship. I am happy to wait until it is safe to cruise again. But we know we will be back at sea one day. Linda

  25. To be honest I have never taken to cruising because I am not sure if I can cope with the “confinement” not being on land, but reading the recap of your cruising experiences is definitely an encouragement to try it at least once. I would love to learn more about the naval traditions when crossing the Equator and love to watch the sunrise over the Nordics. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experiences when cruising, it really highlights some more than just a vacation.

    • Georgina, I am glad this blog post provided our view of cruising experiences. What I will say is that each ship and each itinerary can be so different. We hated our first cruising experience and I had to drag David onto the second one. But once we did, we loved the smaller ships and more destination intensive trips. I do think there is a cruise ship for pretty much anyone. But you will need to search for one that meets your needs. But not until it is safe for us all to head back out to sea. Linda

  26. We’ve only had one cruise (going for more than 36 hours) and were sold on the idea of doing more in 2020 too. Now the idea of a buffet is the last thing we’d want to partake in. It looks like you’ve had plenty of wonderful cruising experiences to keep you going until they’ve managed to work out how to control the pandemic. Great photos too!

    • Thanks for the feedback on our photos! We indeed have had lots of great cruising experiences. But we are not ready to return yet. We were never big buffet people and we too admit the memory of pushing crowds cause me to cringe right now. But we will definitely go back onboard once things settle down. We are booked in March 2022. I guess we will see. Linda

  27. I totally get it. When I travel, I’m moving like a crazy woman from spot to spot – I have such a hunger for seeing as much as I can during one trip. Therefore, a beach vacation on the Canary islands – which might be possible even now – is now valid alternative for me. I want to be on the move – and that’s probably the most difficult way of travelling right now. Also, I’m a culture vulture and would not be able to see all that I want to see. I think we’ll have to wait a bit longer for being able to travel as we enjoy it.

    • Renata, I must admit I am still craving wide open spaces for travel. I wonder how long that need will last when we start to travel again. And how long it might take for the rest of the world to feel like safe spots to visit. So much is still up in the air. But I can’t wait to get out of lock down here in Toronto! Linda

  28. Interesting read! I can imagine that seeing a new destination every day is at the same time great and difficult (because you cannot visit at your own pace). I have done only a Nile cruise so far and that was actually for work – so I do not have much experience with cruising. But I think I would like seeing destinations from the water.

    • We always look at cruises as a way to taste test new places and get an initial feel. And then make plans for a return visit for a longer stay. Sometimes we book a long trip at the end of a cruise and the cruise was a bit of transportation.

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